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Ooh, I’m so excited for today’s Man Behind the Blog. I consider Paloma Contreras something of a blogging goddess and idol, and I know many of you do too. I mean, for one thing, La Dolce Vita was basically the first blog I ever read. And second, not only has Paloma been part of the blogging community for over six year and a half years (!!), she’s still producing wonderful, inspiring content that’s made her a permanent fixture in my RSS feeds. I can remember reading about her traveling adventures with her husband Fabian many, many moons ago, and was so pumped when he agreed to being featured here today. I think it’s really interesting to hear the perspective of a husband who — like their partner — has seen the blogging industry change so monumentally over the last few years. Here’s his take:

Your Name: Fabian Contreras
Your Day Job: Hospitality Sales Manager for Visual Comfort Lighting
Your Lady’s blog: La Dolce Vita
Favorite Websites:,,, and just because I love a good deal.

man behind the blog - la dolce vita

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  1. 8.14.13

    Thank you so much for the wonderful introduction, Victoria. You are far too kind! Fabian really enjoyed writing this post. Thanks for inviting him to participate! XO

  2. 8.14.13

    Love this one! She is definitely my favorite too. Such an inspiration. I’m excited to see where her firm takes her. Thanks for posting!

  3. 8.14.13
    Kelly said:

    Love this series! So great to see such support for blogging as both a passion and ideally a full time commitment!

  4. 8.14.13
    Jennifer Ortegon said:

    Love the post! Fabian is such a great husband and support for Paloma.

    Fabian – I have been in public with Paloma when she gets recognized by someone. It’s so funny!

  5. 8.14.13

    <3 Paloma! She is the best taste!

  6. 8.14.13
    Andrea said:

    Loved reading this one! Paloma’s also a long time favorite of mine. Great to hear more about her world.

  7. 8.14.13

    Very nice, so sweet to see such a supportive guy!

  8. 8.14.13

    What a sweetheart! I love how supportive he is!

  9. 8.14.13
    ame said:

    Love this one! Such a supportive guy!

  10. 8.14.13
    Ailee said:

    Love her blog… and that puppy! What a cute face :)

  11. 8.19.13

    I really really love that you do this series, please please keep it up! It’s one of my favorite things to read on my blog feed. :D It’s the best. Thanks!
    Lauren M

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