A Few Good Shirts

Do you have a signature look? I’ve always wanted one. Some people swear by wearing only black, others might always refuse to wear any footwear but heels. Until recently, I had yet to land upon something that could be an absolute, go-to signature, as perfect for sitting at home or running errands as it would be for a quick meeting or dinner on the town. But I think I’ve found it: a button down silk shirt, half tucked into a pair of skinnies.

It’s true. I personally think this look works for everyone. Whether you have a larger chest or not, curves or none, a well made silk shirt will drape the body beautifully and always flatter. The half tuck in the front helps define the waist; the billowing in the back hides any imperfections. You can button the shirt all the way up for a more polished look, or leave it open down to there for something that’s subtly sexy. Wear it plain to run errands; dress it up with a statement necklace and heels for a date. It’s seriously become my go to look.

The problem? I’ve only stocked up on a couple silk shirts. So, I’ve been investigating where to find a few more, in various colors and with different embellishments too! Silk shirts don’t exactly come cheap, but for a signature look…it just might be worth the investment! Here are some pieces I’ve got my eye on:

1. Mirrorflower Shirt | 2. Blythe Blouse | 3. Polka Dot Shirt (whoops! Just realized this one was cotton. It’s cute though, no?) | 4. Crepe de Chine Shirt | 5. Soho Shirt | 6. Pleated Crepe Shirt | 7. Shoshana Silk Shirt | 8. Crepe Shirt | 9. Patricia Shirt

I’m curious — do you have a signature look?

{Image Credits: Top three shirts are Everlane’s amazing new $80 silk shirts!}

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  1. 11.13.12

    Who knew that Shoshana made gorgeous silk shirts? I wouldn’t say I have a signature style, I feel like I am sometimes all over the board. A button down is definitely a staple in every girls wardrobe.

  2. 11.13.12
    Amberly said:

    Love the polkadot one and the floral one!!

  3. 11.13.12
    Kenze Lee said:

    I love this look and the shirts that you found! I would say the closest thing I have to a signature look is my boots, scarf and legging combo I seem to wear all fall long.

    xo, Kenzie


  4. 11.13.12
    Tanvi said:

    Love your picks. The mustard one is quite nice.

    ∞ © tanvii.com ∞

  5. 11.13.12

    i love love love this post! Silk shirts are a favorite of mine the options you presented are great. I just checked out Everlane and think it’s great, I had never heard of it before. Have you tried their silk shirts?

  6. 11.13.12

    No. 9 is most like me! I never thought about a signature style!

  7. 11.13.12
    christin said:

    if jeans and a t shirt is a signature look, then yes I sure do.

  8. 11.13.12

    Love these, especially #2!!

    The Style Storm

    xo, Christina

  9. 11.13.12
    Rachelle said:

    I think my thing is bright colors, I love to wear color that pops. No black grey and tans.

  10. 11.13.12
    janel said:

    i love a good silk shirt- stocking up is essential! whowhatwear is running an equipment sweepstakes- go check it out!!

  11. 11.13.12
    rita said:

    if i could live in equipment – i would. most amazing shirts i’ve ever put on my body. and i agree- this is a look that looks amazing on everyone! i’m short and curvy-ish and i still think i can rock it!

  12. 11.13.12

    I love a great silk blouse. That flame orange one is calling my name!

  13. 11.13.12

    Silk shirt are so chic and classy!
    A great signature ;)
    My fave is the teal one from Soho ♥

  14. 11.13.12
    Natalie said:

    I’m with you a bagillion percent on this one. My favorite thing to wear is a button up and denim – very similar to what you mentioned. Every time I try to wear more skirts and dresses, I find myself going back to this. Like you said, so versatile!

  15. 11.13.12

    I did the silk & skinnies around the time I went to Blogshop and I don’t know–I don’t think it works for my body! I hate how anything tucked in looks on me though. And I certainly do not have “a look,” but I wish I did (I’ve pondered it too much)! Whatever develops, I bet it will involve some hearty leather boots. =)

  16. 11.13.12
    Lisi said:

    I’m so into Equipment and also Yumi Kim. Faves!!

  17. 11.13.12

    I just picked one up from Joe Fresh today and am LOVING it! Priced affordably at $50 and 100% silk. I’m going to have to go back for more…many more.

    • 11.13.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      Wait, WHAT? [This is what I literally just yelled at the screen]
      What is this Joe Fresh you speak of? To the Google!

  18. 11.13.12

    Oh I love #s 3,4, and 5. I should try one out!

  19. 11.14.12
    Natasha said:

    I like the idea of a signature look, but I’d get bored way too soon :)

  20. 11.14.12
    Jenn said:

    Oh, I’ve tried to have a signature look, but I just love clothing too much to settle for one overall look that defines me. I guess you could say my signature item is wide leg/bell bottom pants! I don’t wear them everyday, but I am known for them. I picked up bell bottom cords from Anthro last year in every color and rock those babies like it’s my job. I gotta thank my dad for the tall gene!
    As for blouses, I’ve gotten some great ones at Asos. They aren’t too spendy and if you can wait for a sale, you can pick up a few for a great price! It’s a bit loud, but I’m kinda loving this one! http://bit.ly/W5lTxL

  21. 11.14.12
    Chelsea said:

    I love the look of a good silk shirt and skinnies. I think it looks timeless, effortless, and so chic. My silk shirt of choice is JCrew’s Blythe Blouse. It’s really perfect. And I’d like to think my signature look is anything with heels.

    Haute Child in the City

  22. 11.14.12
    Emily said:

    I’d like to have a classic signature look involving pearls. I think I should add a silk shirt to the look now :)

  23. 11.14.12
    Alexa said:

    This is such a great roundup…I definitely don’t have a signature look, but I’d love one! Ha.