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This week I…

+ have lots of great guest posts and fun reads to share with you! My third contributor post on the Euro Style Lighting blog went up. This month, I took a look at chandeliers and earring sets that are matchy matchy in the best way possible.

+ I’m also over on coco + kelley today, filling in for Cass while she’s off galavanting in Africa (!!). Come check out my pink themed gift guide, perfect for a Valentine, or any time, really.

+ Went a little nuts on Beauty.com and re-stocked on a bunch of my favorite goodies. This blush and this serum in particular are among my faves!

+ I nearly fainted (okay, maybe not, but there was a heart flutter) when I saw the above photo on Erika’s blog. I NEED this light fixture in my life some day.

+ had a great time at happy hour with Lauren earlier this week. It’s always so fun to meet up with other bloggers who actually live in your city! Speaking of Lauren and our city, she shared an awesome art project by Thierry Cohen this week: what cities would look like without light pollution.

+ am suuuuper excited to take Joe to recent restaurant discovery Locanda tomorrow night. It’s our belated Valentine’s Day dinner!

Speaking of Valentine’s, here are the results of last week’s question! Dare I say we’re Valentines humbugs?

do you exchange gifts on valentine's


Here are a few of my favorite comments. Some of you guys have great Valentine’s traditions (and war stories!)

From Katrina:
This is the first Valentine’s Day that my husband and I will share together, but he already gave me my present.

On the night that we first met, we got into this heated argument about the NBA; he’s a Cleveland Cavs fan, and I’m a diehard Lakers fan. However, I’ve never been to a Lakers game because I live in Michigan and well, flying to the Staples Center isn’t exactly an option.

So, the Lakers came to Detroit this past Sunday, and my husband surprised me with tickets! I was so happy and overwhelmed that I was going to be seeing Kobe in person that I just started bursting out in tears. The best part is that I didn’t even ask him to get them for me; he just knew that this would be a once-in-a-lifetime thing for me (and dang, they were good seats!). If surprises like this are what I have in store for the next 50 years, then I’m one lucky girl.

That’s so amazing!! What a great gift. Joe would probably cry if I gave HIM Cleveland Cavs tickets.

From Alyssa:
I’m single this year, but in the past I haven’t really exchanged gifts. I’m more of an “experiences” person, so I always go for fun events, nights out or yummy dinners–that’s more my style! However, I’m a girl–I’m NEVER going to say no to some pretty flowers.

This is how I am too!

From Jess:
Last year my then-bf and I did exchange gifts, and when he asked what I wanted to do, I chose to stay in and cook lobster and crab and drink champagne – it was delicious! He gave me a groupon for 3 massages, which was pretty nice, although it detracted from the gesture when he then asked me if he could have one. (Glad he’s no longer my boyfriend, lol)

Hahaha! I laughed outloud when I read this one.

From Lolly:
I don’t tend to make a big deal of Valentine’s Day. I think it’s cute and have no problem with anyone who goes all out. My fiance and I have never bought each other anything … we simply make a special dinner (usually filet mignon — my fave!) and that’s that :)


From Meredith:
My husband and I have been together 20 years, married 17. Our tradition for Valentine’s Day is to stay in and have a nice meal. We then give the money we would have otherwise spent, on gifts or a night out, to a charity that means something to us.. This year we are giving to The American Cancer Society in order to honor a dear friend of my sister who is battling brain cancer.

This is an amazing idea!

 question of the week

I read Kathy’s post on how to quit coffee this week and found the products she mentioned really interesting. It made me secretly glad that I’ve never been a die hard coffee addict. Yes, it’s true — even in the mornings, I’m just not a coffee drinker. The only times I really order it is occasionally during the afternoon, usually when I’m meeting with someone, and often times at night, after a nice dinner (I’m a sucker for an espresso and biscotti!). I guess my coffee drinking schedule is all backwards. But really, I’ve always been a tea girl.

So here’s this week’s question: Are you a coffee addict? Or are you a tea girl for life? If you’re a coffee lover, do you ever think you could quit, like Kathy did?

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

{Image Credit: Christopher Sturman for Harper’s Bazaar, originally found via Small Shop}

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  1. 2.15.13

    I’m defiantly a coffee girl. I wake up in the morning and that is one of the first thing in the morning is to enjoy a cappuccino from my Nespresso machine that I love. I’ve tried to drink tea because I know its really better for you. I’ve never really found a tea flavor that I enjoy. I tried to quit before when I went raw for a few months. It was really hard and don’t thing I will attempt again.

