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This week I…

+ am getting a much needed haircut today. One of life’s greatest little luxuries really is having someone wash and trim your hair.

+ am SO sad about the Google Reader news. As in, it’s going away in July. I’m curious, how do you keep up with your favorite blogs and websites?

+ have two exciting pieces of news to share. One, that big project I’ve been working away on? More details are coming soon. Like, really soon. Get excited! Be sure to check back on Monday for the scoop of what we (as in, Meg and I) have been up to!

+ am packing my bags early next week and heading to…Columbus? I’ve actually been invited to visit Wendy’s headquarters. Yes, as in, dip-your-fries-in-your-Frosty’s Wendy’s. I’ve seen the insides of restaurant and industrial kitchens, but never on a scale this big, so I’m very curious to see how such a major food operation works behind the scenes! Stay tuned.

+ had been searching for the perfect pair of dressy booties for ages and finally came across these on sale at Barney’s. Score! When it comes to boots of almost any kind, I view them as total investment pieces and don’t mind spending a little more. I’m glad I waited to find the perfect pair!

+ found this amusing. Thanks for sending it to me, M!

The skydiving question was almost evenly split, which makes me feel better to know that many of you ladies are as chicken as I am…


You crazy daredevils, you!

From Kellie:
I’m not an adrenaline junkie AT ALL, so the closest thing I’ve done is taking a hot air balloon ride. It was in Luxor where the hot air balloon tragedy just happened, so maybe it was riskier than I thought!

From Chelsea:
I took Hubs skydiving for his birthday one year and tagged along. He was pretty sure that I was going to get up and then just take the flight back down because apparently I looked terrified, but I totally did it and it was AMAZING. I highly recommend it at least once in your life. The views alone are breathtaking!

From Carrie S:
No skydiving for me. But in 2000, a friend and I were hiking and decided we wanted to climb Mount Whitney. It took 4 attempts (the 3rd time turning around 1/2 mile from the summit), but we finally did it! As well as climbing Mount San Jacinto, Mount Baldy, and Mount Baden-Powell. Now that’s exhilarating.

From Morgan:
GO SKYDIVING. It’s an absolutely amazing time and the view is incredible. Try to get a plane where you can walk off the back (the tandem guide makes you way more comfortable). Everyone should do it, especially in California, it would be so beautiful! I went in Montana and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. period.

question of the week

No but really, I want to know. How are you planning on keeping up with your favorite blogs when/if Google Reader goes away in July? I know some of you probably don’t even use Google Reader now — so how do you currently follow blogs? Share your secrets here — it’ll help everyone to get some great suggestions next week!

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  1. 3.15.13

    I was kiiiind of sad about google reader, but I also only recently got on board with it in the first place. So it wasn’t like I had too long with it.
    I have a macbook, so I use the Reeder app to read blogs. It’s got a really nice interface and it’s great for bookmarking favourite posts (like your seafood stew!).

    When I’m reading blogs on my ipad I use Flipbook, which is like reading all of my favourite blogs in magazine format. You can even add twitter feeds, etc, so you get photos and things interspersed in the blog posts (and you can filter posts from different blog groups, like lifestyle or fashion, depending on how you have them set up). It’s like a Harry Potter magazine… pictures moving and changing, etc. Yes I just made that reference and I’m okay with it haha.

  2. 3.15.13

    I never used Google Reader, so Bloglovin has always been my choice for following blogs. It’s really easy and you can categorize the blogs your following, which I feel is the most important thing! =)

    Have a great weekend and enjoy Columbus!

  3. 3.15.13

    You’re coming to Columbus! Exciting. (I live here.) If you’re around for drinks or coffee and you’re interested in seeing a more hip/fun part of the city, let me know. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. 3.15.13
    Leanne said:

    I am beyond bummed about Google Reader going away – I’ve been venting to all of my friends that will listen haha!! I saw pretty good reviews for Feedly and so far I like it. I tend to use a couple computers and iPhone/iPad so I need one that syncs across devices.

  5. 3.15.13
    Cass said:

    I use Bloglovin and I love it. They also have an app you can download so all you blogs are always with you :)

  6. 3.15.13
    Kimberly said:

    I swear by BlogLovin – I find it the easiest way to keep up with reading blogs…and I follow a ton of them!! :)


  7. 3.15.13

    Yes I just recently started my blog. So I don’t have many subscribers through feedburner. I can’t imagine what larger blogs will be doing for their subscribers. I follow my favorite blogs the old fashion way, just bookmarks on my computer But I’m curious what other bloggers will be doing to get subscribers.

  8. 3.15.13
    Nicole said:

    I used Google Reader a couple of years ago but ditched it, because it wasn’t very visually appealing. I used a combo of Bloglovin’ for blogs and some sites + the Flipboard app for the rest. Love it!

  9. 3.15.13

    Love Google Reader so totally bummed. Not sure who I will swap to yet.

  10. 3.15.13
    Rachel said:

    I used a combination of Bloglovin and Google Reader. I think Bloglovin focuses mainly on beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogs, so I wonder what will happen to blogs that don’t fit into those categories (tech blogs, news blogs, etc.) Their audience was primarily through RSS and readers, so I’m curious. I’m sad about the news- I’m hoping they decide NOT to get rid of it somehow.

