Never Have I Ever…

dalmatian print loafer

dalmation print shoes

dalmation print loafer - from anthropologie


…fallen so hard for a pair of shoes. I saw these on Tumblr over the weekend, and I think I might have gasped out loud. I mean, have you ever? Dalmatian spotted, textured, and with a preppy, whimsical little cut out. Count these as a must for fall.

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  1. 7.29.13

    so cute! love them!

  2. 7.29.13
    Emma said:

    You are spot-on! no pun intended ;) I LOVE those shoes, great find!!

  3. 7.29.13

    Yeah, those are fabulous! Love!

  4. 7.29.13
    dana said:

    somehow, I knew these were anthropologie the minute I saw them. Only Anthro would have such cute and unique shoes. I’m obsessed!!!

    The Casual Classic

  5. 7.29.13
    kelsey said:

    these are gorgeous! i saw a similar pair in more of a white/textured print too!
    kw ladies in navy

  6. 7.29.13

    Those are pretty cute! I must agree.

  7. 7.29.13

    birthday twin, i tweeted about these yest. and LOVE them, too! a lil’ toe cleave, anyone? x

  8. 7.29.13
    Elisa said:

    Oh my those are adorbs!

  9. 7.29.13
    Ailee said:

    Beauties! I love them. Something lovely to think about while at work :)

  10. 7.29.13
    meg said:

    WOW! The design element of these shoes is simply amazing!