Style to Inspire: Amanda Genther

style to inspire -- amanda genther
If you own a creative small business, or are thinking about starting one, you miiiiight want to become a frequent visitor to Amanda Genther’s blog and website. Originally a designer, and now a one-woman brand building machine, Amanda’s got a great knack (a gift, really) for helping female creatives get to their sweet spot in business. Amanda and I both attended Alt in 2012 and left our day jobs soon after, so it’s been amazing to chart her success over the last year — a freelance kindred spirit! She has so many valuable insights and information to share (her newsletters are great!), and I’m excited to introduce her to you today, to learn a bit more about how she got to where she currently is. Here’s her story: 







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  1. 3.20.13
    Meghan said:

    love how she says her ahai moment was realizing she didn’t want to design anymore , It takes courage to change directions .

    xo Meg<3

  2. 3.20.13
    Tracy Z said:

    Love reading success stories like this – motivates me to take the step one day!

  3. 3.20.13
    julia said:

    thanks for the intro, she’s inspiring!


  4. 3.20.13

    Thanks for sharing her, love the advice and inspiration she offers.

  5. 3.21.13

    Thanks for the feature, Victoria!!!


  6. 3.21.13

    Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely be checking out her site!


  7. 3.21.13

    Love this. Amanda is one smart cookie.

  8. 3.21.13

    What a beautiful and inspiring read, thank you. I love the ‘marketing for introverts’ concept – this certainly applies to me

  9. 3.22.13
    Katherine said:

    Thank you so much for posting about Amanda! I have just started to manage a FB page for a family member’s home business, and I have learned so much from your posts and Amanda’s! Great reads!