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Are Christina and I living in some bizarre, parallel universe? To wit: her boyfriend Raja has a serious thing for watches. Joe does too (one of his Christmas gifts last year was a Watch Time magazine subscription. For real.). They have a cat named Mischa. Um, that was one of my cat’s names growing up. She writes the gorgeous blog Oh So Glam. I pen a column of the same name over here. Little coincidences, but still kinda funny, no? In any case, Raja had some great responses in this week’s Man Behind the Blog. I love how supportive he is!

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mbtb Oh So Glam


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  1. 4.10.13
    Rachelle said:

    Another great one, ootd is funny.


  2. 4.10.13
    Christina said:

    Thanks Victoria for the great feature on Raj, I’m really lucky to have such a supportive guy in my life behind me. We all know there should be a “Man Behind the Blog” support group for these poor guys! And HOW funny about all those little coincidences? We NEED to finally meet when you come to NYC! XOXO

  3. 4.10.13

    This series to so comforting to read! It makes me feel like my husband’s opinions on blogging…and waiting to take photos of food are normal for any man dating/married to a blogger. :)

  4. 4.10.13

    So many fun coincidences!

  5. 4.10.13
    Sophie said:

    What a sweetheart!! Christina I love this! What a fun series!


  6. 4.10.13
    Meghan said:

    This is great! Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. love the mint nail color.

  7. 4.10.13

    I just seriously got sucked down the rabbit hole of her blog…how fun! I’d never seen it before, and it’s great!

  8. 4.10.13
    christin said:

    i will never, ever tire of this series.

  9. 4.10.13
    Kayla said:

    Aww so sweet! I just love reading these! : )


  10. 4.11.13

    What a cute couple. Glad to discover “Oh So Glam”

  11. 5.28.13
    Ailee said:

    “2 bites” – love this response. He sounds like Sasha, who waits 0 bites.

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