This week I…

+ am so glad it’s Friday. SO glad. Do you ever just have one of those weeks? Where the days feel long, but short at the same time, and lots of little things go wrong? I think that was my week this week. Lucy came down with a stomach bug, so I was at the vet all yesterday; we’ve had some tough news in my family; and work continues to be busy (which is great!) but a balancing act. In a way though, I’m glad, because it makes even more appreciative of the holiday next week!

+ had my first guest post with Euro Style Lighting published! I’ll be writing for them once a month, and hope you’ll follow along. There will be lots of interiors related pretty over there that I won’t feature here, and they’ve lined up so many other amazing contributing bloggers. Check it out!

+ along with Joe, decided what we’ll make on Christmas Day. We’re going to do bone-in ribeyes and loaded baked potatoes. A Christmas steakhouse! I can’t wait. J sent me the most comprehensive steak related blog post ever.

+ am bummed I didn’t see these fun, French pillowcases before already deciding on my gift for Joe. We set a low limit on gifts this year, and I promised I wouldn’t go nuts. These remind me of being in Paris, where we like to pretend we speak French by repeating this over and over again at night!

+ am hunkering down for several very cold, rainy days here in SF. Short of it snowing, I actually couldn’t ask for better Christmas weather, because it’s perfect for cozying up under a blanket with a cup of tea!

+ am curious what everyone is doing for the holidays. Be sure to share your plans in the comments! I’d love to hear about your vacation or family traditions. Right now my favorite one is making chili and tamales on Christmas Eve. It’s something we did in Texas growing up, and I’ve brought the tradition into my “new” family too.

LINK OF THE WEEK: I loved Clara’s post on being okay right where you are. Believe it or not, I had been feeling the same way and thought about writing a similar post on Wednesday for Real Life (it didn’t happen; see bullet point 1 up above), but it ended up not mattering because she articulated my feelings perfectly. I also really enjoyed reading Erin’s post on ‘slow blogging’ in 2013. My own blog had somewhat similar roots, and as I head into the new year and consider personal and professional goals, this one’s got me thinking.

I’ll check in on Monday, but I’m thinking I’m going to take the rest of the week off to relax, enjoy, and yeah, okay, maybe catch up on some work. If I don’t ‘see’ you before then, I hope you have a beautiful holiday weekend!

{Image Credit: Joani Schofield, Plough Your Own Furrow}

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  1. 12.21.12

    Loved your Euro Style Lighting piece! I loved all of the geometric patterns! Totally funky!

    x Kenzie


  2. 12.21.12

    Thank you so much for sharing Erin’s post!! I’ve had some of the exact same thoughts as of late. I hope you, Joe and Lucy have a beautiful Christmas!!

  3. 12.21.12

    My Christmas day plans are sleeping in and having dinner at a friend’s house in AK. I definitely am past Christmas mode and headed straight for NYE and my birthday! When I first brought Simon to Alaska, he had a little stomach issue too. I think that’s completely normal, but going to the vet is still necessary!

  4. 12.21.12

    Sounds like you had a super busy week! I would love to have a Christmas meal like that…we always do the traditional (ham, potatoes..) & my boyfriends family has a big Italian feast! Happy Holidays!!!

  5. 12.21.12
    christin said:

    We’re going to Colorado to spend the week with friends. I’m so excited!

  6. 12.21.12
    Natalie said:

    Although it’s cold in Texas right now, I’m kind of sad to be missing the San Francisco rain. You’re so right, it is the perfect weather for hunkering under a blanket.

    My family has a kind of strange Christmas tradition – on Christmas Eve my four siblings and I all sleep in the same room. Every year. Even though we’re all in our twenties now, we just can’t break the tradition. So that’s what I’ll be doing – giggling with my sisters and brothers!

    Have a wonderful holiday!

    Name’s Not Ashley

  7. 12.21.12
    Randilea said:

    I will be venturing home to Oklahoma tomorrow then off to LA to spend NYE with my boy in LA. There’s a possibility for snow on Christmas Day in OK, so I’m pretty excited for that! Seeing snow is probably the thing I miss the most living in the Bay area.

    Early Merry Christmas! :)

  8. 12.21.12

    Happy holidays Victoria! I’m off to my parent’s house tonight. I hope you get a bit of time to relax and enjoy the season this weekend!

  9. 12.21.12
    Clara said:

    Aaaaw you are so sweet! I’m so glad you liked that post and felt like you could relate. It felt really good to write. Your holiday traditions sound wonderful! Mmmm… twice baked potatoes… sign me up. My family is doing braised short ribs, mashed potatoes, and roasted brussels sprouts this year- among other things :). I hope you have a wonderful holiday with lots of rest! xx

  10. 12.22.12

    Happy Friday Indeed! I can’t believe Christmas in in 3 days !

  11. 12.22.12
    Chiara said:

    We will get together with mother in law and brothers in law on Christmas Eve, and we’ll feast on any kind of fishs – as is tradition in Italy. Our task is to buy wine for the evening, and I think we accomplished it very well! On Christmas day we are driving to my parent’s house for another get-together with them, sister and aunt/uncle. Two days of good food and good company. And for new year, we are flying to Netherlands to sister in law! So excited!

  12. 12.23.12
    Nancy said:

    We have a huge Christmas Day brunch with bellinis and eggs benedict and everyone goes off to other dinners later in the day. Christmas eve I have a big dinner and the kids all spend the night with the spouses and we open our Christmas p.j.’s. ( so pics the next morning are gorgeous!) Have a wonderful holiday and blessed Christmas.

  13. 12.23.12
    lexi said:

    Happy Holidays, Victoria! I love your at-home steakhouse dinner plans. I hate to admit this, but so far, I’ve done absolutely nothing this weekend, and I kind of love it! We’ll cook dinner tomorrow night, mostly because Chinese food is all that’s available (and I’m one of the few jews who’s not that into lomein), and we did latkes last week! Merry Christmas!

  14. 12.23.12
    Chelsea said:

    It’s true that when it rains, it pours! I hope that sweet little Lucy perks up in time for a cozy Christmas!

    Merry! Merry! Merry!

    Haute Child in the City

  15. 12.23.12

    Look forward to reading your feature!


  16. 12.24.12
    Sara said:

    Merry Christmas Victoria! I hope you get some time to relax and enjoy all that delicious food you’ll be making. I’m in Florida with my family, starting a new tradition this year!