Palette Play: Black + Yellow + Denouement

1. James Nord | 2. Marimekko Spring 2013 | 3. Michael Bastian Cashmere Crewneck

4. Celine Tote Bag | 5. AJ Trela | 6. Donna Griffith for Style at Home

7. Merde Il Pleut Umbrella | 8. Vintage Krenit Enamel Bowl

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always such a cocktail of emotions for me. I always find myself simultaneously happy and sad that the holidays are over, in disbelief that another year has come and gone, and excited and anxious for what the new one might bring. More than anything though, I relish this week each year. It’s a perfect time to reflect, and revel in hope — that the next 365 days will be filled with even more joy, cheer, love, and laughter. Here’s to you remembering the good times that 2012 has brought your way, learning and moving forward from its trials, and beginning anew in just a few days time!

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  1. 12.27.12

    I feel the same way. I am cheerful & hopeful for a New Year but sad that Christmas is over! Hope you have a fabulous NYE!

  2. 12.27.12
    lexi said:

    Is it bad that I like the sweater (no. 3) because it totally reminds me of Charlie Brown?

    And I can’t believe this year is coming to a close. Where does time fly? Yikes!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  3. 12.27.12

    Love the color palate and could not agree more about this time of year!

    x Kenzie

  4. 12.27.12
    Elizabeth said:

    I completely agree. It’s so hard to believe it’s going to be 2013 in just a few days. Guess we better live up the rest of the year! Hope you’re having a good holiday.

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  5. 12.27.12
    Gabriella said:

    I always experience a pretty similar feeling; the holidays were so wonderful that I can’t believe how fast they went by, which brings me to the realization that another year has passed. Time really does fly.

    Anyways, I’m absolutely loving this pairing. Yellow has always been my favorite color, but I always seem to like the lighter shades – though I’m thinking pairing it with black might be the change I need!

  6. 12.27.12
    Rachel said:

    It’s scary how fast this year went and that Christmas is already over! I can’t believe it. I agree, I get upset at how fast the holidays end and get excited yet anxious about what to expect in the New Year. It is a great time to reflect though!

    I love the yellow and black together :)

  7. 12.27.12
    Christine B. said:

    I completely agree. “Cocktail of emotions” is a perfect description. May your new year be happy and bright!