sunning in santorini

This week I…

+ am so overwhelmed by your words of support for our big cross country move. You guys were all so excited and happy for us, that it can’t help but make ME feel happy and excited. It’s going to be a crazy few weeks putting this move together, but I know we can do it. Thanks for all your sweet comments, tweets, and emails! I appreciated them all more than you know.

+ have a bunch of guest posts to share! I stopped over on Hitha’s blog to share my travel routine and tips, wrote a novel about my beauty routine on Beauty Bender, and had a couple posts published on both the Glam blog and the Euro Style Lighting blog.

+ realized I’m going to need two new wardrobes for this NY move: one for summer, and one for winter. Because when you’ve been living in a place that’s around 60 degrees 10 months out of the year, there is no need for more than one pair of shorts. I’m loving the idea of stocking up on maxi dresses like this. East coasters: what other essentials should I stock up on?

+ got this bag in the mail. And it’s a thing of beauty (and so light weight too!). Highly recommended.

+ worked LATE basically every night. Because…The B Bar launches NEXT WEEK. So, so excited to finally share this with you guys. Our debut ‘cocktails’ will cover Blogging 101, Social Media 101, Accounting for Bloggers, Legal Issues for Bloggers, How to Build and Use a Media Kit, and an ultimate resources guide, which is like 7 pages of nothing but links to shiz. Can I just say? I read the accounting and legal docs and had my mind blown by some of the things I learned. Educate yo-self!

+ along with Joe, am doing the most logical thing possible when you have a big move to plan. We’re going on vacay beginning next week for ten days! Nothing too crazy — this was a completely last minute trip, and somewhat of a last-California-hurrah. We decided we wanted to bring Lucy along, so we’ve rented a little house up in Napa, and will be kicking back, enjoying the high-70 degree weather, reading, sunning by the pool, and trying to de-stress before the madness really begins. I’ve got some great content lined up for while I’m away (and I’m hoping I can check in too with some wine country photos!), so don’t wander too far.

I’ll be totally honest. I’m exhausted right now. This getaway could not have come at a better time! Life has been going at a million miles a minute for a long time now, and with this move kind of sprung on us, there’s no slowing down for the foreseeable future (I’m hoping by August, things will be copasetic!). I feel bad, but I didn’t put together a graphic and comment compilation from last week’s question of the week, even though you guys had great responses (thank you!). And I didn’t want to come up with a question for THIS week, as with any luck, for the next two Friday’s I’ll be in vacay mode. So let’s try and pick that up again later in May, ok?

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

{Image Credit: Explore. Dream. Discover. You should probably check out the post that this image is sourced from if you’re in need of a mental vacay. I immediately felt like I was a million miles away!}

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  1. 4.5.13

    So exciting! Hope you have a great time relaxing in Napa…I am very jealous :)

  2. 4.5.13

    I’m in DC so a little bit warmer than NYC, but here’s what I find myself loving for cooler months: peacoat, skinny black pants, nude heels, equestrian boots, button ups to layer under sweaters (JCREW has the absolute best patterned ones).

    Can’t wait to see BBar in action!

  3. 4.5.13

    Napa sounds awesome, can’t wait for some pics Victoria! By the way you didn’t say what sprung on the move to NY? Hopefully once the B Bar is up and running and your by the pool in Napa you can try to forget about everything ;)

  4. 4.5.13

    Yay for the B Bar! And the big move! You must be so, so busy right now!


  5. 4.5.13

    Love Napa! Have a great trip before all the madness!!

  6. 4.5.13

    Can’t wait for the B-Bar, enjoy your vacation.

  7. 4.5.13

    You are overdue for a great vacation! Thank you for taking the time to participate in En Route With – lots of great advice in your post.

  8. 4.5.13
    Beth said:

    Thanks for introducing me to Sezane! I just ordered the studded version of the Hope purse and can’t wait til it comes in the mail :) Summer in NYC can be sticky and rainy, so I recommend jelly shoes (love the Melissa ones) and lots of maxi dresses and linen cardigans.

  9. 4.5.13
    Kayla said:

    Have fun!! : )
    Happy weekend!


  10. 4.5.13

    I love Patricia! She actually designed my blog last year. She is awesome to work with. Have a great weekend!


  11. 4.5.13

    NYC wardrobe/accessory must haves – A really great winter coat (you will wear it for what feels like FOREVER), rain boots, snow boots and gloves are key. Ideally gloves that allow you to play with your iPhone so you don’t have to take them off in the freezing cold.

  12. 4.5.13
    Meghan said:

    Can I please remove you from this pic and insert myself? Ahh…this looks amazing right now. enjoy!


  13. 4.5.13
    Carol White said:

    New York, New York, Here I come. I can’t believe my luck, I will be in New york in October and could I be so lucky as to have my dear Grand-daughter there to visit? I will be going on a Hudson River cruise and planned to spend a few days in the City also. See you then Victoria.

  14. 4.5.13

    My favorite NY essentials are foldable flats & a rainproof trench coat. I got the perfect Michael Kors trench online at Macys last season for $59 and I wear it all the time. This year the weather has been a bit off, so having a coat that can take you through the last of winter, into the spring & fall is great! And foldable flats are great when you are busy navigating the streets of NYC and you know your feet don’t want the abuse.

  15. 4.5.13
    Abby said:

    So excited for The B Bar to launch!! Happy weekend to ya!

  16. 4.5.13
    Lindsay said:

    10 Days in Napa sounds absolutely wonderful! Can’t wait for The B Bar to launch! Very excited! I love your blog as well as Meg’s, so I can’t wait to see the exciting things that will happen with The B. Bar.

    Lindsay @ The Garden Apt. (www.thegardenapt.com)

  17. 4.6.13
    Amanda said:

    Just wanted to throw you my best NYC cold weather advice; a lot of people slowly accumulate a massive and often less-than-attractive coat wardrobe because of the ridiculously varied degrees of freezing your body can reach while trekking 2 miles a day to the train for 6 months out of the year. The best thing I ever did was to get a lighter weight down jacket (mine is from eddie bauer) that can be layered in with other coats. So on cold december days I’m good with just a nice looking peacoat with thinsulate (wind-breaking is key), then if it’s below 30 I’ll layer the down under that. And if it’s ungodly and icicle face, I wear a wool sweater under both of those layers. That way 1, you don’t look awful wearing a sleeping bag coat around and 2, you can adjust to different temps without having to have an entirely separate coat closet. Cause it’s New York and you won’t have an extra closet :) And also, early welcome!!

  18. 4.7.13
    Nancy said:

    Have a wonderful well deserved vacay and have some wine for me! Im dying to go to Napa sometime. So glad you’ll be closer to us here in VA..a better chance we may meet someday! Best of luck with your plans.
    xo Nancy

  19. 4.7.13
    Kate said:

    One of those long, puffy coats for winter! Definitely necessary for those few weeks when it’s in the 20s or lower, and those few months when it’s 30-40.

    For summer, it gets icky and hot, so definitely light, breezy fabrics.

  20. 4.8.13
    Randilea said:

    Have a fun time on your mini vacay! Sounds like it’s well deserved.

    I’m actually jealous of you moving to a place with multiple seasons. As much as I love living in Berkeley, that’s the one thing I miss. I miss the option of sundresses and shorts more than just a few sporadic days a year. Think of all the fun winter and summer clothes you can get and actually use!