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i'm loving

Happy Monday! I had quite a weekend, though all in all, it was a successful one! A sixth thing I’m loving that’s not shown here — the fact that Lucy is now home with us in New York! She did so great on the flight back from SF on Saturday afternoon. I think I was probably more nervous than she was! I had an arsenal of calming remedies with me, and between all of those and almost 3 weeks at summer camp, she slept basically the whole time (except when she smelled fellow passengers’ food. Nothing to rouse her out of a coma faster than the potential for treats). She’s not quite sure what to think of New York so far, but she’s settling in okay. We’re just so happy to have her with us though! It really did feel like we were missing part of our family.

In between all the madness lately, I’ve actually discovered a few little things that I’m really loving and wanted to share.

(1) The simple, elegant designs from London based Studio Sarah. How cute are her notecards and notebooks? Sarah’s products sell at a few locations stateside, and you can also order them online here or here.

(2) I picked up this body lotion on the fly when we were staying in the hotel the first few weeks here. Korres products are relatively natural compared to the majority of all the other options at Sephora, and I love the way this one smells — light, citrusy, and perfect for summer.

(3) I shared I was reading this book recently, and let me tell you, it’s a page turner. An intriguing blend of history, social and economic politics, plus with plenty of anecdotes from real life residents, brokers, and doormen, this non-fiction book reads like fiction as it shines a light on the craziness of Manhattan real estate (ridiculous co-op boards included). New Yorkers, you’ll love this.

(4) Last year, I had purchased a backless bra to potentially wear with my wedding gown. I ended up not needing it (my dress bra was sewn in), but I hung onto it anyway, in case there was ever an occasion for it. The occasion, as it turns out, has been summer. I’ve been wearing it with tanks, dresses — basically anything that would require a regular strapless bra. But I prefer this one because believe it or not, it doesn’t slide down at all, stays in place all day (even through horrible heat and humidity), and is generally just more comfortable than other strapless bras I own. It’s incredible that the adhesives actually stay stuck, and even better, you can wear this up to 50 times before the adhesive wears out. Hello, summer staple.

(5) Nikki recently introduced me to Hugh and Crye, which I passed on to Joe, and he’s been seriously tempted. They’re one of the first men’s retailers — maybe anywhere — to approach fit in a totally different way. Joe took their ‘fit finder’ quiz and found it to be very accurate. He’s been eyeing this blazer and this shirt! Tell any guys in your life to check it out.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

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  1. 6.3.13
    Abby said:

    Believe it or not I’ve been looking for a good “sticky” bra! I’ll be sure to check this one out because the last I got wore out really quick!

  2. 6.3.13

    I am such a sucker for notebooks! I pick them up everywhere that I go.

    I’ve never worn a backless bra, but I feel that it would come in handy in the summer. I may have to try this out!

  3. 6.3.13
    Jana said:

    The Korres lotions are amazing! I am using one that smells like vanilla!!! Totally worth its price!!!

  4. 6.3.13
    kelsey said:

    i am loving that notebook!
    kw ladies in navy

  5. 6.3.13
    Christina said:

    So glad Lucy is back with you. Must make everything seem a bit more like home? Wishing the flight with my puppy was as uneventful as yours was :)

  6. 6.3.13

    I’m loving (pun intended :) this entire post: you always make me discover something new and tempting! I’m already googling that book on NY estate, planning to try that Korres cream (I’m a huge fan of theirs – their product always smell heavenly!) and I’m off to check out Studio Sarah as we speak. Thank you so much for all the inspiration!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  7. 6.3.13
    Jules said:

    So glad your little nugget made it cross-country safe and sound! I’m flying with my cat for the first time next week and am freaking out about it. Hope it goes as smoothly as your trip!

    And thank you so much for the backless bra rec! There are so many cute backless dresses and blouses out there that I count out b/c going braless is just not an option. Can’t wait to check it out!

  8. 6.3.13

    um, I neeeeed that bra. Am always trying to find a good one that actually stays put. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. 6.3.13

    I definitely need to try that bra! I bought a similar style from Victoria Secret last summer and it lasted only once before te adhesive wore off. I was so disappointed, especially given how much it cost!

  10. 6.3.13
    Kasia said:

    hahaha oh man I looked at the post real fast and totally thought the backless bra was a pair of sunglasses lol oops clearly need to have my morning coffee!

  11. 6.6.13

    I love you round ups, Victoria. Hope NYC is great!!