French girls do it better

sezane | via vmac+cheese

pumps from sezane | via vmac+cheese

Remember last year when I wrote about the French clothing and accessories company Les Composantes? The founder and creative mind behind the company, which previously focused primarily on found and vintage goods, has re-fashioned and re-imagined it as Sèzane, a collection of seasonally released items available online. The items are all first come, first serve — once they’re gone, they’re gone!

I love founder Morgane Sèzalory’s approach to refined, chic-yet-unique style, and am digging  her interpretation of classic pieces like this jacket. The entire line is the kind of thing you can imagine the coolest girls in Paris wearing over and over again. Here’s more of the collection: 

hope purse from sezane | via vmac+cheese

So, I might’ve fallen in love with this navy and black Hope purse. And it might already be on its way to me… This will sound crazy, but I actually don’t own a single shoulder bag like this (I’ve always been more of a tote or clutch girl!), so I’m excited to mix this into my wardrobe.

glitter shoes | via vmac+cheese

boots from sezane | via vmac+cheese

How great are these booties? So classic and elegant, but they feel a little different than anything else I’ve seen out there!

la superbe sweater | via vmac+cheese

You can follow along on the Sèzane blog here, and sign up for their newsletters to be the first to know when new collections are released. And if you’re viewing the site in Chrome, don’t fret — the one-click translation button makes navigating it much easier!! :)

{Image Credits: Sèzane blog and website}

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  1. 3.26.13
    Rachelle Porsenna said:

    Love the “la superbe” sweater, and the bags are gorge. I will sign up fr sure.


  2. 3.26.13

    I love the print on the jacket! And that style of handbag is really making a comeback!

  3. 3.26.13

    I want it all!

  4. 3.26.13

    Love the bag! Very tempted!

  5. 3.26.13
    Kristina said:

    Those glitter shoes!!! Yes please!


    Kristina does the Internets

  6. 3.26.13
    kelsey said:

    these images are perfection. loving the bags.
    kw ladies in navy

  7. 3.26.13

    Tres chic! Of course I love ALL things French! :)


    My latest post:

  8. 3.26.13
    chelsie said:

    i agree – that bucket bag!!!

  9. 3.26.13

    I’m loving this company already! Absolutely beautiful jacket and bag. The bag you picked is so pretty! I love how simple but elegant their style is.
    FashionEdible Blog

  10. 3.26.13
    Maddy said:

    I love all these looks so much! Do you know if they have a retail store? My boyfriend and I are heading to Paris in a month and would love to see all of this in person.

    • 3.26.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      Hi Maddy! Sadly, I don’t think they do yet — it’s such a new start up, I’m not sure that they’re quite there yet. One day hopefully!

  11. 3.26.13
    Abby said:

    That jacket is so incredible! Thanks for the intro!!

  12. 3.26.13
    Chelsea said:

    Oh, wow. I love it all. I am so glad you shared, because I was definitely out of the loop. Ooh, excited for your bag. xo

  13. 3.26.13
    Dayna said:

    Beautiful stuff! I will definitely be checking out their blog. I may have to order one of those shoulder bags myself!

    x Dayna

    P.S. I’m hosting a giveaway from Topshop on my blog this week!

  14. 3.26.13

    I’m french and I’m a big fan of Morgane Sézalory!
    And yes, when you miss an item the only thing you have to do is to cry because when it’s gone it’s gone unfortunately …!
    I say that because I already missed a stunning pair of shoes :(

  15. 3.26.13
    Meghan said:

    Everything in this set is so pretty. I want it all!

  16. 3.26.13

    That jacket is heaven! Thank you for posting!

  17. 3.26.13

    that baaaag! love.

  18. 3.26.13
    Meghan said:

    I want everything , I agree with this posts title .

    xo Meg<3

  19. 3.26.13
    Sam said:

    Must admit I just bought the Hope purse in ‘honey.’ Love it! ;)

  20. 3.26.13
    Marissa said:

    That yellow floral jacket is stunning! I am a total tote/clutch girl too and always have a hard time cracking from my usual.. I hope you love the shoulder bag!

  21. 3.27.13
    taylor said:

    all of these shoes are amazing!

  22. 3.27.13

    Ooo, great find! I love the little pointy heel on the booties. The French women really do basics brilliantly.

  23. 3.29.13

    Now I want one of each! You always find the best shops!

    X Kenzie

  24. 4.14.13
    Donna said:

    I have been looking at the Hope bag for the past few days. I’m dying to purchase but can’t make up my mind. Do you have any feedback on the bag? Is it sturdy? What type of lining does it have and any inside pockets? When viewing the website in English there is no description of the bag unfortunately.

    • 4.14.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      I’m OBSESSED with the bag. It is so lightweight — more so than any other bag I own. I love how easy and casual it is, but with the contrast python (or the studs, too), it’s a bit edgy, so it can be dressed up as well. The bottom of the bags have little tiny pegs on it so the suede doesn’t sit on the surface. There’s on interior zip pocket, and the bag comes with a second (longer, thicker) strap you can attach as well. I recommend for sure!

      • 4.14.13
        Donna said:

        Reading your answer I was so excited that I went right to the website to order and the honey color bag is out of stock! I then tried to purchase the navy stud bag but my payment would not go through using my credit card. I wonder if maybe they do not take credit card for overseas payments or maybe it’s a limitation of my credit card. I sent them an email to see if they will get more honey colored bags. Oh I hope I did not wait too long!!

        • 4.14.13
          Donna said:

          Ok I had the wrong security code. So I bought the navy b/c I was afraid if I waited any longer that one would be gone as well. I hope I love it. Never had a navy bag before but have always admired them.

  25. 5.16.13
    Taylor said:

    I have one of her bags from when she was “Les Composantes” but ever since then they sell out way too fast! They are extremely well made!