Aurore de la Morinerie

I honestly feel like I always find the best artists via Pinterest. Actually, almost the best everything via Pinterest, but I digress. I pinned this pretty tiger the other day and had been meaning to find out more about the artist credited. Her name, Aurore de la Morinerie, is as beautiful as her work! According to her website, Aurore actually begin her career in fashion design, before studying Chinese calligraphy, and ultimately working primarily as a fashion artist. She’s worked with clients such as Hermès, Le Monde, and ELLE, and also produces fine art pieces focused on landscapes, animals, and more. I love the fluidity of her work, and the vibrancy of the colors. So, so pretty!

I gathered up a bunch more of my favorites right over here:

You can also snag a few of her pieces on and on (though sadly, none of my personal favorites are available)!

What do you think? Could you hang one up in your home right away?

{Image Credits: Aurore de la Morinerie site; Agent & Artists}

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  1. 12.13.12

    Gorgeous! I love the amazing things you can find on Pinterest!

    Oh and I’m your latest Pinterest follower :)

    xo, Kenzie

  2. 12.13.12

    Oh, WOW! I adore her art, and now that you introduced her, I’m pretty sure she’ll be inspiration for my own art. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. 12.13.12

    flamingoes. for my bathroom. thanks for sharing – she is fabulous!

  4. 12.13.12
    Rachel said:

    Some amazing art here :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  5. 12.13.12

    whoa. just died.

  6. 12.13.12
    Bethany said:

    These are gorgeous. Thanks for featuring her work — can’t wait to get a print!


  7. 12.13.12
    rita said:

    wow. i would like the tiger, the blue stripe thing, and the black and gold dress hanging in my house right now. gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

  8. 12.13.12

    The fluidity… captivating. You can almost visualize the brush making those strokes. Made me want to scroll for more. One of the best parts of this post was learning about her career path. I love hearing how people get into these niche professions which eventually lead to something seemingly so different, but when you think about it make total sense in acquiring the skill sets that got them where they are today.

  9. 12.13.12

    What a crazy coincidence! Someone gave me the blue horse print of hers several years ago, and I never knew where it came from or who the artist was. I love it – it’s in our dining room. I clicked over to from your post and boom, there it is! I’m so thankful to finally know where it’s from and who the artist is! Yay, fate!

    • 12.13.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      Oh my gosh, how funny!!!

  10. 12.13.12
    Natalie said:

    Love the print of the billowy gray dress – it makes me think of that ad (I believe for Dior?) that features Charlize Theron in a gorgeous, billowing dress. I wish I had a little bit more wall space for art in my tiny SF apartment – these are great!

    Name’s Not Ashley

  11. 12.13.12
    Corbynn said:

    Gorgeous! I love these. Go pinterest!


  12. 12.13.12

    Ohh these are super cool. Thanks for sharing! The one with the red skirt is so powerful.

  13. 12.13.12

    These are really beautiful! Of course I’m obsessed with the tiger.

  14. 12.13.12
    Joan said:

    Watercolor illustrations always hold a special place in my heart, I love the movement that is portrayed with such a simple and elegant stroke of a brush. I would hang these up!

  15. 12.13.12
    brighton said:

    oh wow! these are great!!

  16. 12.13.12

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said in the comments — I mean, her work is stunning!