This week I…

+ finally, finally, finally launched the new Vivaleur site. I’ve been itching to change some things around to better explain exactly what I do and how I work with clients, and I think this new layout I designed fits the bill. Special thanks to Lisa, aka web development goddess, for helping me get everything installed!

+ went a little nuts on Monday while we were out and about for President’s Day and bought  a bunch of things at Banana Republic. Favorite purchase? These super fun printed pants. I have a feeling they’ll be go-tos this spring and summer! I also couldn’t resist snatching up these pants when I got an extra 30% off of them. I just fell in love with the color and print!

+ actually had the nerve to share a photo of myself taken circa 2004. I shared some things about my life – ‘then and now’ – over on Kenzie’s blog. Such a fun series idea!  Here is the full shot I sent her…hilarious. If you want the backstory on that photo, it was taken after spring finals, when a bunch of us went out and had way too many margaritas. All my jeans were super flares.

+ basically lived in my Lover sweatshirt from Manifesto Ts. Meg was sweet enough to send me one gratis, but after feeling the inside of this baby, I can tell you they’re well worth the cost. Softest sweatshirt ever!

+ went out for Mexican food. Twice. At the same place. It was just one of those weeks.

Maybe it wouldn’t feel like one of those weeks if I was a diehard coffee drinker. Here’s what you guys said about the java:

coffee, tea or neither? | via vmac+cheese

From Elle:
“I used to go through phases where I would drink coffee every day and then quit for awhile. When I looked at my budget at the end of the year, I decided to trade a $5/day starbucks habit for extra travel savings this year. Instead of spending $30/week on coffee, I have a weekly auto-transfer set up to our savings account – it’s great because I never miss the money since I would have spent it anyway! And with extra savings each month, my husband and I will be able to splurge a bit more on vacations.”

From Lisa:
“I like coffee, but I only drink it occasionally as a treat (because I only really like the super sweet lattes and frappuccinos haha). My caffeinated downfall is Dr Pepper — terrible, I know. I quit it (and all forms of soda + caffeine) for more than a year, but it became habit again when I was building my business while working a full-time job, and I haven’t been able to quit again yet. Working on it though!”

From Erin:
“I am not a coffee person. I like to start each morning with an iced cold glass of water (refreshing and jolts me awake!) and usually have some green iced tea on my drive to work.”

From Julie:
“Coffee, i.e. the elixir of life, is a daily AM ritual for me. The smell, the warm cup in your hands, the taste…sigh. I definitely don’t view coffee as a vice or a problem. I drink it black – occasionally I add steamed milk.”

From Victoria:
“Tea girl for life! I started drinking tea in high school and have had a cup nearly every morning since. I think it has a lot to do with my English-born parents who drink two or three cups every morning. There is nothing like a freshly brewed cup of English Breakfast with a dash of milk.”

question of the week

This week I actually got the question from my friend Maryann, who is applying for dietetics internships as part of her road map to becoming an RD! Through the process — either from an interview question or an essay prompt on an application, I can’t remember which one — she mentioned that she’d been asked to name three people in her life that had most influenced or inspired her. She thought it would be a great Question of the Week, and I have to say I agree! Think big here — it doesn’t have to be someone famous, or your mother, or any of the obvious answers (though totally cool if that’s true!). Who are three people who have influenced and inspired you, and why? Short list responses welcome too!

{Image Credits: Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo; styling by Kendra Smoot; coffee mug drawing found here}

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  1. 2.22.13
    Marissa said:

    I am totally guilty of the Mexican, at the same place, twice this week. And since today is National Margarita Day, a girlfriend and I are going tonight for dinner. Make that 3! :)

    Happy Weekend xo

  2. 2.22.13

    Thank you so much for sharing a little bit about yourself now, and then! I always find it amazing how much things can change in 10, 5 and even 1 year!

    The three people who have influenced and inspired me the most are my mom, my consulting professor and my sisters (sorority sisters that is, these ladies are amazing)!

    X Kenzie


  3. 2.22.13

    Mexican cuisine is on my food hit list as well. My fiance wants the same chorizo salad from Uncle Moe’s in NYC almost weekly!


  4. 2.22.13

    The new site looks fantastic!

