This week I…

+ came home from wine country yesterday. We had a great ten days, but I have to say, there’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed! This may be a ‘need a vacation from our vacation’ situation (mostly because we’re in desperate need of detoxes from all the yummy food and wine!).

+ took advantage of the Shopbop sale and started stocking up on a new east coast summer wardrobe. These shorts in yellow and this dress in black made the cut — I’ve never owned a maxi dress before, actually! And I don’t think I’ve ever worn shorts in the seven years I’ve lived in SF, so this summer will be a throwback to hot Texas days for sure.

+ found myself wishing I had an occasion to print up some letterpress invitations, just to try out this watercolor technique. So fun!

+ have been thinking I’m going to re-read The Great Gatsby. We saw the TV spots for the new movie this week, and Joe (who never had to read it in high school…um, what?!) asked me what it was about. I realized I could really only give a vague description since it’s been so many years. Did you read The Great Gatsby in high school?

+ booked a trip for Joe and I to head to Manhattan on an apartment hunting blitz. We’ll be in town the first few days of May. Crazy that we’ll then move just a couple weeks after that! While we were in Napa, I definitely was chipping away at a big master moving list, so while we’re slowly chugging along, it’s still weird to think about us being in NY a month from now. Isn’t it?

What are you up to this weekend? We’ll be catching up on shows, trying to get back to our normal diet, and running errands. I lead a wild life, no? One errand I’m secretly really excited about: we need to buy a new mattress! Despite the awkwardness of testing out mattresses in front of the sales people (I mean, could bouncing around on a mattress in front of a perfect stranger be any more cringeworthy?), it’s fun to think about finding our first new thing for our New York home.

I hope you all have a great weekend! May is just around the corner. Whoa.

{Image Credit: Brittle Stars Art Print via Cozamia}

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  1. 4.19.13
    christin said:

    this year is FLYING by! and we have similar weekend plans. totally domesticated.

  2. 4.19.13
    Emma said:

    I had the identical conversation with my hubs about The Great Gatsby. Evidently, in the UK that book isn’t on the mandatory high school reading list. I will definitely have to re-read it because all I could describe were the themes (I paid attention in class), but I couldn’t remember the plot!

  3. 4.19.13
    Sammy said:


  4. 4.19.13

    If it wasn’t for a wedding we’re attending in Tampa this weekend, we’d be doing the EXACT same thing. Next weekend, hopefully.

    Let me know if you need ANY help when you’re out here in May! Can’t wait for you to move here!

  5. 4.19.13

    I actually gave my TGG copy to my sister to reread. I love-loved that book, so I’m buzzing about the film in May!! Oddly most excited about Isla Fisher’s character portrayal. So crazy-excited for you for your NY move! I keep thinking “I can’t imagine picking up and moving so quickly across the country,” but hey, I did something similar with AK almost a year ago now. Cra-zay.

  6. 4.19.13
    Kayla said:

    Hope you had a blast in wine country! Happy weekend! : )


  7. 4.19.13
    Meg said:

    Oh, love the water color technique. So easy to!


  8. 4.19.13

    Moving to NYC? That is so exciting, I really want to be there as well! No shorts? YOu really have been out of Texas too long haha!

  9. 4.19.13

    A re-read of The Great Gatsby is definitely on my list — such a classic! I’m actually a little hesitant about the new movie version since I’m such a sucker for the Robert Redford rendition… But the over-the-top glitz & glam of this new version make it look pretty hard to pass up!

  10. 4.19.13
    Marissa said:

    SO cannot wait for The Great Gatsby – it’s got its own spot on my google calendar!

  11. 4.19.13
    Alyssa said:

    I got the same yellow shorts–they’re so cute in person (came today!).

  12. 4.19.13
    Chelsea said:

    I’ve been thinking of re-reading The Great Gatsby prior to seeing the movie in May! I simply love the book. I’m reading Z right now – also a great read!

  13. 4.19.13
    Elisa said:

    That water color invitation diy is beautiful. I’m all over anything water colored at the moment and these are no exception! Welcome back!!

  14. 4.19.13
    Peyton said:

    Great Gatsby is my all-time favorite. With so many details packed into a short-ish book, I can’t wait to see how things are played out in the movie. So excited for you and your move to the east coast! Xx

  15. 4.19.13

    Hi Vee,

    When I read this post my heart dropped. I thought I would have had the chance to meet you personally, since we both live in the bay area.

    I wish I had the guts to pack up and move to New York there is so much opportunity!

    I need to go mattress shopping as well. Honestly, I laugh the entire time, because the salespeople act as if nothing phases them.

    Why did you guys decide to move?

  16. 4.20.13

    Can’t wait for the Great Gatsby movie, looks so beautiful. I just added a bunch of vintage jewelry inspired by the movie to my site. Check it out.

  17. 4.21.13

    I definitely want to revisit The Great Gatsby novel before the movie comes out.


  18. 4.22.13
    Siobhain said:

    I am always trying to convince my friends to visit wine country (I live an hour away for goodnessake) but to no avail I can get no tagalongs.

    & The Great Gatsby Movie looks so grandiose but also so ready to fail. I hope it turns out good!




  19. 4.22.13

    My husband turned to me & said “So what, its just about this guy named Gatsby?”. Apparently he never read it either! It’s my favorite book so I think I’m going to make him read it :)

  20. 4.30.13
    ashley said:

    I just spent a good amount of time scrolling through your posts. Really love your blog and your style!!