Wine Country Picks: Hitha on the Go

hitha's wine country picks | via vmac+cheese

This morning I’m happy for Hitha to be sharing what she’d pack on a wine country getaway. Take it away, Hitha!

Of all the trips I’ve taken (and I’ve traveled a lot), I have yet to visit wine country – anywhere. It’s a major crime for my vino-swigging self.

Despite never having sipped my way through the valleys of Napa and Sonoma, I’ve put an inordinate amount of time thinking about what I’d pack for such an excursion.  Breezy dresses, a classic hat, and shoes that can withstand the fields and terrain of northern California make up most of the list – with a few additional items, all featured above.

1. A perfectly draped t-shirt
2. A roomy bag (can be worn crossbody or in the nook of my elbow) to hold the essentials – a bottle of water and Advil, protein bars for a snack, my DSLR, and the unglamorous wallet/keys/phone necessities
3. Breezy silk pants that are both luxuriously stylish and comfortable
4. A Kindle, filled with both frivolous and serious books, is necessary for lazy days next to the pool
5. This glitzy bracelet that can be worn all day and night
6. I’d ward off the evenings’ chilly nights with this cozy scarf that offers a pop of color
7. A luxurious leather duffel to carry my belongings for the weekend

What would you pack for a getaway in wine country?  Let me know, and be sure to stop by and visit me at Hitha On The Go.

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  1. 4.9.13
    Megan said:

    I’d make sure I have a compact mirror (don’t want purple teeth in the photos later) and a wine opener! You never know when you’ll buy a bottle and want to enjoy an impromptu picnic… gasp, the horror if you couldn’t open the bottle! Although, we’ve been there and a corkscrew in Napa is never far away ;)

    • 4.9.13

      Megan – great call on a mirror for wine teeth. I also carry Colgate Whisps with me when I travel to clean my teeth – they’re perfect for both red-eyes and wine tastings!

  2. 4.9.13

    I actually have a travel wine bottle opener I keep in my car for picnics! You learn quickly haha!

  3. 4.9.13
    rita said:

    i made the mistake of wearing white the last time we went tasting – the pourers were all really afraid to pour near me. i didn’t get spilled on, but i’d recommend a different color for tasting just in case!

  4. 4.9.13

    I love all these pics, especially the Theodora & Callum scarf! Happy travels

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

  5. 4.9.13
    Lu said:

    We’re going to Napa next month so this packing list is perfect! Anybody have any suggestions on which wineries or restaurants are a must?

    • 4.9.13

      Lu – I recommend visiting Cake Bread and Coppola for vineyards, and definitely try to snag a reservation for French Laundry for what will be one of the greatest meals of your life (according to my foodie BFF, who I trust wholeheartedly on these things). Bouchon is also a great place to eat in Napa.

    • 4.9.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      Hi Lu, We come up quite frequently. Check out these recs on this page (near the bottom):

      • 4.9.13
        Lu said:

        HItha and Victoria – thank you so much for the suggestions! Much appreciated.

  6. 4.9.13
    Emily said:

    Great picks! I love that bag.
    Isn’t That Charming.

    • 4.9.13

      Emily – the bag fits a crazy amount of things. I have it in navy, and will definitely be picking up the tan.

  7. 4.9.13

    Love these picks! I’m especially into the silk pants and fun eye-patterned scarf!


  8. 4.9.13
    Meghan said:

    The gold bracelet is AMAZING! This is a total outfit game changer.

    • 4.9.13

      I wear this bracelet constantly, Meghan! Definitely worth the somewhat hefty price tag.

  9. 4.9.13
    Kayla said:

    Loving those pants! They look super super comfy!!


    • 4.9.13

      Kayla – silk pants are EVERYTHING for travel. This pair will definitely be the next ones I purchase.

  10. 4.9.13

    Love that chunky bracelet. I have a similar vintage one for sale on my website.

  11. 4.9.13
    Kristin said:

    Being that I live just south of Santa Barbara and lust for trips to wine country…

    I suggest packing a great pair of sunglasses, and either a cardigan or jean jacket (chilly in the shade & evenings).


  12. 4.9.13

    I love that style of pants, but I am so afraid to buy a pair. I’m a bit hippy and wonder if they will “fall” right. I saw a few marked down at New York & Company, so maybe I will take the photo as inspiration and try on a pair. :)

    • 4.9.13

      It’s all about how you style them – make sure to pair them with one structural element (shoes, blazer), and you’re set! They’re so comfortable that it’s worth figuring out how to style them.