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Hello, there! I promise I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Last Friday, I had my blog migrated to a new server, and didn’t want to post anything in case the process wasn’t complete or the domain name hadn’t updated yet. Who knew that when you get into blogging you have to learn about things like nameservers? Not this girl. It always amazes me what I’ve learned just by starting this little ‘ol blog (in fact, the five year anniversary is coming up soon)!

Anyway, now that all the technical stuff is behind us (hopefully!), I did want to share a few links that I had originally intended to post on Friday. I figured this is a good way to ease you into your Monday morning too!

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+ If you’re getting married or have recently gotten married, I highly recommend you check out J. Scheer’s wedding dress cleaning and preservation service. I have been dragging my feet on getting my dress cleaned, and a couple weeks ago, finally started researching places to have it done — mostly because I knew I did not want to pack my dress up uncleaned for this move! The maker of my dress, Amy Kuschel, had recommended J. Scheer on their website, so I gave them a call to learn more. It turned out it couldn’t be easier, and was perfect for a gal like me, who was getting ready to move cross country. J. Scheer sends you a quote for your cleaning costs based on your dress, and then chats with you over the phone about their process. Then, they set up a UPS shipment for you at your nearest UPS store, and you simply drop off the dress. They handle the shipment costs, and only work with specific UPS locations who can pack your dress according to their exact specifications (read: delicately). Once they receive your dress, they do an analysis, give you the actual cost of cleaning (which can also include options for things like repairing tears or snags), get it cleaned and packed for you, then ship it back to you. From my research, dress cleaning and preservation is very pricey, but I was even more surprised to find that J. Scheer — at this level of service — wasn’t that much more expensive than getting it done at the dry cleaners on the street behind my apartment! Bonus: if you happen to have had your dress made with Amy Kuschel, mention this and you get a discount.

+ Last week I felt like the luckiest girl alive to have four, count ’em four, going away dinners. Two included new-to-me restaurants (Barbacco and Sociale). Early in the week, Jillian from Sweet & Spark was kind enough to organize a blogger going away dinner, with Julia, Crystalin, Lauren, Nichole, Kate, Natalie, and Erin. We had a blast chowing down on pizza and catching up. And Saturday night, three other couples met us at our favorite Mexican restaurant, for way too many margs and way too much food (and then more cocktails after). It was fantastic. It’s made us a little bit sad saying goodbye to so many people we love, but we’re very grateful that we got the chance to do so.

+ I recently read Lean In (on the flight back from NY a couple weeks ago) and absolutely loved it. I highly recommend you read it — and then pass it on to your friends, male and female alike!

+ We finally booked our (one way) flight to New York over the weekend — definitely a little belated, but we have been waiting on some other things to fall into place (believe it or not, we still do not have a lease for an apartment yet…hopefully later today!). We officially say goodbye to SF next Saturday night. Tear! Although, we’ll be back a few weeks after to pick up Lucy (long story), so it’ll be a short-lived goodbye, at least for now.

Happy Monday, everyone!

{Image Credit: Vitalic Photo, featured on Wedding Chicks, via Dreams of Happily Ever After}

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  1. 5.13.13
    Abby said:

    Ahh, that’s so exciting that you booked your NYC flight! Good luck to you as you make your move to the big apple!

  2. 5.13.13
    Meg said:

    How crazy is that!
    I have never booked a one-way flight, but I imagine it is pretty weird. ;)

  3. 5.13.13
    sarah said:

    I bought Lean In for my mom this Mother’s Day. I’m planning on borrowing it as soon as she’s done. I know goodbyes are not fun, but I hope you’re excited for the next few weeks!

  4. 5.13.13

    full of exciting things! how strange must it have been to book the one way flight across the country… amazing! xo

  5. 5.13.13

    What a great service to know about for wedding dresses :)
    Safe travels!

  6. 5.13.13

    I’m still finishing up Lean In… such a good read! Can’t wait to see you soooooon!!!!

    • 5.13.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      SO, SO SOON!

  7. 5.13.13
    brighton said:

    hey V! I actually just went through a similar process – it can be a bit daunting! but i’m glad you got all that technical stuff sorted out!

  8. 5.14.13

    Happy almost five years! And I am always amazed at the “blog speak” that comes out of my mouth. Who knew we’d become such internet geeks? :)
    xx lexi @ glitter, inc.