  11. 3.15.13
    Myfanwy said:

    I’ve always used Bloglovin so no changes for me on July 1 :)

  12. 3.15.13

    I don’t use Google Reader, so its not affecting me at all. I use Bloglovin & love it, but tend to only follow fashion/lifestyle blogs so it works for me.

  13. 3.15.13

    I use bloglovin, and I am very happy with it!

  14. 3.15.13

    Seriously can’t get over how perfect the branding is for the B Bar. So proud of you two!

  15. 3.15.13
    Bevin said:

    I’ve been using Google Reader to manage my blog-reading habit (addiction), but it looks like I’ll be switching over to Bloglovin’! I already have an account there, but have just never really used it as a reader. I think it looks pretty easy to navigate and fairly visually pleasing, so beyond the minor irritation of changing everything over, I hope the transition will be painless.


  16. 3.15.13

    A trip to Wendy’s sounds pretty awesome – and I’m totally craving a frosty now :) I use a combo of bloglovin and feedly to follow blogs – I really like the different viewing options on feedly and that you can have the feeds for various categories display differently!

  17. 3.15.13
    kelsey said:

    i imported my feeds to bloglovin! easy peasy and now sortable!
    kw, ladies in navy

  18. 3.15.13
    Morgan said:

    Glad you loved the skydiving comment- keep us posted on your decision… I use the blog feed as opposed to google reader. I am assuming that getting rid of google reader doesn’t affect the feed under ‘my blogs,’ but maybe it does? If so, I will have some issues.

  19. 3.15.13

    I’ll probably use bloglovin’ because I guess that seems to be the other big one… but I’ll look into others.

  20. 3.15.13
    Elizabeth said:

    I actually recently got into Google Reader through a coworker when I started my job in January. I’m obsessed now and so sad they have decided to quit it! Not sure how I will fuel the addiction but I’ll figure out a way!

  21. 3.15.13

    Bloglovin all the way. I’ve never really like Google Reader all that much too be honest. It would crash a lot!

  22. 3.15.13

    Bloglovin all the way! I have been using it and I love the way you can categorize blogs to make it easier on the eyes :)

  23. 3.15.13
    Maggie said:

    Headed to Columbus?!? Its not so bad :) I just moved back here last year — you must check out Jeni’s Ice Cream, Pisticia Vera, North Star Cafe and Harvest Pizza if you have the time!

  24. 3.15.13
    Alyssa said:

    I’ve never been much of a Google Reader person for blog purposes…I mostly use it for sites I need for work, and I follow all my blogs on Bloglovin’ so I guess much won’t be changing for me!

  25. 3.15.13
    Kayla said:

    I totally have an excel spreadsheet.. haha.. must be the planner/organizer in me.. But really, I categorize them by days and just add a cell and put the link in. Am I weird? Maybe.. but it totally works for me! If I find a new blog I want to read I just add a cell to the day that I found them on and voila! there they be!

    Wendy’s?! How cool is that?! Have fun!! : )


  26. 3.15.13
    Marisa said:

    I use bloglovin’ and bookmarks to follow blogs. I like bloglovin’ a lot because you can sort your blogs into different categories and its easy to go back to posts you like.

  27. 3.15.13
    Allyson said:

    I am oh so sad about Google Reader. It’s become a staple in my day-to-day life and I honestly have no idea how I’m going to keep up with all of my favorite sites. I’ll be taking in all of these comments for suggestions!

  28. 3.15.13
    Julie said:

    To say that I was devastated when I logged in and was told “Google Reader will no longer be available after July 1” would be an understatement. And no, Google, I do not want to “learn more” about this awful news. Sigh. I really enjoy Flipboard (an app) for pulling in blog/site feeds on my iPad/iPhone, but on my comp, I think I will be using Netvibes. We use it for some clients at the agency where I work, and it’s pretty nice. It will take a loooong time before any compare to my old friend, Google Reader though. RIP.

  29. 3.15.13

    I am a Google Reader devotee and I was so, so disappointed when I heard the news. I had tried Bloglovin’ in the past and wasn’t totally sold – there’s something so simple/intuitive about Google Reader that will be hard to live without. I exported my feeds to both Bloglovin and Feedly last night and am playing around with both to see which ends up winning me over (so far, both are more design-y and feature-y than I want them to be) – and hoping more alternatives pop up as the news spreads…

  30. 3.15.13

    I loved Google Reader but after the news I switched to Bloglovin. Once I got everything moved (which ended up being easier than I thought), I actually like it.

    Also, I live in Columbus. Sorry the weather will probably be icky, but I agree with Maggie above; there’s some fantastic food to be had here!

  31. 3.15.13
    Kristina said:

    Right now I read them in my Blogger reading list, I’m confused as to whether that’s going away too. If it does, I guess I’ll be switching to BlogLovin!


    Kristina does the Internets

  32. 3.15.13

    I’m on team Bloglovin too, never used Google Reader.

