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This week I…

+ am flipping through my planner and marveling at how fast New York is coming. We’ll be in Manhattan for most of next week, then I’ll have a week here in SF, and then…maybe will be on a one way flight to NYC some time the week after that? We know it’s imminent, but it’s even crazier that it’s so close and we still don’t have a lot of things nailed down. Serenity now!

+ got to try out a few dishes from local personal chef and food delivery service Stiletto and Spice. Claudine, the founder of the company, very graciously brought Joe and me a complimentary meal on Wednesday, as part of her Decadent Detox program (and because she knew we kinda need all the help we can get right now!). She’s going to share a recipe or two from the menu we tried soon (everything was amazing!), and if you’re a local SFer, I highly recommend you check her service out…especially if you want to do a light detox but don’t want to prepare all the food yourself!

+ was soooo tempted by J.Crew’s 25% off everything sale, especially since I just returned something there last week and saw what they’ve got going on for spring. You can shop the sale here, and use the code SPRINGBEST to get your discount (it’s good through this Sunday). They have so many cute iPhone cases on sale too!

+ decided I’d give this men’s serum a whirl. I’ve been looking for something simple and easy to incorporate into the routine that can maybe help address fine lines that are starting to make an appearance… Kind of random that I chose a men’s product, I know, but with reviews like that I had to see for myself! I figured if I hate it, it could be perfect for Joe.

+ was obsessed with Lisa’s new series Grammar Time. Read it. Learn it.

+ loved seeing this collaboration between Caitlin Flemming and Natalie Bowen, who did my wedding flowers. Those two came up with beautiful arrangements!

This weekend we’ll be laying low, perhaps taking Lucy out to the beach like we did last weekend (I feel like she needs as much outdoor off-leash time as possible before moving out east!), and watching Gossip Girl. That’s right…we’ve been watching the entire series on Netflix, and Joe’s even in on it too. It kinda reminds me of The O.C.…but with way better outfits. Just me?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

{Image Credit: Skonahem, photo by Anna-Malin}

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  1. 4.26.13

    I would be muy impressed with Joe if he used a serum. I can’t even get my husband to wash his face or moisturize his hands once a month. Also, so excited for you to experience New York as a resident. Man, you’re coming at the perfect time too!

  2. 4.26.13

    We finally have warm enough weather that it’s acceptable to be outside without a winter coat on. Yay! Happy Weekend lady!

  3. 4.26.13
    Meg said:

    Men’s serum, eh?
    Let us know how it turns out!
    Would love to try a new product.


  4. 4.26.13
    kelsey said:

    that photo is gorgeous! can’t wait for the weekend to kick off!
    kw, ladies in navy
    Zara giveaway
    Gap/Old Navy Giveaway

  5. 4.26.13

    Have a great weekend! Relaxing with some salacious TV sounds like the perfect prep for a hectic week!


  6. 4.26.13
    Alyssa said:

    Ah, I can’t believe your move is coming up so soon! Good luck apartment hunting when you come (I’m assuming that’s what you’re doing at least). I’m sure you’ll find an awesome place!

  7. 4.26.13

    I swear I took fitness classes in Noe from Claudine… Had no idea she does catering too. (If it’s the same person)

    Congrats on your move to NYC! I’m so jealous!

  8. 4.26.13

    I only got into Gossip Girl last year and couldn’t put it down either… It’s a great guilty pleasure for those little breaks we need so much! I can’t believe you’ll be so close so soon! Good news is, Long Island has beautiful beaches and not too far from NYC that Lucy will be able to enjoy too :)

  9. 4.26.13

    Living in NY is going to be amazing, the center of the world!

  10. 4.26.13
    taylor said:

    I still haven’t seen the last season of Gossip Girl but I loved it so much – and yes, The OC was incredible too. Cant believe you got Joe into it I am so jealous! have a great weekend :)

  11. 4.26.13

    Thanks for sharing my new series! And yes, GG is pretty much The OC, east coast style. It’s the same writers. I used to watch religiously but gave up mid season 3 when I got too annoyed with Serena. I should try watching it again! Probably one of those I will enjoy better when I’m not waiting week to week. I miss The OC. Wish they would put it on Instant Netflix.

  12. 4.26.13
    Gloria said:

    J.Crew always tempts with their frequent sales – they’re so evil :-) Are you flying Lucy to NYC when you move? I’ve heard mixed things about Frenchies on planes, so I’m really curious!

  13. 4.26.13
    sarah said:

    Yikes – New York is so close! I feel excited (and stressed) just reading that. Hope you have a relaxing weekend with Lucy!

  14. 4.26.13
    Bekah said:

    Congrats on the upcoming move! I know it’s stressful, but I think you’ll love the East coast.
    Ah, I’m glad I’m not the only one with a Gossip Girl addiction. I’ve followed it on Netflix and can’t wait for the last season to make it onto there. Perhaps I should find the OC while waiting?

  15. 4.26.13
    Elisa said:

    Lisa’s grammar project cracks me up! I think it’s high time the online world took a refresher course…me included ;)

  16. 4.26.13

    Please let us know how that Jack Black serum is… I read the reviews too, and would love to try it! Yes, I am about to spend all my money at JCrew… and love the grammar lessons!

    Happy weekend, Victoria!

  17. 4.27.13
    Amy Lynn said:

    I love Gossip Girl! Every time I watch it, I want to wear clothes that sparkle! :)

    I’m happy to be your newest follower, by the way! I just found your site, and I already love it!