  2. 2.15.13
    Eleanor said:

    Definitely a tea girl, I’ve started every morning with a cup since I hit double digits. I like coffee socially or when on holiday, but in my regular life I can go weeks without having any. That said there’s nothing better than a cappuccino to start a day of sightseeing or a macchiato after a good meal :)

  3. 2.15.13
    Emily said:

    I start my day with coffee/espresso and end it with tea. For the longest time, I tried to find the “healthiest” way to sweeten my coffee. I did skim milk and splenda for a long time. Then I switched to skim milk and agave nectar. Neither felt right. So one day, I decided I didn’t want to deal with sweetening my coffee at all anymore, and I tried it black. The first 3-5 days were challenging, but I swear somewhere between days 4-6, I found that I actually preferred it straight up. Now I know giving up sweetner and coffee altogether are totally different things, but I think that if you set your mind to it, you can really give up anything. You have to be prepared for the change and know that it won’t be easy at first, but that too shall pass. x

  4. 2.15.13
    Chelsea said:

    I do enjoy coffee but one of the reasons is the ritual of it. The nice warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning as I’m pouring over emails is just something that I’ve become accustomed to. I’ve been working on weaning myself from it by alternating mint tea every other morning.

  5. 2.15.13
    Amberly said:

    I am a tea girl. I HAVE to have my cup of hot green tea in the mornings to give me that needed jolt of energy. I prefer green tea over coffee because, it has good health benefits and I’m afraid of getting addicted to coffee! “/ LOL.

  6. 2.15.13

    My iced coffee is what gets me going in the morning! I also have had my Nespresso machine for a few years now and I am still obsessed with it. Sad to say I probably will never quit this addiction :(

  7. 2.15.13
    Lauren said:

    Oooooh these new coffee subs are exciting me! I am going to order both the Choffy and the Dandelion tea. Sounds cool. Anyway – my grandma gave all of us kids “coffee milk” in my pappy’s espresso mugs, from the age of 5. So I think it’s safe to say I am a long-term coffee drinker, but when I switched off of dairy, I tried to drink it with canned coconut milk and thought it was disgusting. So then I started drinking it black, which is ok, but still lacks something for me. I have a nespresso maker that my boyfriend got me for my birthday last year, but since I don’t drink much dairy anymore, it sadly gets little use. I really can’t get into tea. I have tried and tried but it always tastes so boring to me!

  8. 2.15.13
    Emily said:

    I’ve never liked tea or coffee!! It used to be Diet Coke all day everyday, but I haven’t had a soda in over a year and I’m strictly a water girl, with a little juice thrown in every now and then.

  9. 2.15.13
    Mallory said:

    I am a coffee lover – but I also am a huge green tea fan. I don’t really see my coffee love as a problem, but I did just cut out all types of artificial sweeteners. So that’s my effort at getting healthier!

  10. 2.15.13
    christin said:

    so this is going to make me sound like some juvenile moron but i don’t need coffee, i just like to drink it to be a big girl. and i just said that…on the internet.

  11. 2.15.13
    Julie said:

    Coffee, i.e. the elixir of life, is a daily AM ritual for me. The smell, the warm cup in your hands, the taste…sigh. I definitely don’t view coffee as a vice or a problem. I drink it black – occasionally I add steamed milk. Now my DC (diet coke) habit? THAT was a problem that I am so proud of myself for kicking. No more soda for this girl! (Unless someone happens to have a fountain DC from McDonald’s, in which case I will sneak a few sips.)

  12. 2.15.13
    Jasmin said:

    Tea for life! My husband and I have an amazing Breville tea maker that was on our wedding registry. I actually can’t stand the taste of coffee; my study sessions at Starbucks are solely for the atmosphere – you’ll usually find me with a chai latte or peppermint hot chocolate. :)

  13. 2.15.13

    I quit coffee about three years ago – I was a bona fide addict, drinking 3 cups before noon each day. Needless to say, my ulcers returned with a vengeance (the acidity of coffee, especially black, is something terrible for your stomach lining in large doses) and promptly quit cold turkey. I’ve always loved tea, but found that drinking multiple cups of intense PG Tips, flavored with lemon and honey, was far more tolerable to my poor stomach.

