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This week I…

+ moved in. And that pretty much sums up the week. I ordered so much stuff for the apartment it’s unbelievable (A ladder! Rugs! Dressers! Curtains! Curtain rods! A microwave! …and more), and everyday has been kind of like Christmas. Yesterday the UPS guy came three times. THREE TIMES. Three days ago when he first ‘met’ me he said, “Welcome to the neighborhood.” Now he’s probably like, “Who’s this crazy girl who has a serious shopping addiction?” We are maybe 65% of the way there as far as unpacking and completely furnishing the apartment goes. We got rid of most of our storage furnishings in SF, so the result is that we need dressers and armoires and cabinets stat, and all the stuff that goes in them is kind of strewn around the place. However, I can’t stress this enough — I am so, so, SO glad we waited for this apartment. We both love it here! The apartment is a perfect fit for us, both in terms of style, space, location, everything. It was a long two months, and I don’t want to go through the experience again any time soon, but I can definitely say it was worth the wait. It’ll take us probably another month or two to really let the dust settle, but I can’t wait to share photos with you soon.

+ am meeting Joe at The Carlyle this evening for a much deserved Manhattan. And then we’re coming home — home, to our very own apartment — and making pasta for dinner. Glorious!

This weekend we’ll be taking Lucy to Central Park (natch — especially since we live so close now!), and I’m trying to convince Joe to come with me to Home Depot to pick up some flowers for a little urban gardening project. I can’t even express to you how giddy the thought of potting flowers makes me. Clearly, I’ve missed being domestic.

I was a bit preoccupied this week and didn’t have much time to do anything other than take measurements around the house and put my credit card to good use, so the only thing I really followed closely was whether or not the Duchess had given birth yet (I’m obsessed, let it go, it’s my thing). But, as I sat down to write this post, I did some quick surfing and found a few cool things you should definitely check out this weekend:  

+ This super cool DIY rope knot bracelet.

+ I sometimes don’t think I can pull leopard off, but I’m really loving these shorts.

+ Five ways to beat the heat if (like me) you’re completely melting in the mid-July heat (OMG, I miss SF ‘summers’ so much).

+ I’ve found this guide to choosing the right rug size so useful over the last week or so!

+ Kind of want this library card dresser (yes, it’s a regular dresser!) for somewhere in my house. I have nowhere to put it. But it’s awesome and I’ve never seen a version like this that functions as a true dresser!

+ Here’s a great little starter guide to SEO, if you’re looking to learn more!

+ Love this take on Pasta Carbonara.

Now let me ask you…what was your favorite thing you found on the Internet this week?

Happy weekend, everyone!

{Image Credit: Chris Tubbs for Canadian House & Home, Best Decorating 2012 special issue}

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  1. 7.19.13
    Lauren said:

    Yay for moving into your apartment! Show us some sneak peaks? :)

  2. 7.19.13
    Lauren said:


  3. 7.19.13
    Allyson said:

    I can relate to every bit of this! I just moved into my new place last saturday and have already seen my share of UPS folks. Good luck with the settling! I can’t wait to see it.

  4. 7.19.13
    Rachelle said:

    cannot wait to see some snaps of the new place, this week has been crazy for me and the weekend will be just as eventful as it is swimweek in Miami.

  5. 7.19.13
    meg said:

    When you move you obviously have to buy next items for your new place. ;)


  6. 7.19.13
    Kimberly said:

    Yay – congrats on the move…ours is this weekend (fingers crossed)! Can’t wait to see photos of your new place :)


  7. 7.19.13

    Yay to finally moving in!! :)

  8. 7.19.13
    Kayla said:

    Congrats on moving in!! I’m sure Lucy will LOVE Central Park! Have fun!! : )


  9. 7.19.13

    I took a stab at a blogger SEO starter guide on my blog this week, too! Also, can’t wait to see how you style your abode as you guys get settled in :)

  10. 7.19.13
    Tori said:

    My favorite thing I’ve found on the internet this week is this live feed of bears fishing for salmon. Something about it is so calming, and I’m imagining dipping my toes into that cool water!


  11. 7.19.13
    Christina said:

    I’ve really enjoyed hearing your moving stories :) I’m about to move states too, and am living among boxes and piles! I cannot wait until it is all packed, unpacked and put away!

  12. 7.19.13
    Molly said:

    I live in NYC also. What neighborhood are you in???

  13. 7.19.13
    Abby said:

    Congrats on moving in! Can’t wait to see your new apartment I’m sure it’s amazing!

  14. 7.19.13
    Ame said:

    Yay for moving in! I do hope we get a full pictorial view of it ;)

  15. 7.19.13
    Nnenna said:

    Yeah, so glad to hear that you’ve finally moved in- I can only imagined how relieved you must be! Can’t wait to see pictures of the new place when it’s ready!

  16. 7.19.13
    Kristiana said:

    VVHappy for you! I’m doing that bracelet one day soon for sure. And that rug sizing guide is just what I need right now as I’m redoing my office. Here’s something cool I found on the www this week: http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/alie-ward-and-georgia-hardstark/nutterfluffer.html
    It’s a cocktail made of Marshmallow-infused vodka and peanut butter simple syrup! Yummmm!

  17. 7.19.13

    I am SO SO happy for you and Joe. I know how much moving into the perfect place is completely life changing. We are about 6 weeks into our perfect place and the cc’s have been getting quite the work out. Can’t wait o star seeing pictures!

  18. 7.19.13
    Tanya said:

    You’ll be so happy you waited for the right place. In NYC I waited 18 months, moved in & stayed for 10 years. Can’t wait to watch her home unfold.

  19. 7.20.13
    Janel said:

    “It’s my thing, let it go”- Miranda from the SatC movie on her Tattler magazine addiction? Haha, congrats on finally settling in! I breathed a sigh of relief for you, as I recently went through the NYC apartment hunt myself.

    And I’m also hyperventilating about the royal baby!

    • 7.20.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      Haha, yes! I wondered if someone would get the reference. :)

  20. 7.21.13

    Congrats on your new place — so exciting!!

    (I’m watching for the royal birth too ;))

  21. 7.21.13

    Congrats on the move!! So happy for you!

  22. 7.24.13
    Rose said:

    I am so excited for you!! I can’t wait to see photos, especially after that teaser that you have STAIRS!

    Blonde in this City