Palette Play: Pink + Gold

Today I just felt inspired by the modern, feminine, soft and sophisticated palette of pink and gold. It’s everywhere these days, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to look at and dream about! Don’t these images just immediately brighten your Thursday?

{Images: Living Room, Patrick Cline for Lonny; Margarita; Clutch; Artwork, Olga Seriojina; Valentino, Olivier Claisse for Vogue Italia; Gem Double Finger Ring; Kate Spade Cooper Watch; Office, Oh Darling Photography for Design*Sponge}

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  1. 10.25.12
    jen ramos said:

    Love the color combo- one I use often for my paintings!

  2. 10.25.12
    Tiffany said:

    I LOVE this combo! One of my fave images is of a Kelly Wearstler space with a big pink painting and gold lamps. Gorgeous.

  3. 10.25.12

    I seriously love this combo. Pink and gold glitter specifically. That room in the first picture is like, my dream come true, but for some reason I think my boyfriend would veto a pink-and-gold decor theme… just intuition.

  4. 10.25.12
    Annie said:

    I am obsessed with pink and gold lately! I’m currently styling my bedroom in pink and the living room in gold!

  5. 10.26.12
    Alyssa said:

    Love, love, love pink & gold! In fact, those, along with some silver, were my wedding colors!

  6. 10.26.12
    taylor said:

    that clutch is to die for. ps…. what are your thoughts on kim and kanye? i definitely think they are engaged. i swear she is like taylor swift in hidden form regarding relationships. ugh she drives me nuts yet I cant get enough! I do think the two ego-maniacs may be perfect for eachother though. hope you have a relaxing pre-wedding weekend!!! xoxo

    • 10.26.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      The irony will be that they’ll probably be together for years and years!
      You know, maybe it’s because I’m getting hitched too, but if they’re
      happy I say mazel. Just don’t do the big TV wedding again, please god.

  7. 10.26.12
    taylor said:

    and thanks for the twitter update – I can always count on you for my celeb news :)