    These days, I’ll enjoy a cappuccino when La Colombe or Blue Bottle coffee is served (Bottega Louie in the UES – so good!), but I will swear by my Earl Gray with lemon, PG Tips, or my newest obsession DAVIDsTEA – too good.

  14. 2.15.13

    I’m not gonna say I’m an addict, but I don’t want to live a life without it :)

  15. 2.15.13
    Ashley said:

    I am definitely a coffee addict (coffee is even in the name of my blog!), but I cut back a few years ago after drinking it ALL DAY everyday. Coffee definitely has it’s health benefits (antioxidants, lower risk of diabetes, etc.), but I felt like it was negatively affecting my sleep. I cut back to one cup each morning and I sleep much better. I don’t know if I will ever give it up – there is something so comforting about holding a warm cup in your hands on a blustery morning… Oh, it tastes pretty great too :)

  16. 2.15.13
    Lolly said:

    First off, thanks for featuring my comment on V-Day! *happy dance*

    Now for this week’s question. Yes, I am a coffee addict. Before moving to California I didn’t know what a good cup of joe was. Then I met my fiance who has been a barista most of his life and he introduced me to heaven AKA Blue Bottle, Philz (obsessed with their chai!) and many local cafes that serve amazing blends.

    At times I’ve scaled back the amount I drink per day. Back in the day I was drinking 3-4 cups a day … now I’m down to one cup of pour over at home in the morning and a chai in the early afternoon. I’m not sure I could EVER give it up unless I absolutely had to.


  17. 2.15.13

    I totally laughed out loud at Jess’s response too :)

    I used to go through phases where I would drink coffee every day and then quit for awhile. When I looked at my budget at the end of the year, I decided to trade a $5/day starbucks habit for extra travel savings this year. Instead of spending $30/week on coffee, I have a weekly auto-transfer set up to our savings account – it’s great because I never miss the money since I would have spent it anyway! And with extra savings each month, my husband and I will be able to splurge a bit more on vacations :)

  18. 2.15.13
    Alyssa said:

    Aw, yay! So fun to see my quote :) As for this week’s question, it’s kind of a funny story…(but not really). You see, I was never really a coffee addict–I think partially because it always bothered my stomach, but I never really felt like I “needed” it either. However, now that I’m full steam ahead with my job (and in an industry that really values their java jolt!), I find myself ordering it more and more. I’m trying to go easy–I don’t want to become an addict!

  19. 2.15.13
    Kathy said:

    You’re so lucky that you never caught the coffee-bug! Although I will admit, I am still allowing myself a cup of coffee a week but only for really exceptional coffee (particularly Blue Bottle or Intelligentsia). Sadly I don’t think I’d feel complete cutting coffee out of my life 100%!

  20. 2.15.13

    I am most definitely addicted to coffee! I’ve tried to quit many times, opting for teas or green juices instead, but as soon as I drink even a sip of coffee I am hooked again, more so for the way it makes me so alert, but I do crave the taste sometimes.

  21. 2.15.13
    Meghan said:

    Amazing post, loving that light fixture too , hope you have a gorgeous weekend.

    xo Meg


  22. 2.15.13

    I’m not a big coffee drinker at all…but I have a shameful Diet Coke addiction. In the last year, I’ve successfully stopped eating gluten, dairy, soy and eggs because I found out I’m intolerant to them…but no matter how hard I try, I can’t kick the DC habit. Oops.

  23. 2.15.13
    Marisa said:

    I’m definitely a coffee drinker! I’ve been drinking coffee since I was far too young. I drink it black and have been able to be off the sauce for weeks at a time. No headaches or anything! I see there are a lot of DC obsessors in the comments as well! It took me longer to kick that habit than I like to admit!!

  24. 2.15.13

    I wasn’t a coffee drinker until my senior year of college when I really needed it for those all-nighters. After that I was hooked. The problem is that I like my coffee with cream and LOTS of sugar. Seth jokes that I like sugar water. If it doesn’t taste like dessert, it isn’t satisfying to me. That being said, a few months ago I started drinking tea in the morning instead. I figured consuming that much refined sugar every day probably wasn’t the best health decision. So now my mornings are spent with a cup of tea. I’ll have a coffee once or twice a week, usually on the weekend or when I’m really craving it. I try to stick to one packet of Stevia and some cinnamon now even though I just want to pour obscene amounts of sugar into it.

