Splurge or Save?

splurge or save - summer shoes

a. Absolute Wonder Wedge Sandals | b. Chrome Alone Wedge | c. Whipped Up Wedges

d. Taipa Wedge | e. Antonia High Heel Sandals | f. Jaxine Rep Sandals

g. Faye Mixed Media Sandals | h. Mixed Media Heels

I was having a moment a few days ago where I was doing a little online window shopping, and just kept loving everything I saw. I think it’s just that time of year — the weather is warming up, and SO many great styles are debuting at retailers everywhere. But with that, of course, one spies a lot of similar items, at vastly different prices. So, I thought it was high time for another installment of Splurge/Save.

I thought it was interesting how many shoes I’ve spotted that have some kind of patterned heel or base, like the wedges (options c and d) or the pumps (options g and h). In the case of the last two, both of these shoes actually had the name ‘mixed media’ in them — how could I not do a little comparison?

Which of these items would you pick? I’m all for investing money in great shoes (and basically any other accessory), but sometimes, it’s hard to justify the price tag on simple shoe basics. If you twisted my arm and money was no object, I think I’d have to go with b, d, e, and g. What about you?

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  1. 5.7.13
    Eileen said:

    I LOVE those mixed media heels!

  2. 5.7.13
    kelsey said:

    i actually adore the cheaper version of the black patterned embellishment wedge heel! super cute
    kw ladies in navy

  3. 5.7.13

    Love these! I have a serious affection towards heels these days – it’s very out of character for me (normally I’m all about the flats)

  4. 5.7.13
    Rachelle said:

    Love the sexy simple sandals both of them.


  5. 5.7.13

    Love all of these, especially the black and white patterned ones.

  6. 5.7.13
    Meg said:

    I would say “save” across the board. :)


  7. 5.7.13

    I bought a pair very similar to “E” from Elizabeth & James… sort of between the splurge + save versions of the shoes you picked… highly recommend! Really into simple, minimalist shoes right now. But LOVE option B too can’t believe they are only $50!!

  8. 5.7.13

    yes! loving the patterned heels i’m seeing lately. i have a pair (from payless!!!) that i can’t wait to break out…

  9. 5.7.13
    Kayla said:

    b, c, f, g! Love these! So cute!!


  10. 5.7.13
    Katie said:

    The Chrom Alone Wedges look exactly like a pair of Zara heels that I have been eyeing for a while. They must be the look this season.

  11. 5.7.13
    Alexa said:

    b, c, f, h. :) Love them all!

  12. 5.7.13

    I literally went down the line ignoring price altogether and found I’d save in every instance. Thoughtful post- you found some true comparisons here.

  13. 5.7.13

    In my perfect world, I’d go with A thru H … LOL

    • 5.7.13
      vmacandcheese said:


  14. 5.7.13
    Kristina said:

    I’ve been eyeing those Anthropologie heels, they’re so adorable!

    Kristina does the Internets

  15. 5.7.13

    Love them all, especially B & E – that simple neutral heel is a must for me! I love these comparisons you put together, Victoria!

  16. 5.8.13
    Tori said:

    I was just at Target yesterday and was really impressed with their new line of Sam & Libby shoes, check out these wedges that I almost bought – great addition to your mixed media list!


  17. 7.16.13
    Yasi said:

    I wished I had read this post earlier. I’ve been looking for a shoe just like e. Antonia sandal, and the save,f., is sold out:(, but it did find another great save by nine west :)

    btw, love your blog!