Wine Country Picks: Beauty Palette

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I love Kathy’s blog for its fantastic natural beauty recommendations and holistic approach to living. True to form, she’s put together a very unique Napa packing list, perfect if you’re really looking to rejuvenate mind and body!

Hi there! While Victoria is enjoying 10 days wining and dining, I’ve been daydreaming about an upcoming trip I have to Napa Valley this fall. In my mind, a trip isn’t a proper vacation without a ridiculously detailed travel itinerary and packing list. For me, making sure that I am as healthy as possible (within reason) on a trip is a top priority. That usually means bringing along some supplements and herbal teas. But I also like to keep my packing pared down to the essentials, so makeup is usually very minimal – I want to enjoy my trip, not spend it fussing in front of the mirror! With that in mind, keeping my skin in tip top shape is crucial so my skincare favorites are always along for the ride. Enjoy!

1. Dandelion Tea: Drinking dandelion tea is an amazing way to keep your liver operating flawlessly. Why should you care about your liver? On a wine country getaway, you are putting a lot of pressure on your liver. If your liver isn’t working optimally, it can leave you lethargic, bloated and all around uncomfortable. This is my favorite way to provide support for my liver when it really needs it.

2. Everlane Women’s Weekender: So I know I’m no fashion blogger, but with the number of purses I have in my collection – I could probably start another blog on handbags alone. It will shock those who know me well that my favorite travel companion is not some designer bag, but my trusty and super durable Everlane weekender. It’s roomy so you don’t have to worry about editing your travel wardrobe too much. More room for fun sundresses and skincare products? Yes please!

3. Activated charcoal capsules: After a long week of drinking wine and consequently, staining your teeth, instead of reaching for your standard (toxin-filled) white strips – try this natural option instead: activated charcoal. It’s ridiculously easy to use: just open 1 capsule, dip a wet toothbrush in the powder and rub on your teeth. Just leave it on your teeth for a few minutes or so (I personally like to leave it on for 5 minutes) and then spit out and rinse! Fair warning – it looks a little (ok, very) scary while its in your mouth but I promise it will all come out!

4. Yuli Skincare Cell Perfecto PM: Let’s get real here – you’ll be drinking a lot more than usual but you don’t want your skin to show it. So using a brightening serum like this one is the best way to fake it by keeping your skin soft, smooth and radiant.

5. Chlorophyll Capsules: A great supplement to keep my stomach functioning properly after a week of super rich meals. Think of chlorophyll as an internal cleanser that helps keep everything moving smoothly and reduces all the discomforts associated with decadent meals.

6. Tatcha Deep Hydration Lifting Mask: If I’m feeling a little dull and dry, this is the perfect antidote. Whenever I use this mask, my skin feels a little tightened and uplifted, like I just had a facial. And as a bonus, it’s very travel friendly – each mask comes in its own pouch so you can just bring what you need and save some space in your weekender.


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  1. 4.15.13
    christin said:

    the charcoal is blowing my mind. i’m totally going to try that! i also need to pick up some dandelion tea.

  2. 4.15.13

    The activated charcoal works shockingly well…cheaper and more effective than those nasty white strips I used to be addicted to!