Amy Kuschel: The 2013 Collection

(I can’t even believe I can actually write that it’s 2013 anything. Some days it honestly still feels like it’s 1997. But I digress.)

I thought I’d share a few posts over the next several days that feature some of my fabulous wedding vendors. They say “it takes a village” and nothing could be truer when it comes to planning and executing a wedding. In hiring vendors and suppliers for our wedding, one thing that was important to me was that I wasn’t working with anyone I felt like punching in the face. I guess the more polite way to say it is that I wanted to work with people who got me, my vision, didn’t pressure me into things that didn’t feel right, and also were the kind of people I’d actually want to keep in touch with once this hoopla was all over with. I’m happy to say that I think I hit the jackpot with all of our vendors!

Today I wanted to tell you a little bit about the wonderful salon that I bought my dress from. You might remember my interview with Amy Kuschel earlier this year; well, looking back, I can tell you that I can’t imagine getting my dress from anywhere else. The unique thing about this salon and couturier is that everything is made to order, for you, right here in SF (though they also ship multiple sizes of their dresses all over the country). I loved that my wedding dress would be made just a few miles from my apartment! And yeah, okay, it didn’t hurt that the dress was also made to my exact measurements. How cool is that?

Amy’s newest collection leaves off right where previous ones have ended, with a nod to mid-century styles and lots of silhouettes featuring classic and elegant lines and details, but always with a subtle, modern twist . Whether you want something romantically whimsical, modern and glamorous, or retro feminine, there is something for everyone in her bridal salon!

Above and below are some of my favorite dresses from the 2013 collection. Which details are your favorite?


{Images courtesy of Amy Kuschel}

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  1. 10.30.12

    I love the skinny straps of the Willow! Now I have a question: will you be sharing wedding photos with us, or is that too personal (I remember you said we’d never see your fiance on here). Just wondering!!! And so happy for you!

    • 10.30.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      TBD based on what happens that day. Definitely no shots of J! But I’m hoping to share
      a few of me and of course the venue! :)

  2. 10.30.12

    Love all of them, but the Rosemary is my favorite! I can’t wait to see your dress!

  3. 10.30.12

    they are all. so. gorgeous. clover or rosemary if i were to do it all over again… ox

  4. 10.30.12
    Bess said:

    So simple and elegant. I would have been happy to wear any of them. For my second wedding ;) I’m going to wear the Summer.

  5. 10.30.12

    The Sloan is my favorite for sure! I think the neckline is just so special and the back definitely leaves an impression without being tacky.

    They are all lovely though!

  6. 10.30.12
    Jessie said:

    Thanks for helping me find my future wedding dress maker :) Obsessed with one of her gowns you’ve featured before – the Rita (I think?) with the long slit up the front…so perfect.

  7. 10.30.12

    Clover and Rosemary would be great for a beach wedding! Which I hope to have soon ;)
    Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely keep these in mind.
    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}
    Health & Wellness Blog

  8. 10.30.12

    Congratulations on your wedding. I have no doubt that it will beautiful.

    The frist dress is so stunning in all of it’s simplistic elegance.

  9. 10.30.12
    Richelle said:

    Oh my goodness, the Hemingway is breathtaking! I love the draping.

  10. 10.31.12

    Thank you for this charming featuring! We are tickled by your kind words and those of your readers. Merci beaucoup! – Amy