The Man Behind With Love From, Kat

kat tanita mbtb | via vmac+cheese

Ladies and gents, we have an MBTB first. Tom, who’s the other half of Kat Tanita’s lovely blog With Love From, Kat, actually managed to introduce me to two new blogs. Granted, they’re not filled with the typical girly things I’m used to pinning, but they’re pretty fabulous nonetheless. I loved getting to know Tom through this interview, as Kat is someone I have followed since before she even moved to New York (remember her Behind the Scenes post from way long ago?). It was so fun hearing his side of the story. And let me just say — they are a pretty stylish couple! Learn more about Tom and Kat (I will refrain from using a moniker) right here:

kat mbtb | via vmac+cheese

Tom’s favorite men’s blogs: The Armoury Blog | Mr. Classic Gentleman Tumblr

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  1. 2.6.13

    Great feature! I love this series because we are introduced to amazing blogs. Thanks Victoria!

  2. 2.6.13
    Rachelle said:

    I love this series, what a supportive bf.


  3. 2.6.13

    And officially passing those man blog links on to the husband…

  4. 2.6.13

    Can’t wait to check out (and tell my boy) about those two blogs!

    X Kenzie

  5. 2.6.13

    Always love these posts! Another great one here…

  6. 2.6.13
    Veronica said:

    I love these features. They’re so sweet.

  7. 2.6.13
    Atiqa said:

    I love Kat’s blog and have been reading her blog for a year now. Love yours too!

  8. 2.6.13
    Haley said:

    love this & Kat’s blog so it’s always so fun to learn more about the MBTB:)

  9. 2.6.13

    This is such an adorable feature!! There are so few men bloggers and to get real answers from real guys who love their ladies is just awesome! =) He should start a classic car blog!! =)

  10. 2.6.13

    These are probably my favorite posts :) I love that he reads mens style blogs and Kat is stunning!

  11. 2.6.13
    Kat said:

    Thanks for including Tommy and I Victoria!! :) This series is my favorite!


  12. 2.6.13
    Alex said:

    This may be my favorite series! What a fabulous post!!

  13. 2.6.13
    Lauren said:

    This is such a lovely series. I really enjoy reading these interviews. What patient men we have!

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold

  14. 2.6.13
    Kameryn said:

    Tommy is the best!

  15. 2.6.13

    Stop they are the cutest!!!

    Will never get enough of this feature!

  16. 2.6.13

    Loved this feature! I follow Kat on Instagram – it’s nice to see a little peek into her personal life!

  17. 10.6.14
    Francesca said:

    Awww I love this feature! x

    x Francesca of

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