This week I…

+ stayed up way too late several nights working. I am so ready for the weekend (and sleeping in a little!)

+ finally caught up on the new season 3 episodes of Downton Abbey. Are you guys watching? I could honestly watch that show on mute, the costuming is so spectacular.

+ am very excited about an early birthday dinner for Joe tomorrow night. We’re going to Kokkari — it’s one of my favorite places in the city!

+ am considering getting another one (or two) of these little rugby stripe bins from Container Store. I originally got one to hold some towels in my bathroom, and I like it so much, I think I could find plenty of other uses for these around our apartment! (You can’t beat the price point either)!

+ loved reading everyone’s responses to last week’s question! Ready for book recommendations?

book recommendations

Bringing Up the Bodies Y Sarah's Key 18 Minutes Where'd You Go Bernadette The Marriage Plot Linchpin The Happiness Project The Warmth of Other Suns The Night Circus The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Garden Spells

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Nnena | Tali | Hitha | Lauren | Jessica | Jillian | Hallie | Natalie

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question of the week

Well friends, a week from today it’ll be February 1. One-twelfth of 2013 will be officially gone. Can you believe it?

This year, I didn’t really make any New Year’s resolutions, but with the month of January swiftly coming to a close, I’m wondering: what was your New Year’s resolution, and — answer yes or no — have you been able to keep it so far?

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

{Image Credit: Naja Munthe’s home, photographed by Morten Koldby Inhouse}

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  1. 1.25.13

    To drink more! I don’t really drink so my partner has agreed to drink less(!) and I will be drinking more so that on the odd occasions when I do drink I don’t feel so sick!! So far it’s going well, his sister bought us a case of champagne back from a France trip so I have been drinking more than usual although only really Champagne (which I like anyway!) :) Our other resolution is to move to SF, wish us luck!

  2. 1.25.13
    christin said:

    I didn’t so much make a resolution as a goal to stop being so incredibly hard on myself. I, like most of us, am my own worst critic and so far I’ve actually been doing really well!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and get to sleep in. Also, very jealous of your upcoming meal – I heart that place!

  3. 1.25.13

    I made a number of resolution this year, so I decided to break them down and attack a few at a time this month that meant doing a Whole 30, experiment more in the kitchen, and save money for a DSLR camera, buy one and learn how to use it. I am proud today that I have begun to accomplish each one of these goals! I am on day 23 of my first Whole30, I am testing out new recipes in the kitchen (most are successful) and I bought a DSLR!

    Still more to come, but I am on my way to accomplishing my goals!

    X Kenzie


  4. 1.25.13
    Rachel said:

    The Marriage Plot and The Happiness Project are on my list of must-reads! I didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution this year, but last year it was to start my blog (and I did!)

  5. 1.25.13
    Chedva said:

    Yay for book recommendations! I just got The Marriage Plot so I’m happy to see it’s recommended. As for your question, I don’t usually make resolutions, but this year I decided to be more adventurous and take more risks after a year of feeling a little stuck. In January I have spent a day as a salesperson in my favorite home decor shop and hopped on a plane to Europe for 3 days of visiting design trade fairs (which I only decided a week in advance) and bought a domain for a new (possible) idea of mine… So I think I pretty much kept it:)

  6. 1.25.13
    Brianna said:

    Love this series! I also avoided making hard and fast resolutions. However I did set a goal to get back in touch with my spirituality, and I’m thrilled to say YES, I’ve been spending at least 5 minutes a day honoring that goal–it’s been a great month so far!


  7. 1.25.13
    Kaolee said:

    Thanks for these recommendations. These all sound very interesting.

  8. 1.25.13

    I may go pick up The Happiness Project this weekend. I’ve heard lots about it…

  9. 1.25.13

    Thanks for including my recommendation, V!
    I really loved the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – an excellent read, and hits close to my career. It’s not at all written as a science novel. If you like that book, the Emperor of All Maladies is another excellent book on the history of cancer. And you’re a giant nerd – The History of Taxol (one of the first modern chemotherapeutic agents) is great, by my geeky standards :)

    I set creativity as my theme for 2013, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve been sticking to it. I’ve gone to more plays and performances, started taking dance classes again, and set time to just write several times a week. Here’s hoping I keep it up as we move into a hectic February!

  10. 1.25.13
    Julie said:

    Love these recommendations!

    My resolution was to stop stressing myself out all the time. The plan, when worries come up, is to take action (make a phone call, an appointment, whatever I can do) and then to just put it out of my mind. Of course, it hasn’t worked perfectly yet, but just having it as a goal is getting me a lot closer!

  11. 1.25.13

    I hear ya on needing a little more sleep!!

    Ooo yeah I love book recommendations!! I just picked up The Night Circus and I can’t wait to read it!! =)

    Resolutions…Well one of mine was to try new things. I actually after two attempts made french macarons for the first time. I was bouncing up and down and so happy! I’m keeping it going…I wonder what I will try new next month! =)

  12. 1.25.13
    Alyssa said:

    Oh, I love the recs–definitely have a few new ones to add to my list! I’ve kept SOME of my New Years resolutions this year, mainly focusing on happiness (which should be an all-year, every year type thing, I realize!).

