Retreat! {Feeling Blue}

blue kitchen

blue living room

blue hall

blue eat in kitchen

blue bedroom

I always come across different photographs of homes that look so inviting and relaxing, so I think I’m going to start sharing them more regularly in a column called Retreat! More often than not, these homes are places I would want to curl up and take a nap, kick off my shoes, and relax, so it seems the perfect thing to look at on a Monday, no? Especially for me, when last week in New York was totally crazy (more on this later).

But I digress. Can you imagine living in a house where the color palette was all blue? I don’t think I’m daring enough, and I know I’d probably get sick of it, but it’s pretty amazing how just looking at this blue hued home makes me feel a bit more calm and serene. I’m loving the mix of patterns (Toile de Jouy! Paisley! Stripes! Plaids! Ginghams!), especially when paired together. It’s a modern home that still feels just a little bit country.

Did you all have a good weekend? Last night we celebrated my favorite unofficial holiday, Cinco de Mayo. Tacos and beers and clearing out the DVR. It was magical!

{Image Credits: Annika Kampman for Skonahem}

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  1. 5.6.13

    The blue and white look is so cottagey! Perfect for summer.

  2. 5.6.13
    Amberly said:

    The blue looks so calming and relaxing!!

  3. 5.6.13
    kelsey said:

    gorgeous blues~
    kelsey, Ladies in Navy

  4. 5.6.13

    Agreed! I don’t know if I could do it but looking at it feels very refreshing!

  5. 5.6.13

    That kitchen is just so pretty!

  6. 5.6.13

    LOVE the blue and white color combo. It’s so relaxing and peaceful.

  7. 5.6.13
    Kayla said:

    Oh wow.. all that blue is so beautiful! We celebrated Cinco De Mayo too! With lots of chips and salsa! ; )


  8. 5.6.13
    Abby said:

    While my absolute favorite color is blue… I don’t think I could live in an all blue house! Maybe have a room or two with a blue color scheme, but not a whole house! Fabulous photos though!

  9. 5.6.13
    Court said:

    Man oh man, I sure wish I had the guts to decorate a room like this! It’s beautiful!

  10. 5.6.13
    Chelsea said:

    I think I am too indecisive to pick just one color! But I love the vibe. Glad you had a fab cinco. xo

  11. 5.6.13
    Meg said:

    The blue colored walls are so dramatic. I didn’t I would like something so bold, but I do!

  12. 5.6.13

    I love that curtain over the front door! I would have never thought to do that, but it makes the space seem so warm and inviting.

  13. 5.6.13
    chelsie said:

    if my boyfriend has his way, our home will look a little like those pics …but as long as gingham and stripes are involved -I’m good with this color palette!

    ps: glad you had a great cinco de mayo!

  14. 5.6.13
    Elisa said:

    It definitely takes discipline to execute and follow through with such a strict color palette. It looks great. I wonder if I could do it…maybe if I had 2 homes i could ;)

  15. 5.6.13
    Toyosi said:

    I love it, but I would get sick of it real fast! I would consider having an all white house though…I think it would inspire me to dress even more colorfully!

  16. 5.6.13
    Channing said:

    My dream home color palette is just blue! I unknowingly pick blue everything. Sometimes I have to remind myself “just because its blue, doesn’t mean its actually pretty”!!

  17. 5.8.13

    This home is so beautiful and I actually love the blue. It feels calming. Loving all the fun colorful curtains!