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twelve favorites from euro style lighting

Earlier this year when the company Euro Style Lighting approached me to help them create some content for their blog, I have to admit I was a little skeptical. “Lighting?” I thought, “How much can there really be to talk about?” The joke’s totally on me though, because despite the name, Euro Style Lighting has sooo much more than just lamps. Since moving into our new apartment, Joe and I have been scouring the site looking for lighting, yes, but also extras like side tables and even storage options.

Today, ESL has launched a cool new feature called Euro Edge, which showcases carefully selected products from some of your favorite bloggers (yours truly included), making it really easy to sort through their (extremely) vast collection of home decor items and cut right to the chase. ESL describes us all as “renowned design bloggers” which might be true of some of my co-featured bloggers like Caitlin, Kirsten and Kelly, but…me? I think I’m just really good at shopping. :) You can see some of the items I’ve picked out both above and lots more right over here, and be sure to check out all the other bloggers’ picks too (everyone selected really cool stuff — I want to hire all of these ladies to design my apartment).

I’ve already ordered a couple things from ESL, including this sick double swing arm light to mount over our bed (Joe and I are die hard read-in-bed types). We still need to order lamps for our living room and bedroom, and I’m eyeing a couple side tables too… I’ll keep you guys updated for sure. Decorating is fun, but I’m learning that if you really do it thoughtfully (or at least try to), it takes a long time to finish, just because you sometimes have to wait and see how the big pieces look and feel in a room before you can move on to the little accessories. Know what I mean?


1. Altra Wire Frame Brass Table | 2. Closhe Collectible Steel Lamp | 3. Asian Screen Rectangular Mirror | 4. Concept Z-Bar Adjustable Lamp | 5. Robert Abbey Floor Lamp | 6. Possini Chrome Pendant Lights | 7. Gold Leaf Bamboo Table | 8. Morocco Orange Pillow and Infinity Metallic Silver Pillow 9. House of Troy Pinnacle Two Light Wall Lamp | 10. Robert Abbey Desk Lamp | 11. Diamond Dark Cherry Mirrored Chest | 12. Double Gourd Table Lamp

{Disclosure: While this post was sponsored by Euro Style Lighting, they’re absolutely a company that I love and work with regularly. Thanks for supporting them!}

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  1. 7.30.13

    That gold bamboo table is gorgeous!

  2. 7.30.13
    Vanessa said:

    I am ALL over that wire frame table! Gorgeous picks!

  3. 7.30.13
    peyton said:

    Love all of these choices!!


  4. 7.30.13

    That bamboo table is going to be MINE someday. i LOVE it! Would be a great upgrade from my current bar-cart.Xx
    -Lauren M.

  5. 7.31.13
    Kristiana said:

    Great pieces! I just got a gold bamboo √©tagere like that table. I can’t remember if I told you or not but I just got an office design done with and I am beyond happy with it. Check them out when u get a chance if you get overwhelmed with decorating the place.

  6. 7.31.13

    Such beautiful pieces! I will definitely be checking them out when we move into our new space!

    X Kenzie

  7. 7.31.13
    Michaela said:

    So many awesome things. Love your choices for the apartment! That #1 side table is amazing!!

  8. 8.1.13
    Kelly said:

    The mirrored chest is SUCH a great find. So polished.