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long weekend | via vmac+cheese

Long weekends are great for the obvious reasons. They are also rough because here it is, Tuesday, and I have no idea if it should feel like Monday, Friday, Sunday, what. What I do know is I feel like I’ve gained ten pounds, and I want to take Lucy to the beach again. These are probably both signs that the weekend was pretty fantastic. 

a day in the life | via vmac+cheese

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Clutch | Blue and Green Bangles from Bloomingdale’s, (similar here) | Tassel bracelet, vintage    East Beach | Blue Barn | Jane | Vivaleur

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  1. 1.22.13

    I love how you did this. What program do you use?

  2. 1.22.13

    you puppy is too cute!! love the clutch and I will commiserate with you on that ticket…I got one too a few days ago..but mine was a speeding one…and way more :(

  3. 1.22.13

    I am loving this series and those photos of your Frenchie play dates are too damn cute!

  4. 1.22.13

    Sounds like an amazing weekend! That parking ticket still has me puzzled? How do they measure the wheels?

    Any who enjoy your week!

    X Kenzie


  5. 1.22.13
    Tara said:

    Looking forward to your queso recipe later this week. Keep the Lucy pics and shares coming!
    LOVE the tassle bracelet…so posh!

  6. 1.22.13

    What a fabulous weekend! You sound like such a good puppy mom, Lucy is a lucky puppy :) Looking forward to that queso recipe – melted cheese is one of my very favorite things!

  7. 1.22.13

    I stil die over the thought of a frenchie meet up. So amazing

  8. 1.22.13

    Your weekend sounded so lovely! It is currently 3 degrees here in Chicago, wish I could escape to the beach! Brrrrr.

  9. 1.22.13
    Alyssa said:

    My mom and I got a parking ticket this weekend as well, which always puts a damper on things. The worst part is, ours was literally time stamped THREE MINUTES before we got to our car!

  10. 1.22.13
    christin said:

    I won’t lie, I got excited that you were excited about getting a parking ticket. And like…there is no rule about how far you’re supposed to turn your wheels in, so wtf SFPD!?

    • 1.22.13
      Alicia said:

      Sadly, there is a rule about curbing your wheels in SF. If the grade is more than 3%, you have to curb your wheels; HOWEVER, usually the parking officer doesn’t know what the actual grade is… so this ticket could easily be thrown out.

      Check the intersection here: http://bsm.sfdpw.org/subdivision/keymap/

      …and appeal your ticket!!

  11. 1.22.13

    I’m pretty excited about this Chile con Queso recipe (yay Texas girls!). And a Frenchie meetup is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard of.

  12. 1.22.13
    Chelsea said:

    Awesome weekend! I really need to get to California, it just looks so incredible. I remember the puppy life. I lived in Boston at the time and would take Dixie to the dog park even when it was iced over. xo

  13. 1.22.13

    thought the turned wheel ticket was kind of steep (haha – get it?), but of course then realized that you are parking on 90* inclines…otherwise, looks like a great weekend! ox

  14. 1.22.13

    Looking forward to your queso recipe! And yay Niners! Also – I LOVE cheez-its. I probably would have eaten the entire box. lol (Which is why I’m not allowed to buy them that often!)

  15. 1.22.13

    That stupid curbing the wheels ticket!! I mean…I moved here from Atlanta. It’s flat, and we have garages. Within the first year of living here, I got two of those, and we racked up four street cleaning tickets, too. Here’s hoping 2013 can be our year of no parking tickets!

  16. 1.22.13
    Rose said:

    Hey, those are Sequin bangles! I didn’t know you were a fan-I handle social media & web presence for them, it’s so great to see you rocking some of my favorite designs!

    Blonde in this City

  17. 1.22.13
    Jillian said:

    OK this is hilarious bc I just got my first ticket for not having my wheels curbed the right way. I mean how is some girl from Buffalo supposed to know that?!

    Oh and P.S. Blue Barn is my absolute fav and they are supposed to be opening one up on Polk soon so we’ll have to go.


  18. 1.22.13
    Julie said:

    I’m heading up the SF in a few weeks for the first time in way too long…totally going to check out Blue Barn. Thanks for the rec!

  19. 1.22.13
    Lindsay said:

    Thank you so much for the kind words Victoria! And for providing me with so much incredibly useful information and tips – it was lovely to finally meet you! Super annoying about the parking ticket – why are cops so ruthless?!

    xo, Lindsay

  20. 1.22.13
    Kristina said:

    Oh my goodness a Frenchie puppy meet up sounds like the most adorable thing ever. And I looooove your bag in the last pic.


    Kristina does the Internets

  21. 1.22.13

    Your puppy is too cute! Love the bracelets as well!



  22. 1.22.13

    My boyfriend loves SF but I have never been and looking at all your photos I really want to go! So nice that you can go to the beach in January, in London its snowing and you can’t get away from the cold! Thanks for sharing :)


  23. 1.22.13
    Ailee said:

    Gorgeous post! Looks like a fun weekend. I was in SF Thursday – Sunday for wedding stuff and was basking in the glorious weather. We also got a parking ticket for not having enough space for the driveway (not even true!). xo

  24. 1.22.13

    I have never heard of that kind of parking ticket before! Craziness! Such a fun weekend and I look forward to the queso recipe!

  25. 1.22.13
    Lena said:

    Living vicariously through your adventures with Lucy. If I start stalking Frenchie meetups before I even get a pup, please don’t be surprised.

  26. 1.22.13
    Erin said:

    Sounds like a great weekend! I am beyond jealous of your weather, we’re in the negative’s right now in Chicago!

  27. 1.22.13

    Definitely on the same page as you when it comes to feeling lucky to live where I live! Also, that tassle bracelet is awesome.

  28. 1.22.13
    caitlin said:

    Can’t wait for this recipe!

  29. 1.22.13

    I definitely love your version of day in the life! And your life looks pretty great today!

  30. 1.22.13

    Sounds like the perf weekend! And now I’m craving chili con queso like WOAH.

  31. 1.22.13
    Randilea said:

    Can I come crash the frenchie meet-up? That would be amazing! Also yes please on that queso dip! I’ve been craving queso, but am always ashamed of myself if I use velveeta.