  5. 2.22.13

    Thanks for sharing my comment from last week! I’m sooo craving mexican now :) 3 people who have influenced/inspired me are my daddy (who has worked harder throughout his life than anyone I know), my career mentor (who reminds me on a monthly basis that women can succeed in our male dominated industry) and my friend Christen (who had the courage to quit a job she hated and start her own business, without months of planning).

  6. 2.22.13
    Christen said:

    I have to return the favor since Elle’s comment was so incredibly sweet!

    There are three reasons Elle has inspired me over the years:
    – She was the first real-life blogger I ever met and ultimately introduced me to this crazy cool and full-of-love club of which I am somehow now a small part.
    – Her style is flawless. Literally.
    – Finally, and most importantly, she and her husband have gone above and beyond in helping me with my new business for nothing in return. They have answered my silly questions, helped me solve problems and showed up to my first big event to support me. Now that’s what I call inspirational!

  7. 2.22.13
    Emily said:

    The three people who have influenced me the most?

    1. Lara Casey (www.laracasey.com) — a crazy inspiring, HONEST, incredible woman who is setting the internet (and tons of womens’ hearts) on FIRE.

    2. Geoffrey Canada — An educator who startd the Harlem Children’s Zone and has inspired tons of other educators to really buckle down and work on the education problems in our country!

    3. My parents — Both raised in poverty, barely graduated high school, and have worked their behinds off to raise two well rounded kids (one college graduate and my little brother who is working hard in high school). They always pushed us towards achieving our goals and want so much more for us than they ever had.

  8. 2.22.13
    Jennifer FripperyVintage said:

    Don’t feel guilty about the Mexican food. That’s a diet staple here in Houston.

  9. 2.22.13

    GORGEOUS updates to Vivaleur!

  10. 2.22.13

    Your new site is beautiful. Congrats! Have a great weekend! xo

  11. 2.22.13

    Love the new site! Heads up, I don’t think your links to the pants are working!

    • 2.22.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      Thanks for the notice! The service that I link through is just down…
      hopefully it’ll be back up soon!

  12. 2.22.13

    I LOVE the new Vivaleur site – so much more streamlined and perfectly simple!

    Influence and inspiration. I can think of at least 10. I find that different people inspire me for different parts of my life, be it how to be a better person, woman, girlfriend, blogger, friend, “fashionista,” cook – you name it. My mom is always first and foremost in my book of inspiration. Two of my aunts (even with one of them gone now) consistently serve as a reminder of how to love others, be your best, and (one of them in particular), to only give so much of a damn what others think is best. And my sister always seems to have the career/girlfriend/look like a rockstart 24/7 thing figured out. She tells me otherwise, but I still strive to be what I see!

  13. 2.22.13
    Meghan said:
  14. 2.23.13

    I ate Mexican twice this week too. No judgement here…

    The most influential person in my life is Jesus Christ. I’m very aware that this answer is more cliche and ‘in the box’ than any, but it’s completely true. My entire life is molding and shaped around His influence.

    Second, all the ex’s in my life. I never want to go THERE again and their memories are the reminder to NOT go there again.

    Last, my college professor, Dr. Bonnie Jenkins. I look up to her and respect her so much. If only I could be like Bonnie. (Don’t tell her I called her Bonnie. She’s Dr. J.)

  15. 2.25.13
    Jasmin said:

    Three “people” who have influenced/inspired me: 1) The underserved children of the world constantly inspire me to work harder to bring about social justice & be an excellent pediatrician. 2) Those who live off so little and yet still have a smile that runs ear-to-ear inspire me to live in moderation, give back to my fellow human beings, and be loving to all. 3) My future children inspire me to be the best person I can possibly be in order to serve as a positive role model.

  16. 2.26.13
    Natalie said:

    I’ve been debating whether or not to get that Lover sweatshirt! I just might have to go for it after hearing your rave review :) Plus, the concept is just so fun!

    People that have inspired me – 1) My father. He grew up in poverty in Arizona, worked in construction and restaurants to pay his own way through college, and is now the most intelligent person I know (other than my husband). He’s a true inspiration. 2) A college professor that I used to babysit for. She had three kids, a wildly successful career, and the best personality of anyone I’ve ever met. She had so much, had accomplished so much, and yet was so humble, happy, and easygoing. I aspire to be like her every day. And 3) My husband. He’s the most even-keeled person I know. I am the opposite of that, and therefore worship him and his amazing ability to always stay calm.

    Name’s Not Ashley