The Man Behind Buckets and Bunches

I’m thrilled to be featuring Chelsea today, a fellow roomie from last year’s Alt Summit. At the time, Chelsea was about a month away from her own wedding, and I had just gotten engaged, so there was a lot of excitement. I unfortunately have never met her dear husband David, but from the stories I’ve heard and his interview below, I can’t imagine a sweeter, more supportive blogging partner. Read on to see what I mean, and be sure to check out Chelsea’s blog here!

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  1. 11.28.12

    I love his commentary…the best part of the interview! #totesamaze!!!

  2. 11.28.12
    Kenze Lee said:

    Another great addition to this series!

    xo, Kenzie

  3. 11.28.12
    rita said:

    ha! his comments are fantastic. love finding new blogs through this series!

  4. 11.28.12

    This guy is funny. I like him.

  5. 11.28.12

    As always, I love this series! This one made me literally laugh out loud.

  6. 11.28.12
    Wave said:

    haha love this series, another great man behind the blog!

  7. 11.28.12
    Joan said:

    Cute post topic!

  8. 11.28.12
    brighton said:

    LOVED reading this one! he seems great! and love his honesty! I’m sure my bf could definitely relate on a lot of this! especially the twitter blurb! haha

  9. 11.28.12
    Alyssa said:

    He seems so sweet. I love this series!

    The Glossy Life

  10. 11.28.12
    Annie said:

    Such a great one! His answers are hilarious. Totes is the correct response to any and everything ;)

  11. 11.28.12

    oh my gosh, i adore him! which totes makes sense since chelsea is amaze. hahaha. his delivery is awesome. lucky couple-a kids to have found each other, those two.

  12. 11.28.12
    Chelsea said:

    Heehee. He is pretty funny, that one. Thanks for all the comments! Victoria, thanks for inviting us to participate and for keeping up the amazing work over here! xo

  13. 11.28.12
    rox said:

    it’s great seeing chelsea’s hubs over here! this is my first time on your blog- and I’m loving this series!! incredibly clever (and a great way to feature those wonderful guys behind our blogs).

  14. 11.28.12

    OMG, his response to #1… I’m still dying laughing!!! Best answer ever (don’t tell Alejandro ;)

  15. 11.28.12

    Cuuuute hehe. Love Chelsea and I don’t have to imagine very hard that her and David’s relationship is sweet and sassy!!

  16. 11.28.12
    Emily said:

    I may or may not have bust out laughing with a sip of tea in my mouth….which may or may not have made a serious mess on my desk. #totes #hilarious

  17. 11.28.12
    Natalie said:

    I love this series! David is too fun. Nothing better than a man who’s well-spoken while being funny. Looking forward to future “Man Behind” posts!

    Name’s Not Ashley

  18. 11.28.12
    Danielle said:

    This guy is hilarious! What a committed man behind the blog – his “editorial” process for his instagram pics kills me! I absolutely love this series, one of my very favorites to read about! Thanks for bringing fresh creative content to the blog world!

  19. 11.28.12
    Katrina said:

    As always JD, you are awesome!

  20. 11.28.12
    caitlin said:

    oh my gosh he sounds so sweet. this was one of my faves!

  21. 11.29.12

    Hahaha I loved his answers, especially the blogger lingo and the travel rant!! All too true. He sounds incredibly supportive to Chelsea as well. A definite keeper!

  22. 11.29.12
    Ailee said:

    J David is quite unique. Love it! And I’m not surprised at all about his TSA comments – that’s what you get when you travel every week for work.

    Great post!

  23. 11.29.12

    Haha he is hilarious!! I love how he refers to “totes” as a magical word. (It so is.) Great feature!

  24. 1.24.13

    i am so obsessed with these posts, because they really are so true….. dying that chelsea edits the photos and send them back to him..just dying.


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