A good kind of hex

hex code - six sided things to love | via vmac+cheese

towel ring DVF clutch hex boxes bottle opener cutting board hex ring dress kaleido trays waste basket odlr clutch

A current favorite trend? Anything and everything hex. There are so many ways it can embellish things in your home or things you wear, whether it’s through colorful, varied shapes on a dress, hammered into a gorgeous copper wastebasket, or even a simple accent for your hand towels. I love the hex trend because the lines are clean, modern, and just interesting enough. Classic with a twist — always a winner in my book!

PS – You can click on any of the items to learn more about them. I hope you’re enjoying this feature! :)

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  1. 2.28.13
    whitney said:

    I do enjoy this feature! Love that clutch especially.

  2. 2.28.13

    love the hex shape. those little boxes are precious.

    a few months ago, we had a hex-nut shaped bracelet at baublebar and i’m still kicking myself for not snagging one!

  3. 2.28.13
    Elizabeth said:

    Love the design on this!

    Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  4. 2.28.13
    christin said:

    Before I even opened this I said “hexagon?”. This is one fine lookin’ blog post!

  5. 2.28.13
    Megan said:

    I’m such a nerd. I thought this post might be about hex codes.

    • 2.28.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      Another day, another post. :)

  6. 2.28.13

    I love that ring!

  7. 2.28.13
    Chelsea said:

    I love it in the dress! Great picks, V! xo

  8. 2.28.13

    I love the concept; so cute! I’m totally crushing on that DVF clutch…

  9. 2.28.13
    elle said:

    I’m really loving this shape especially on that DVF clutch – so cute!

  10. 2.28.13
    Meghan said:

    This is a very unique trend , im loving the bracelet.

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  11. 2.28.13

    OMG, I love this post! How awesome is that UO towel ring? Only $14!!

  12. 2.28.13
    Alexa said:

    A great kind of hex indeed! I’m loving the geometric look. It’s just so clean!

  13. 2.28.13
    Katherine said:

    I have a few hex shaped rings and I love them! Such a great and fun trend.


  14. 2.28.13
    Kodi said:

    Ooooo that ring, how dainty and pretty!

  15. 2.28.13

    Love love love hexagons I am seriously obsessed. That ring has me swooning for real!!

  16. 3.1.13
    Bevin said:

    I’ve been really into things inspired by bees and honeycombs lately, so this round-up fits right in!


  17. 3.1.13

    Great post, great eye. Love this trend.

  18. 3.1.13

    I love this post, but I really want to know the magic you used to click on the items for their source!

    • 3.1.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      Image maps! Learn em, love em.

  19. 3.2.13
    Toyosi said:

    In love with that ring! too bad it’s a bit out of my price range ;)

  20. 3.6.13

    I have a serious hex obsession too. I may need that towel ring.
    The little clutch is so cute too.
    Love how you can click on products. So cool!