The Man Behind Comfy Cozy Couture

Dominique’s blog has been a recent discovery for me, but you can always guarantee that you’ll find something fun and inspiring to look at. I’ve had a chance to connect with her over business matters, and was interested to learn about her husband’s service in the National Guard. I thought it’d be especially interesting to see what he might think of her forays into blogging, so when she offered him up as a potential candidate, I of course jumped at the chance! Read on to learn more about the man behind Comfy Cozy Couture, a blog about (as Dominique describes it!) “a fashionista turned domestic goddess after she tied the knot!”

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  1. 10.31.12

    Yay! Thanks so much for having my Mr. over today!!! xoxo

  2. 10.31.12

    so sweet!

  3. 10.31.12
    Colleen said:

    So sweet! I loved his responses. Particuarly about Pinterest.

  4. 10.31.12

    Love this! Heading over to Dominique’s now.

  5. 10.31.12
    julia said:

    aww, cute!


  6. 11.2.12
    LWP said:

    I love hearing how these guys support their ladies!

  7. 11.5.12
    Jamie said:

    Go Gators!

  8. 11.12.12
    Jacqueline Tucker said:

    Dominique is my daughter and I’m, of course, very proud of her and my son-in-law Andrew is a gem. He has been a wonderful addition to the family. He is as funny in person as he was for the interview. Jacqueline

  9. 11.29.12
    Rachelle said:

    He’s so sweet, great interview.

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