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Blerg, Monday. And a Monday after a long weekend, at that. But actually, if I’m being honest, I have a kick in my step today — we’re moving in to our new apartment a week from today! Almost two months to the day after moving out of our place in SF, we’ll FINALLY get this show on the road and get settled in New York (side note: can you believe that the six weeks I mentioned here and here is now almost over?). I haven’t talked too much about what this limbo period has been like because I didn’t want to bore you guys…but it hasn’t exactly been pleasant. Words can’t express how excited I am to sleep in my own bed again next week!

I kind of missed rounding up some of my favorite things from the week last Friday, so below are a few links to start your week off right… 

+ I’ve been on a reading kick lately since Joe got me an iPad Mini as an early bday present (it replaces my centuries old Nook, but with lots more functionality)! I’ve been reading The Linchpin for ‘work,’ and just downloaded the Yonahlosse Riding Camp for Girls as my fun, easy read. New York magazine also put together this awesome list of 25 great books for summer, and I’ll definitely be downloading a few!

+ Last Wednesday (which felt like a Friday), we had the most amazing dinner at Il Buco Alimentari. Highly recommended if you’re in New York! I loved that downstairs they have this little market — I took home some housemade dried pasta, which we’d had at dinner and had the most fantastic texture.

+ It struck me the other day that come November, I’m really going to wish I had stocked up on winter clothes around now, because the cost of outfitting this former-Californian’s winter wardrobe is going to be astronomical. So I decided to make it like Christmas in July, and bought a pair of Sorel snow boots. I have never owned a pair of snow boots in my nearly 29 years of existence, but these already came and I love them and now I can’t wait for there to be a blizzard. And yes, the March 2014 version of me is already traveling back in time to slap me across the face.

+ Reason number 1,398 that we’re excited to move to our new place: we’ll have a full digital cable package, which means catching up on episodes of this season’s Dexter! Are you guys watching the final season? Any early predictions for how it’ll end?

+ The Topsy Tail was one of a few hairstyles I could actually manage on myself back in the day (fun fact: I have never learned how to French braid), so I loved discovering this updated version. So cute!

+ Did everyone have a good long weekend? On the Fourth, Joe and I were super lazy during the day, then had a taco and marg night (patriotic, no?) at Hitha’s house, where we could see the fireworks. Friday I met some out of town friends in DUMBO for a (very hot) picnic at Brooklyn Bridge Park (I snapped the above photo on the walk there); Saturday we were lazy sacks and Sunday we woke up extra early to go for a walk in Central Park before it got too hot, then cheered on Andy Murray in the Wimbledon men’s final (I love watching tennis!). A very low key weekend, but a good one for sure.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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  1. 7.8.13
    ame said:

    Funny you mention having Mexican for a 4th of July celebration, my family did that this year, and my 93 year old Grandpa had his very first taco in his entire lifetime. He loved it!

    I am also completely blown away that the time has totally flown by since the apartment was selected and secured…Yay on finally being able to move and settle in!

  2. 7.8.13

    I know you musy be overjoyed that you will be out of the sublet in a week! Happy moving! I’m sure this week will fly by super fast.

  3. 7.8.13

    I’m so excited for y’all to move in to your dream apartment. I am living vicariously through you. I cant wait till I am done with school, and can move to New York.

  4. 7.8.13

    We loved having you guys over for the 4th! Our new place will have even better views. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY *said in weird voice on 3 margaritas*

  5. 7.8.13
    Kate said:

    Yay for dream apartments! And I love the link about the updated topsy tail hairstyle — that brings me back!

  6. 7.8.13
    Peyton said:

    I have heard Dexter is great!! Definitely thinking I should start watching it!


  7. 7.9.13

    So glad you tried out Il Buco, it is one of my favorite restaurants, the ambiance and food are perfection!

  8. 7.10.13
    Lauren said:

    I have those Sorel boots! Let me just say, they are amazing and warm! Great choice!

  9. 7.11.13
    Rose said:

    Thanks for sharing the book recommendations! I recently finished The Interestings (which I enjoyed) and The Starboard Sea (which I loved), and now am reading Patti Smith’s Just Kids, finally! I haven’t heard of that Italian place yet, but need to check it out…and I have a friend moving into the apartment building to the back left of the photo you snapped!

    Also, as an Iowan-turned-New Yorker, I still don’t own snow boots…is that bad? I do have Uggs but leave them in Iowa for my trips home in the winter. Might have to get some Sorel’s, though, because I know Jessica (Bows & Sequins) has a pair she loves, too!

    Blonde in this City