Wine Country Picks: Meg Biram

meg's wine country picks | via vmac+cheese

Today, the lovely Meg Biram (my fellow bartender!) is sharing her picks for what she’d take to wine country. Meg has such a fantastic, modern style that would fit in perfectly amongst the vines!

1. A simple tank  — Sitting in the sun for an afternoon makes me want to strip layers off but when the sun goes down, I’m always putting them back on — so I’d layer a tank under a cozy sweater (6).

2. Shopper — You need a chic bag to cart your extras around in, and also for any bottles you end up taking with you…

3. Boyfriend Jeans — I like to be comfortable when winery hopping. Wood bench? Sit on the grass? No problem in these jeans.

4. Rate That Wine Pad â€” This is a must! You have to keep track of the wines you like!

5. Hepcat Shades (in vintage stout) — You always need sunnies in Northern California!

7. Wedge sandals â€” With boyfriend jeans and a cozy sweater you have to get high with the shoes, a wedge is the perfect fit for a winery.

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  1. 4.18.13
    Meghan said:

    The sweater is SUPER cute!
    Where is it from?

  2. 4.18.13
    Sammy said:

    Great picks – loving those sunnies so much

  3. 4.18.13
    Meghan said:

    Love that chic shopper , I’d use it as a day to day bag haha.

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  4. 4.18.13
    Ellie said:

    I have the Rate that Wine pad and I LOVE it!!

  5. 4.18.13
    Rose said:

    Looks like that would make for a perfectly cozy day of wine tasting!

    Blonde in this City

  6. 4.18.13

    That wine pad would’ve been so handy when I was in Napa last year! That is, assuming I would’ve remembered to use it ;)

  7. 4.18.13
    Michelle said:

    Love the ideas! Who makes the shopper? I can’t get it to link…

    • 4.18.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      Totally my fault! It’s fixed now!

  8. 4.18.13

    Oooh! Love that All Saints sweater!

  9. 4.19.13
    Tracy Z said:

    #4 is awesome!

  10. 4.22.13
    Mandy Cooper said:

    Hey, where is that hella cute sweater from? I didn’t see a number #6 link on there. Please add because it’s mega adorbs! :)

    • 4.22.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      It’s in the copy on the #1 line — incorporated it that way based on how Meg wrote it!