This week I…

+ was a total lady who lunched. I had three lunch dates this week, one of which was with Luci and another of which was with Melanie. It’s always so nice to catch up with other friends who just happen to be bloggers!

+ am officially obsessed with Vapour Organic’s foundation stick. I got a sample along with the Ilia cream blush I mentioned in this post. It’s hands down the best quick, easy foundation (that’s not even really a foundation, as you can just dot it on problem areas) that I’ve ever used. Yes, it actually competes with RMS’ un-cover up! Game changer.

+ was very early for a dentist appointment, so I popped into the SF Diptyque store which is hidden on a little alleyway in Union Square. I couldn’t resist picking up one of their mini Oranger candles, which is perfect for the holiday season. It’s a warm mix of orange and spices…and I can’t wait to light it once we have a Christmas tree!

+ wrapped up a lot of wedding related stuff. Sure, all the beauty appointments will happen basically every day next week (and let’s be honest, an endless assortment of facials, manicures, pedicures, eyebrow threading, and hair appointments isn’t especially stressful!), but most of the little things, like thank you notes to vendors, a few DIY projects, and more all got finished up after a race to the finish this week. I can’t believe how close it is!

+ voted early. Mail in ballots are the best thing ever.

+ cried like a baby while watching this video. And I never cry while watching these things. Can I blame it on my upcoming nuptials? Thanks, Sarah, for sharing this!

{Image Credit: David Prince Photography via this pin. Check out his portfolio…it’s so amazing!}

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  1. 10.26.12

    Happy weekend darling! So glad it’s here. Diptyque candles are such an indulgence… I try to stay out of their store as I can never resist them!

  2. 10.26.12
    rita said:

    ah! so excited for you!

    since you are getting everything done this week – make sure your thank you notes to vendors AND your tip envelopes are all set well before the wedding! although those were on our finish before list, it just never happened, and we had a funny 10 minute binge of stuffing envelopes in the middle of our reception. it led to us tipping everyone WAY more than planned (literally we had to run and borrow cash from a family member) b/c we were so amazed with the day and how perfect it was! i don’t regret that money at all, so maybe also bring some extra cash if you want to add to the envelopes, but you can also always just sent it later!

    have a great weekend!

    • 10.26.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      Oh honey, those things were written last week and handed off to
      the coordinator on Tuesday. :) I am writing a post next week tho
      about things I wish I knew when I got engaged and tipping is
      one of them!

      • 10.29.12
        rita said:

        checked back b/c i figured you were more organized than i was and would have thoughts on that! can’t wait to see your post! wedding planning is the craziest, most fun learning experience! :)

  3. 10.26.12

    That video is a killer.

  4. 10.26.12

    Yay! Really glad you love Vapour. They’re a client of my company’s but I endorse them whole heartedly. Their foundation stick is awesome and lasts forever. I’ve had mine over a year and it’s still not empty and it hasn’t dried out like most sticks would.

    Hope you’re able to relax this weekend, going into next week. I’m sure everything will be perfect and gorgeous!

    • 10.26.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      Yes! I can already see I might be a devoted fan for life!

  5. 11.5.12
    Christine B. said:

    That is such a sad video…I’ve seen it before and cried every time. Sad, but super sweet :)