  13. 1.25.13
    Jasmin said:

    The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks has been on my reading list for quite some time now; perhaps after my USMLE Step 1 exam I’ll pick it up and, hopefully, finish it before clinicals start. As for New Year’s resolutions, I chose not to make any. Or perhaps I resolved to keep doing the same thing as always: work hard academically, take care of myself – spiritually, mentally, and physically, and be loving to all. :)

  14. 1.25.13
    Natalie said:

    I did make a list of things I want to accomplish this year, but instead of focusing on all of them I decided that for January and February I’m going to focus on health, home, and blogging. So far I think I’ve done a lot better in all. I committed to a 60 day yoga challenge on January 6th and have gone every day since! So happy that I’m actually sticking with it. Definitely a good way to start the year.

  15. 1.25.13

    Not only did I make some (reasonable) New Year Resolutions, but I’m also taking it month by month. I don’t mind setting goals for myself…they just motivate me to actually get stuff done!
    Some resolutions include sending birthday cards to family and friends, going one new place with my husband each month, and watch less tv. January goals included by some washi tape and make my pup a sweater out of one I didn’t wear anymore. It turned out great!

  16. 1.25.13
    Nnenna said:

    Thanks so much for including my book recommendation! I also enjoyed reading other people’s picks- many more books to add to my Goodreads queue.

    I’m glad you asked this question because I’ve sort of already forgot about some of my resolutions for this year- I had to go back and look at my list! I’m on track with 2/3 goals- I wanted to spend more time cooking and read more than I did last year, and so far, so good. The third goal- be better with my finances is not going so well, as I’m still trying to work out a practical budget and stick to it. Thanks for reminding me to revisit my resolutions!

  17. 1.25.13
    amanda said:

    SO…. I have for the most part kept my resolution which was to start a blog with outfit photos. I have 100% avoided them where possible, but on the upside, posted a a bunch this month. I do not know anything about technology (a calculator challenges me) so this has been a crash course! I am so desperately trying to see the forest for the trees and not be discouraged about the sheer breadth of information to learn let alone content to generate. How do people do this and work at the same time? Cray.

    BO-ring, my real comment pertains to Downton Abbey. Do you notice to completely different lighting in S3? It is like being in an interrogation room whereas it used to be dewy and a bit yellow.

    Happy weekend.

  18. 1.25.13
    Sharona said:

    Thanks for including my rec, Victoria! Can’t wait to pick up some of these other suggestions, too! Have a great weekend! xo

  19. 1.25.13
    Naomi said:

    Instead of New Year’s Resolutions I’ve decided to do 30-day Challenges. For January my goals were to 1) Practice Pilates or Yoga for 20-min every day and 2) Don’t eat refined sugar. So far so good!

  20. 1.25.13
    Emily said:

    To believe in myself! And to start a blog :)

    And a billion other little goals (I prefer goals rather than resolutions, easier to keep up with) that I posted here!


    Thank you thank you for all the wonderful book recs!

  21. 1.26.13

    A friend referred me to your site and I am in love. The content, the photos, the overall design- everything is spot on!

    I’ve got to ask- do you keep up the design of your site yourself?


    • 1.26.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      Hi Taylor — thank you so much! Yes, I do! :)

  22. 1.26.13

    I also didn’t make new years resolutions, but I did try to set some goals to accomplish this year. A few of them: go to sleep and wake up at normalish hours (the joys of working from home), finish writing my book, eat something green everyday and drink more water. I’ve done pretty well at the sleeping normally and working on my book. Less well on the healthy living. New goals for February now!

    P.S. My Joe’s birthday was yesterday!

  23. 1.26.13
    Megan said:

    My only New Years resolution is actually to read more books! I’m doing well so far, 12 books this year.
    These are great recommendations! I read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks a few years ago and it is one of my favorite books, very eye opening and it has a good combination of science and good story telling.

  24. 1.26.13
    Julie said:

    SUCH a huge fan of Downton Abbey, it’s not even funny. I seriously sit there watching with a smile plastered on my face. No other time does an hour fly by like it does when I’m watching that show. Hope you were able to catch on some sleep!

  25. 1.26.13

    I have been able to stick to my New Year’s resolutions so far! My biggest one is losing this baby weight and I’ve already lost 15 lbs, so I’m pretty excited for the momentum I have going. I was able to resist a lot of temptations through the holidays. I’ve been keeping up my new juicing habit too!

    • 1.28.13
      Lolly said:

      Juicing is GREAT! I did it for about 2 weeks straight about this time last year … I felt good but I missed ‘real’ food too much to keep going for an entire month. I still juice here and there — I love it but hate the clean up lol.

  26. 1.28.13
    Lolly said:

    I decided not to make any New Year resolutions for 2013. I find that it’s always too much pressure and I usually never succeed. Instead, I’m just setting myself up for success by writing down what I’d like to do and accomplish this year, with steps to get there. That way I can track them easily and celebrate every small success along the way – :)

  27. 1.28.13
    Marisa said:

    I loved Sarah’s Key! It’s terribly wonderful and the movie is really good as well! I resolved to get on a better workout schedule. Three days a week and I’m going strong! Love the blog!

  28. 1.29.13

    Bookmarking all of these for when I’m in a reading rut! One of my goals (no “resolutions” here) was to read at least 30 minutes each day. Sounds like nothing for someone who used to read an hour everyday, minimum, but life gets in the way and I’m off track. Hoping I can keep it up. So far, so good!