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  1. 7.9.13

    I love this series, Victoria.

  2. 7.9.13
    Rachelle said:

    Love this, her blog is so beautiful.

  3. 7.9.13
    Chelsea said:

    What a great series! Thanks for the intro to another fantastic blog

  4. 7.9.13
    Alex said:

    I absolutely love this series and love Gaby!

  5. 7.9.13
    Ailee said:

    gorgeous blog and lovely responses! I wish my trip to Australia had resulted in a three year relocation!! xo

  6. 7.9.13

    Loved learning more about Gaby! Now wishing I could visit Australia and have some pistachio ice cream for breakfast… :)

  7. 7.9.13
    Britni said:

    What a gorgeous layout. Now all I can think about is lobster!

  8. 7.9.13

    ummm…i never forget breakfast. adore her, obvs. ox

  9. 7.9.13
    viv said:

    Love Gabrielle and absolutely adore these mini bios!

  10. 7.9.13
    Elizabeth said:

    Love that you’re doing this. Little bits and pieces about people are always so interesting.

    Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  11. 7.9.13

    Gosh, you come up with the best series Victoria!! Thanks for having me :) PS: I love that you knew which decor mags to pick for me and also, I wish I could eat a stack of pancakes that size every morning and still fit in those purple pants!

  12. 7.9.13
    Peyton said:

    Love this! Great post!


  13. 7.9.13
    Maddy said:

    Beautiful! I adore this series, it’s such a clever idea x

  14. 7.11.13
    Kate said:

    I really love this series, Victoria! Such a cool way to showcase (and find!) other bloggers.

  15. 7.11.13
    Rose said:

    This is a great new series!! I love it. Her blog is gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

    Blonde in this City

  16. 7.16.13
    Becca said:

    Aw! I love this post about Gaby! So fun.

  17. 7.31.13

    You’re always coming up with fresh new posts. Gabrielle is terrific. I had a chance to meet her a few months ago. Super sweet. Lobster and white wine sounds divine.