  33. 3.15.13
    Meredith F said:


  34. 3.15.13
    Court said:

    Sometimes I feel like the only person who DOESN’T use some sort of reader. My bookmarks never have failed me, and I enjoy visiting everybody’s websites. Now, with that being said, I don’t follow enough blogs on a regular basis. If I started to, I would use bloglovin’.

  35. 3.15.13

    Call me old fashioned but I just have my blogs on my favorites in my browser and I read them that way. Probably not very efficient but it’s been working for me! lol I also started a Pinterest board called “blog love” and I pin all my favorite bloggers to there so sometimes if I forget a few I’ll sign in to Pinterest and look at them there. I find Bloglovin slightly annoying only because I already get so much junk mail that sometimes I delete it without even realizing it, but that’s just me :)

    And my husband bought a groupon for skydiving and is forcing to me go lol soo I share your fear but I’m gonna push myself (literally lol) to make the leap :)


  36. 3.15.13
    lacy said:

    Feedly.com + they have an iPhone App! Do it…it’s amazing! So clean, such great design and easy to use

  37. 3.15.13
    brighton said:

    and yet another reminder of how over-freaking-due I am on getting my hair cut! I swear, there are signs everywhere! haha. hope you have an AWESOME weekend V!

  38. 3.15.13
    Randilea said:

    Boo on Google! I love Google reader. Yesterday I made the switch to Feedly, and so far I like it. It is pretty different, but I like the modern, clean look of it.

  39. 3.15.13
    Maddy said:

    Looking forward to whatever The B Bar is….looks very cute and cool!

  40. 3.15.13
    Wave said:

    Aww I’m from Columbus, I’m sure you’ll have a great time! Be sure to check out the “Short North” it’s really cute & artsy :)

  41. 3.15.13

    Hi Victoria! I’ve never used google reader before – i keep my blogs bookmarked in a folder on my bookmark bar called blogs. I view them that way!
    Have a great weekend! :)

  42. 3.15.13

    Also you’re coming to Columbus! That’s awesome and that’s where I am! You are going to love it here :)

  43. 3.15.13
    Emily said:

    So it looks like lots have switched or are to Bloglovin’, so maybe that’s what I’ll choose. I just heard today that Google Reader was shutting down and I was devastated! I’m a huge blgo reader (am I sounding as lame as I think I do??) and I have about 150 blogs in my reader. I’ll never actually GO to these websites thru bookmarks….time to scower the internet!

  44. 3.15.13
    Adri said:

    I use bloglovin. You can import blogs from Google Reader to bloglovin.

    I follow you there.


  45. 3.15.13

    Haven’t tried google reader, I bookmark my blogs (its just what I’m used to) although I am set up on bloglovin just haven’t really got round to using it. I like Erica’s idea for the ipad flipbook, may have to look into that. Thanks Erica!

  46. 3.15.13
    Anonymous said:

    First of all I love Taylor Swift. The girl is laughing all the way to the bank!!!!! DO NOT GO SKY DIVING. And l would check out Easton shopping center in Columbus if you have time. It’s GREAT shopping. At least it was a few years ago. I have no idea what goggle reader is so I guess I won’t miss it.

  47. 3.15.13
    Katie said:

    Having google reader gone is going to be so strange! I never used to use it, but for the past year or so, I love seeing all of the new blog posts. It’s so easy to keep up with instead of using a sister site or bookmarking all of the links individually.

  48. 3.15.13
    meg said:

    I have been trying to jump out of a plane for years now. One of these days…


  49. 3.15.13

    I’m a huge Bloglovin fan. I actually prefer it over Google Reader. It’s so easy to organize all your blogs: cooking vs fashion vs travel etc… I highly recommend it to anyone!
    FashionEdible Blog

  50. 3.15.13

    yep, bloglovin! it’s the best! xo


  51. 3.16.13

    I’m more of a dip-my-nuggets-in-frosties kind of gal. Gross? Maybe. Delicious? YES. I used to live in CBus– you gotta get Jeni’s and check out north market!

  52. 3.17.13

    I’m a little embarrassed to admit, but I was distraught when I found out about google reader. But my lovely fiance told me about Feedly, which is *amazing*.

  53. 3.17.13

    I read and follow my favorite blogs by using bloglovin. You can see all of the most recent posts from your favorite blogs and even put them into categories.

  54. 3.18.13

    I love Google Reader! It makes me sad that it is leaving. I am thinking about checking out Feedly. I cut back about 50% of my blogs at the beginning of the year and this will probably cause me to cut back again, which I think is actually a good thing! We’ll see!

  55. 3.18.13
    Jasmin said:

    I’m super bummed about Google Reader! I’ve been using it for 4+ years and am now, too, at a loss. I’ve heard great things about feedly and just started using it today (love it so far). I’ve been using the Reeder app on my iPhone (I use my husband’s account so we only have to pay for apps once) and love it. My concern about most of these apps/sites is that they *sync* with Google Reader – so when Google Reader is gone, the content will also be gone. I’m not sure if Reeder has something in the works but Feedly is working on becoming independent from Google Reader so that there won’t be any problems after July 1st.