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Have you heard about this new Tumblr, Shit Bloggers Wear? The creator, Cecilia Doan, actually has no formal illustration or drawing training (color me very impressed), and runs a personal Tumblr as well. I’m loving her hilarious, accurate observations of items commonly seen in fashion blogs — you have to take a step back every now and again and laugh at what a crazy industry blogging is!

I tweeted Cecilia and told her this shirt probably deserves a mention… what items do you think she should illustrate?

{Image Credits: Shit Bloggers WearValentino Rockstud Heels; Chanel Espadrilles; Zara Culottes; Celine Luggage Tote}

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  1. 5.30.13

    Bahaha! LOVE this. And it’s all true. Thanks for sharing…definitely adding to my read list.

    Hope you’re settling into NYC Victoria! Can’t wait till you move in your new pad and can share more details. :)
    xo – Marion

  2. 5.30.13

    Wow. So true! Someone needs to do a ‘shi* bloggers have on their coffee tables’.

    • 5.30.13

      Haha! That would be a funny one too!

      Maybe she should do the hermes cuff or the see-through clutch!

      Thanks for sharing Victoria! :)

  3. 5.30.13

    These are hilarious!

  4. 5.30.13
    christin said:

    omg…this is hilarious. and obviously, very true!

  5. 5.30.13
    Marissa said:

    HA, I’m dying at this. It’s totally true (although I have a Celine, so I can’t say much on that one). So many pieces are overdone in the blogging world – it gets mundane after awhile!

    • 5.30.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      It’s okay, I mean, I have a Pashli satchel and I feel like she should draw that too! :)

  6. 5.30.13

    LOVE! Never heard of Cecilia’s blog, but I’m loving her illustrations! And no drawing training… very impressive. Thanks for sharing, Victoria!

  7. 5.30.13
    Ame said:

    The “arm party” and “fitted blazer”…Not that the latter isn’t totally flattering and wonderful, but it’s everywhere.

  8. 5.30.13
    Ame said:


  9. 5.30.13
    meghan said:

    HA! this is hysterical – strue.

  10. 5.30.13

    This is awesome! So funny and so true.

  11. 5.30.13
    annie said:

    this is hilarious! i’m guilt for all of the above except for the zara culottes! :P she should definitely do an illustration of a box of macaroons for “sh*t bloggers eat!” haha.

  12. 5.30.13

    What a funny tumblr! I think it’s undeniable how spot on she got it though! :)

  13. 5.30.13
    Suzzanne said:

    So absolutely true! Too funny.

  14. 5.30.13
    Catherine said:

    The J. Crew pavé link bracelet for sure!

  15. 5.30.13
    phoebe said:

    this made me LOL! i don’t have any of the stuff, but i do know bloggers who do! so funny :)
    hashtagphoebe on bloglovin

  16. 5.30.13
    Juju said:

    hilarious. i’d add diptyque candles, although not a piece of clothing :)

  17. 5.30.13
    Jennifer said:

    this is genius, it gave me a good laugh today!

  18. 5.30.13
    Rachelle said:

    She needs to make wedge sneakers, Jeffrey Campbell lita, Silver pumps like the Jimmy Choo ones, J.Crew pave bracelet, I could go on and on lol


  19. 5.30.13

    This is amazing!!!!!!

  20. 5.30.13
    kelsey said:

    hilarious! this is great!
    kw ladies in navy

  21. 5.31.13
    Rose said:

    This is easily my new favorite blog of the week (second maybe to the Underground NY Library one I stumbled across). So funny, and SO true!!! Definitely agreed with you on the Zoe Karssen t/tank.

    Blonde in this City

  22. 5.31.13
    Lisa P said:

    Oh how I loved that post! So hilarious and spot on!

    Some items to add:
    The Mini Mac, J Brand jeans, Karen Walker sunglasses….

  23. 5.31.13

    Ok … I just laughed soooo hard b/c I literally was saying to myself the other day, “geez, it’s like every blogger carries the Celine Luggage Tote, is wearing the Valentino studded heels & this white flap Zara skirt!”

    Zara skirt – interesting, but affordable.
    Celine Tote & Valentine Heels – not so affordable, yet they all carry them! How?!?!

    Love this!

  24. 6.1.13

    That was funny!

  25. 6.3.13
    Cecilia said:

    This blog post made me smile and so do the comments that follow. Thanks for sharing my work, Victoria!

  26. 6.7.13

    cute tumblr acct and sooo true! I would add the YSL arty ring for sure. classic!

  27. 7.2.13
    Claudia said:

    This is hilarious. So true. I was thinking about how i’ve seen those valentinos and that celine bag everywhere just yesterday. Thanks for sharing!