Where are you drawn to?

True story: you can hear the most interesting things when you are eavesdropping on people in hair salons. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking with the person that’s actually cutting my hair, but sometimes, it’s equally as fun to zone out, be quiet, listen to your own thoughts, and then, when you snap out of it, listen to what the woman in the chair next to you is talking about. I’ve even joined in a time or two!

I was recently getting my haircut and listening to the woman next to me tell her stylist about all the places she’d been traveling in the last year or so. She sounded like quite the world traveler. At any rate, her stylist asked her where she might go in 2013, and she replied, “We’re debating on Turkey or Peru. It’s tough to decide. But I’m more drawn to Turkey. You know how you have places you’re just more drawn to?”

I loved that she asked that question. I had never really thought about it before! But I think it’s very true. As I sat there listening to her travels, I realized I’m drawn to places that are warm, and have a laid back, romantic vibe. I like places with a lot of history, with maybe a little exoticism, where the local food is guaranteed to be delicious, and where I don’t have to rough it. It’s no wonder that the Mediterranean and its surrounding areas always feel like they’re calling my name! However, it’s funny: I’ve always been less interested in traveling to parts of Asia. Not that I wouldn’t, and not that I wouldn’t love it once I was there, but what can I say, I’m just not as drawn to it. It made me wonder — what places are you drawn to, and which ones are you less drawn to?

{Image Credits: Sarah Yates, A House in the Hills; La Mamounia hotel via Elle; Jose Villa}

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  1. 12.18.12

    That is such a good observation. My husband is drawn to Caribbean beaches where he vacationed, but I love the mountains and woods!

  2. 12.18.12

    I loved this post! I too like to eavesdrop on people in hair salons, it’s almost as fun as people watching in the park!

    I love the fast that you (and the lady getting her hair done) touch on one of my favorite aspects of traveling. Sometime you just can’t explain it but you are drawn to a specific place, just because. I am drawn to South America, I have no idea why but I would love to travel around for a bit down there!

    xo, Kenzie


  3. 12.18.12
    Alex said:

    Its so true. I am definitely “drawn” certain places over others. As much as I want to explore South American, I am drawn to Europe. Paris, anywhere in Italy, Greece. I’ll take it all, any day.

  4. 12.18.12

    Very true… I am definitely drawn to the Mediterranean as well. Europe, too. I would like to get to Asia + South America someday but I just dont’ feel that magnetic pull.

  5. 12.18.12

    I am drawn to cities that have a rich history, culture to participate in (whether its art, music, etc), & good food is a bonus! I am really drawn to old European cities, w/a venture out to the country.

    I love warm places and beaches too but when planning a dream trip I always go for the historical and most of the time cities! What a fun question.

  6. 12.18.12
    Alyssa said:

    I’m kind of drawn to, well…everywhere. But definitely Italy, Paris, Greece–basically all of Europe. I’d also love to go to Bali or Thailand one day.

  7. 12.18.12

    Most definitely Europe and the Mediterranean. Warm and tropical is nice, but there is nothing I love more than setting out early in the morning to walk amongst historic streets, museums and cathedrals.

  8. 12.18.12

    Love how you illustrated this fun question! A special vacation like one of these is definitely in order.

  9. 12.18.12
    Corbynn said:

    Love these gorgeous pictures. I really want to go somewhere awesome!


  10. 12.18.12
    rita said:

    like alyssa, i’m drawn to everywhere! but to be honest, i find that the places i’m drawn to change a lot the more i travel as i’m exposed to new things. i still am obsessed with the idea of the south of france or the mediterranean, but now i’m in this mode of seeking out adventures before we have kids, because we can always take kids to a glamorous beach town! so right now i’d say cape town and a safari in south africa, and we also have friends moving to singapore so that has moved up the list!

  11. 12.18.12
    Nnenna said:

    This is so true- I’m particularly drawn to countries like France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain, and while I would love to travel to Asia for example, it wouldn’t be at the top of my list. I’d really like to make it to South America at some point though- I’ve never been!

  12. 12.18.12

    I honestly can’t think of a place that I’m not drawn to – but I’m actually feeling Asia right now! I think we’re going to do China, Singapore, and Bali next year tacked onto our Kuala Lumpur trip for a friend’s wedding!

  13. 12.18.12

    Love this post Victoria…such a fun topic to ponder. I think I’m drawn to different places depending on the time of year AND where I am in life. In my 20’s I was drawn to places likes Vietnam, China and Japan and had wonderful experiences there. But now that I am in my 30’s, I feel the desire to explore European history more…I just daydream about walking through museums sipping red wine. Well…I know that people don’t actually DO that…but it’s a day dream :)
    I loved Croatia the most of all the countries I’ve been…so there is a constant draw to return. Maybe next year? :)

    xo – Marion

  14. 12.18.12
    Ezen said:

    I’m drawn to adventure. It’s nice to just take a stroll through cute quaint little towns and peaceful beaches. But if I had to pick just one, I’m drawn to Italy… for today at least :)

  15. 12.18.12
    Linnea said:

    I’ve always been drawn to Sweden, just because it’s my mom’s home and the place of so many wonderful childhood memories with my family. Something about farmland, and old wood furniture just sings to my heart! Next year, I’m looking forward to exploring a little bit of Thailand… and who knows, maybe a Sweden trip will be in the cards?

  16. 12.18.12
    Emily said:

    I’m definitely drawn to the laid back, warm, romantic setting as well. I also love old cities with a lot of history to explore.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  17. 12.19.12

    Wow, what a great question. I’m going to have to think on where I’m most drawn to, but I definitely love your choices!

  18. 12.19.12
    Lindsey said:

    As a serial travel and trip planner, I ask myself this question all the time :) love this post so much! I think I could picture myself in any of those pictures, too!