  25. 2.15.13

    Unfortunately for my nervous system, I’m both. My husband’s family are huge tea drinkers, so we picked up that habit from them…we got three teapots as wedding gifts! And I’ve been a dedicated coffee drinker since my first college all-nighter. Quit? Probably not physically possible.

  26. 2.15.13
    Adrianna said:

    I was an AVID coffee drinker but decided to quit once I realized how many unnecessary calories I was drinking every morning (I would only drink my coffee with Coffeemate). A coworker introduced me to drinking green tea with almond milk and stevia and I was hooked! I still get the creamy sensation that I loved about coffee but instead get the added benefits of green tea.

  27. 2.15.13

    I like coffee, but I only drink it occasionally as a treat (because I only really like the super sweet lattes and frappuccinos haha). My caffeinated downfall is Dr Pepper — terrible, I know. I quit it (and all forms of soda + caffeine) for more than a year, but it became habit again when I was building my business while working a full-time job, and I haven’t been able to quit again yet. Working on it though!

  28. 2.15.13
    Alyssa said:

    Coffee really isn’t my thing. It’s never made me feel very good. Green tea, however, wakes me up without giving me a racing heart and makes me feel healthy!

  29. 2.15.13
    Meghan said:

    Glad to see I am not alone on the whole no v-day gifts.

  30. 2.15.13
    Erin said:

    I am not a coffee person. I like to start each morning with an iced cold glass of water (refreshing and jolts me awake!) and usually have some green iced tea on my drive to work.

  31. 2.15.13
    julia said:

    i love coffee in the morning! everyday, without fail. but only one per day, sometimes tea in the afernoon or evening. i’m not sure if i could quit coffee, i don’t see why i ever would want to!

    xo julesinflats.com

  32. 2.16.13
    Chloe said:

    I’m really sensitive to caffeine – one time when I was at university I stayed up late finishing an essay, so to make my 9am class I had a few cups of coffee. Once the caffeine hit me I started laughing and couldn’t stop, and my husband started laughing because I was laughing, and then I started crying because he was laughing at me! The poor guy was so confused, and he’s never let me drink that much coffee again!

  33. 2.16.13

    I <3 a starbucks soy caramel macchiato – but can you really call that coffee or just a sweet drink with a shot of espresso?! That's about the only coffee my sensitive stomach can handle but thinking about how much I spend on it a month/year and the reports that soy is detrimental to health I have definitely cut back but I do enjoy the smell (my boyfriend is a coffee addict and has his own espresso machine). Teas I love too, peppermint, green and rooibos are my faves :)

  34. 2.16.13

    Tea girl for life! I started drinking tea in high school and have had a cup nearly every morning since. I think it has a lot to do with my English-born parents who drink two or three cups every morning. There is nothing like a freshly brewed cup of English Breakfast with a dash of milk. Tea always cheers me up! I also occasionally have green tea during the day and sleepy time tea at night.

  35. 2.16.13

    So, is it cool if we hop a plane to New York to check out that exhibit?

    I am a sad coffee addict, but I’m only addicted to my one morning cup. I only drink one and if I need more caffeine I go for a cup of Earl Gray tea. Never more than 1+1, though.

  36. 2.17.13
    Bevin said:

    I am definitely team coffee. Honestly though, I think the effect is at least partly psychosomatic, because it’s the *idea* of drinking a steaming mug of coffee in the morning that I crave, maybe more than the actual coffee. I actually wrote a post about the ritual of coffee a while back: http://magnoliareverie.blogspot.com/2012/11/an-ode-on-red-cup.html


  37. 2.17.13
    Elizabeth said:

    I’m definitely a tea drinker. I used to drink coffee all the time, but it was so hard on my stomach and made me feel sick. I gave it up and it’s made such a difference. Plus, I drink my tea plain, so that means no calories! I think a lot of people think that tea is boring, but now it seems like there are more varieties than coffee. All you need are a few types with caffeine, a few without, and a fabulous tea kettle. And you’ll feel remarkably British, which in my opinion, is never a bad thing!

    Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment