Two Days in the Life

two days in the life | via vmac+cheese

Ohhhh San Francisco in February. How I love thee. It’s funny how in SF, some of the best months of the year weather wise take place when the rest of the country is completely frigid and everyone is counting the days til they can thaw out. This weekend was no exception – both days saw temps in the 60s, and it was sunny and beautiful and ripe for relaxing.

sweet & spark photo shoot | via vmac+cheese
On Saturday, I spent the morning helping out my girl Jillian at a photoshoot for the new Sweet & Spark lookbook. Remember when I told you about Jillian here and here? Well, let me just say, having now seen the entire collection of baubles she brought in for this shoot…wow. Just wow. Girlfriend is seriously good at finding amazing vintage pieces, and if you’re a fan of costume jewelry, you’re going to be blown away by some of the new things she has in the shop. There was jewelry for days. We all brought in our own clothes and had a great time styling it with her jewelry:

sweet and spark photoshoot | via vmac+cheese

Case in point: Kate from The Fancy Pants Report mixed classic stripes with chunky, fun gold statements and I absolutely loved every bit of it.

the girls at the sweet & spark shoot | via vmac+cheese

kate's nails | via vmac+cheese

Jillian and her wonderful friends did a great job organizing the shoot. We all got to sit around, get our makeup and nails done (aren’t Kate’s pale robin’s egg blue and gold striped nails INSANE?), admire the jewelry, snack on delish food from The Plant, and chat with one another. Not a terrible way to spend your Saturday morning, especially for “work!” From left: Natalie from Natalie Dressed, Jillian, me, Kate, and Nichole from Vanilla Extract. Getting their makeup done when this shot was taken: Erin from Apartment 34, Natalie from Like Fresh Laundry, and Lauren from LA in the Bay. PS – I’ll share my final look (not pictured above!) the second the S&S lookbook comes out!

pizza party | via vmac+cheese

After the shoot, I hurried home to check on Lucy (Joe was out golfing with the boys), change, and clean the house — we had friends coming over for a make-your-own pizza party in the evening. To me, there is nothing better than all standing around in the kitchen, drinking wine, talking, laughing, watching the dogs chase each other, and building pizzas from a huge variety of ingredients. So. Fun. I forgot to take a pic of all of our pizzas, but they were delish.

puppies! | via vmac+cheese

Our friends Lauren and Guion brought their Frenchie puppy Dexter over (last seen here). Him and Lucy were born exactly one week apart! Whenever they get together, all they do is chase each other and wrestle…like for hours on end. I think they ran around the apartment for 2.5 hours straight before they finally had to lay down. They know each other well enough now that they don’t mind sitting together. Of course they second they were on the couch together we had to scoop them up and snap a pic. Lovers and friends!

frittata prep | via vmac+cheese

Sunday morning, surprisingly sans wine hangover, I threw a bunch of the leftover pizza ingredients together and made a quick frittata. Frittatas and quiches really are the tasty equivalent of a culinary garbage disposal. Just throw all your scraps in, and it’s probably going to be pretty good. This frittata had spicy ground sausage, roasted tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, onions, roasted garlic, mozzarella, oregano, and little dollops of pesto over the top. So yummy!

presidio | via vmac+cheese

After breakfast, we took Lucy hiking in the Presidio, just like we did last weekend. Home girl is OBSESSED with these hikes. She literally prances around like a little bunny rabbit and has a huge grin on her face the whole time. It was a gorgeous day to take her out — and I can’t say walking through these beautiful trees was anything except peaceful and relaxing.

where's lucy? | via vmac+cheese

Can you spot the little nugget?

coffee  | via vmac+cheese

After the hike, my uncle (my lone relative who lives anywhere near me!) came over to have coffee and catch up. It was a gorgeous afternoon — the perfect way to laze about after our long hike.

All in all, a pretty spectacular weekend. I was wishing today was President’s Day, just so I could get another day of fun in!

What did you do this weekend?


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  1. 2.25.13

    This weekend was so postcard perfect! We hiked to the top of the hill in our neighborhood and then spent hours just meandering back down. Hard to believe some of the best hikes are in our backyards!

  2. 2.25.13

    Funny, I do the same thing after roaming around the Presidio. Can’t wait to see the looks from the shoot. It was fun following you all on Instagram.

  3. 2.25.13
    Anna said:

    I’m totally lusting over your weekend! You look SO gorg in the photo above! I spent the weekend partially snowed in, celebrating over dinner and drinks, and attempting some DIY projects.

  4. 2.25.13

    Your weekend totally beats mine – the shoot looks amazing (so coveting your hair!) and Lucy is just the cutest!

  5. 2.25.13
    Elisabeth said:

    so fun and that pizza party sounds fantastic!

  6. 2.25.13

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend! We hosted a little Oscar party last night, which was really fun. Have to have girlfriends so you can absorb all those dresses!

  7. 2.25.13

    Looks like your weekend was amazing! I am so jealous of your gorgeous warm weather.

  8. 2.25.13

    I’m so jealous, its still so cold in DC! I want to be able to play outside w/our dog & just enjoy the weather again!

  9. 2.25.13
    Sarah said:

    I’m totally jealous of the weather there. It’s definitely frigid in Pittsburgh. And your Lucy is helping me to convince my husband that we NEED a Frenchie ASAP :) Finally, I adore Jillian. I’ve loved getting to work with her on my blog (in fact, I’m wearing one of her pieces in today’s post). She’s such a sweet heart and really knows her stuff!

  10. 2.25.13

    Love Sweet and Spark! Can’t wait to see the lookbook!

  11. 2.25.13
    Bess said:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. We got about 8 inches of snow in Denver, and no snow day. I love that manicure, and the striped clothes and gold jewelry.

  12. 2.25.13
    Natalie said:

    Pizza making party – what a great idea! Once I perfect my homemade pizza dough, I’ll have to throw a similar shindig! Plus, the next-morning frittata makes it seem doubly worth it :)

    Name’s Not Ashley

  13. 2.25.13
    Meghan said:

    Sounds like a good weekend, I spent mine at a food market eating way to much , bowling with the family and off to an art&food market yesterday.

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  14. 2.25.13
    Alyssa said:

    You look gorgeous in that picture…love seeing you up here! And make-your-own-pizza parties are always the BEST. I’ll admit, I take the opportunity to pile on the cheese.

  15. 2.25.13

    Love that you share your weekends/day in the life. It looks like you had a great weekend. Lucy is adorable! xo

  16. 2.25.13
    Court said:

    I officially am 100% certain I want to move to SF! Nothing sounds better than 60 degree weather in Feb!!

  17. 2.25.13
    Rose said:

    That mani is INCREDIBLE! Looks like you had a fun-filled weekend :)

    Blonde in this City

  18. 2.25.13
    Meghan said:

    CUTE dogs!!!! Love.

  19. 2.25.13

    Really love the manicure and every time I see your frenchie I want one too.

  20. 2.25.13
    Kate said:

    LOVE these photos! I’m so happy we met this weekend. I can’t wait to hang out again. Talk soon! xx

  21. 2.26.13
    Jillian said:

    WOW, can every weekend be like that please?! So much fun hanging with such cool peeps! Thanks a again a million for all of your s&s support. Xx, girlfriend!

  22. 2.26.13
    Erin said:

    glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend dearie!

  23. 2.28.13
    Jasmin said:

    I’m excited for the Sweet & Spark lookbook! I keep perusing the site and although it gives measurements (e.g. 3/4″ by 3/4″) for the earrings, I have trouble visualizing how big/small each item is when on an ear. Hopefully the lookbook will give me a better sense of what different sizes look like on a real person! And if not, it will still be awesome to look through. :)

  24. 2.28.13

    LOVE your black and white outfit!