First and foremost, thanks so much for all the birthday wishes yesterday! I had a pretty low key day — worked a little bit in the morning (I know, I couldn’t help it), but then took lunch and the afternoon off and watched movies, stayed at home to accept delivery on some new nightstands we got from Crate & Barrel, and then went out afterwards to get a Thai massage. Have you ever had one? I discovered these last year, and if you’re a fan of a lot of pressure, these are the way to go! I’ve been hooked. Though who am I kidding…I would spend every day at a spa if I could (it’s totally my guilty pleasure).

Tonight Joe is taking me to one of my favorite restaurants in NY, Marea. We decided we’d even get all dressed up for the occasion!

The weeks are flying by so fast, I can hardly believe it. Back to school ads and fall fashion week plans in full effect…so you know autumn is right around the corner (cray). This week was extra busy for me since I knew I was planning on taking most of yesterday off, I had to hustle to GSD other days. I have some fun design projects in the work, several of which are starting to wrap up, and I can’t wait to share the results with you soon!

Here are a few things to check out over the weekend: 

+ Have you shopped the Nordstrom anniversary sale yet? Only four more days to get deals like this or this!

+ In the vein of productivity, Rashi shared her tips for managing her time as a freelancer (but this totally applies to anyone!). I also started using ToDoist this week thanks to a tip from Lisa and so far I love it — it’s literally the ONLY digital based to do list I’ve ever stuck with this long (and yes, I realize a week isn’t that long).

+ Lisa also introduced me to Small Business Bodyguard, an e-book from The Middle Finger Project. I’m planning on diving into this over the weekend…and subsequently probably having panic attacks over how to better protect my businesses. Highly recommended if you work for yourself.

+ I saw this dress in Anthropologie last week and haven’t been able to get it out of my head. It’s so dramatic and pretty…but I wonder if it’s TOO dramatic…?

+ Could redheads really go extinct?

+ I love enchiladas. I also love casserole. Ergo, I’m totally going to try this recipe.

+ Hitha shared her expert advice on getting through airport security faster. She travels a lot, so I trust her!

+ While a little bit of a bummer, I still thought this article on email’s effect on our lives was very interesting!

What are you up to this weekend? Celebrating the first weekend in August? Wherever you are, I hope you have a good one!

See you on Monday, friends!



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  1. 8.2.13
    Abby said:

    I don’t think that Antho dress is too dramatic! Go for it – it’s beautiful!!

  2. 8.2.13
    Caroline said:

    No such thing as a too dramatic Anthro dress! And that one is especially head-turning, I love it! If only it fell under Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale…

  3. 8.2.13
    sarah said:

    Happy belated birthday, and I hope you continue celebrating all weekend! I can’t believe it’s almost fall either. All the ads seem to make me annoyed and excited at the same time.

  4. 8.2.13

    What a great and relaxing birthday! I’ve never been to Marea – you’ll have to give me the lowdown of what to eat there.

    And thank you for including my travel tips for security!

    xo HPN

  5. 8.2.13

    I’ve never tried a Thai massage, I’m afraid I’ll be so sore afterward.

  6. 8.2.13
    Ailee said:

    Happy belated birthday! Hope you enjoyed yourself (i.e. relaxed). The Anthro dress is perfect. Lastly, I honestly cannot get over the fact red-heads may not exist in 2113…

  7. 8.2.13

    I saw that dress in Anthropologie a few weeks ago and almost fell over. I immediately felt the need to head out on a tropical vacation, dress in tow.

    Thanks for the Thai massage recommendation. I always have problems getting enough pressure so that’s great to know!

  8. 8.2.13
    dana said:

    the anthro dress is too dramatic for me, but I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and you should definitely go for it. It just isn’t my style :)

    The Casual Classic

  9. 8.2.13
    Rashi said:

    I’m so glad you had a great birthday! I’m a total spa junkie too and don’t get to go enough… I’ve also been meaning to check out Marea for a while now.

    Thanks for sharing my post about time management!


  10. 8.2.13
    peyton said:

    Love that picture! Happy belated birthday!!!


  11. 8.2.13
    alyson said:

    thanks so much for the post love! the recipe is a good one. and, kind of crazy about redhead extinction… I’m a dying breed apparently! :)


  12. 8.3.13
    Kristiana said:

    Happy belated birthday! Mmm, squid ink pasta is so good there!

  13. 8.4.13

    Oh my, you could rock that Anthro dress. Also, loving the security tips!

  14. 8.7.13

    Marea is absolutely divine! Hope you had fun! And Happy Bday again = )