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This week I…

+ finally felt like we got into a little bit of a routine! It’s nice being in an actual apartment with a full kitchen (and having Miss Lucy around too!). It took her a few days, but she’s adjusting okay too, though I know she definitely misses her days on the beach in California (her dog walking service wrote her this sweet goodbye post).

+ took a beautiful walk in Central Park on Tuesday night. The weather was absolutely perfect, and it made me look forward to many more summer evening strolls through the trees and grass!

+ think I might need to take advantage of Gap’s weekend sale (these pants are all so cute and mostly on sale!). Today if you shop online, you get 30% off your purchase; tomorrow, you get 25% off, both with the code GAPTREAT. Time to stock up on basics!

+ am totally blown away by Naomi’s IKEA hack of her bedroom headboard. That girl is all kinds of talented.

+ bookmarked this post from Hitha on free online fitness workouts from Liz DiAlto. Perfect for me, since I can’t commit to a gym membership for a while yet!

+ plan on heading out to Long Island on Sunday to finally catch up with my sister-in-law and the whole fam (including our almost 2 year old nephew!). We weren’t able to make it out on Memorial Day, so a visit is long overdue. Thank goodness the rainy weather will clear up — we plan on grilling!

Though it was a good week, it’s been a crazy one too, as we came down from the adrenaline of the past — oh, you know — two months and tried to get more settled. Lucy also wasn’t feeling very well earlier in the week (I’ll tell you THAT story next week), so we laid low a lot and tried to all take care of each other. I’m looking forward to our first full weekend together!

What are up you to this weekend? Any plans? I can’t believe we’re already a week into June!

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{Image Credit: The Native Fox}

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  1. 6.7.13

    Thanks Vmac!! I’m so jealous of your central park walks. Soak it up.
    We need to do happy hours one of these days when I’m in town.
    And I seriously need 3 pairs of those pants.

  2. 6.7.13

    Thanks for including my workout post in your roundup, V! I’m in AMAZING company with Naomi’s sick headboard DIY.

    Lunch date soon, please!

  3. 6.7.13

    Heading to the Gap website now! :)

  4. 6.7.13

    Cute goodbye note! Even if Lucy can’t look at it and remember much its a nice little memory for you! :)

  5. 6.7.13
    Abby said:

    So jealous that you get to walk through Central Park whenever you want – oh the joys of living in NYC, congrats again on the big move!

  6. 6.7.13

    How sweet of the dog walking service… Lucy was adorable in the photos! Good to hear you guys are settling in ok. Xx

  7. 6.7.13

    Loving that headboard! We just inherited a bed from friends. It’s an IKEA bed too, but they had just screwed a leftover IKEA closet wall directly into the mattress to use as a headboard. Not exactly stylish (or smart… hence maybe why we also got it for free.) Gonna have to see if the boyfriend and I are crafty enough to pull something glamorous like Naomi’s headboard off. p.s. So glad you’re settling into NYC xo Kristina

  8. 6.7.13

    Aside from all the apartment drama, I’m so jealous of your move to NYC! Glad you are all getting settled.

  9. 6.7.13
    kelsey said:

    love her style! gorgeous photos! :) have a fun weekend
    kw ladies in navy

  10. 6.10.13

    Cute shorts!