The Man Behind Stylishly Me

the man behind stylishlyme

Vanessa has an amazing blog that I’ve popped in on for well over two years — no, really. Some of the earliest pins to one of my style Pinterest boards were all photos from her gorgeous blog, Stylishlyme (see here and here for proof!). Years later, and her blog has evolved, grown, and is still a fantastic place to venture for some serious style eye candy. Little did I know that the talent snapping the gorgeous pictures of her was none other than her boyfriend, Peter. A creative himself (he’s the CEO of Uhuru Network, a full service digital agency), Peter’s the kind of guy any girl would love to have as a blog partner. Read more about this adorable couple below! 



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  1. 3.20.13
    Rachelle said:

    I discovered Vanessa’s blog through a sweet comment she left on my blog and fell for hers, they make an amazing team.


  2. 3.20.13

    What great answers! I love Stylishlyme’s blog, and her boyfriend seems wonderfully supportive. Great duo, I’m sure!

  3. 3.20.13

    i like her blog, she s got a nice style :) and it was interesting reading the “behind the scenes” :) thanx!

  4. 3.20.13

    Vanessa’s blog is new to me but even from first glance, I fell in love with the beautiful photography. She is so lucky to have such a pro help her out!

  5. 3.20.13

    I haven’t come across Vanessa’s blog so thank you for sharing, it looks really good and she has such beautiful hair! Not to mention a very supportive boyfriend! :)

  6. 3.20.13
    Chelsea said:

    This guy rocks! Love his responses; he so clearly supports and adores his woman!

  7. 3.20.13
    Ana said:

    Victoria, you are so right! Her blog is such a gem – I just stopped by and got lost in the beautiful photography and perfectly styled outfits, so thank you for this feature!

    Happy Wednesday! :)

  8. 3.20.13
    Chelsea said:

    Wow. What a sweet and loving guy. Those responses were just perfect. So happy to read this man-interview! xo

  9. 3.20.13

    I just love this series, so much fun.

  10. 3.20.13

    The support really shines through here. These two really sound like partners. Enjoyed this interview- it was a good one.

  11. 3.20.13

    Thank you so much for this interview! I loved the way it turned out! Your readers are so very sweet!!


  12. 3.20.13
    Kasia said:

    Her blog is amazing! Will definitely be following along :) and I love this whole series it’s so nice to get a peak at the fabulous and supportive partners that these bloggers have! I’m sure the blogs wouldn’t have the kind of success they do if they couldn’t share in it with the ones they love :)

  13. 3.21.13

    Another sweet man! So glad to discover a new blog reading this today. Just reminds me how many amazing bloggers are out there and the love and support behind them.

  14. 3.21.13

    Great interview! I’ve been very lucky to have actually worked with both of them and their Uhuru team. They have been a great help in getting my own blog going!

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