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  1. 7.25.13
    Rachelle said:

    I love her style. great blog!

  2. 7.25.13

    I owe my greater appreciation for style and my last few book purchases to Bradley. She is such an inspiration and it’s great to see her here today!

  3. 7.25.13
    Abby said:

    Bradley is just precious, I love her blog!

  4. 7.25.13
    rita said:

    yes to the original 90210 reunion! love bradley’s blog!

  5. 7.25.13
    Elisabeth said:

    this is an awesome series idea victoria – love it …headed over to her blog now.

  6. 7.25.13

    Love Bradley & her blog. And I especially love how you did this series. Two thumbs up!


  7. 7.25.13
    Alex said:

    Love Bradley, so much. And LOVE THIS SERIES.

  8. 7.25.13
    viv said:
  9. 7.25.13
    Molly said:

    Love this series… and Bradley is super adorable!

  10. 7.25.13

    Loveee her style and her blog.



  11. 7.25.13
    Bradley said:

    How sweet are you guys? These comments are making me blush. Thanks for having me Victoria! Love this series.

  12. 7.30.13

    Loving this new series, Victoria! And I really liked getting to know Bradley a bit better!