It Girl: Emily Weiss

It had been so long since I featured an It Girl, I figured it was high time to post a gal who could lend us some serious inspiration on a chilly fall Tuesday. So let’s talk about Emily Weiss. You might know her as the founder and editor of the über-glam beauty blog Into the Gloss. If you’re a reality TV junkie and weren’t living under a rock circa 2007, you might also recognize her as the “super intern” on The Hills. Unsurprisingly, the internship at Teen Vogue eventually led to a gig at Vogue, which eventually led to her founding ITG.

In any case, girlfriend’s got some serious style. While I can’t get behind all of it (while she rocked them, I still don’t understand these bleach dyed jeans…), I do have to give her snaps for her courageous fashion efforts. And, of course, the fact that she launched a simple beauty blog less than 2 years ago and the site has grown to what it is now…well, that’s pretty amazing.

I hunted down a bunch of photos of her and have decided that she has the black and white looked nailed down PAT. Here’s a few shots for you stalkers (including some of her apartment!):

Okay, yeah, this sweater. I want it.

I was slightly surprised at the number of items out on her vanity. As in, wouldn’t you think there’d be way more? She MUST have a beauty closet somewhere in her house just FILLED with stuff. I totally approve of her use of the Avène thermal spring water spray. I use that everyday on my face, and it’s amazing.

A mini-Atlantique bag. It’s not fair.

This last photo is of her refrigerator. I really, really want to know what Anna Wintour’s holiday card says on the inside. And also, if it came with a good Champagne, red wine, or nothing at all (The Devil Wears Prada? Anyone?)

What do you think of Emily’s style? And are you a loyal Into the Gloss reader?

{Image Credits, in order of appearance: Mr. Newton for Harper’s BazaarCandice Lake; Tales of Endearment; Vanessa Jackman; Frances Tulk-Hart for Glamour;  Tales of Endearment; Vanessa Jackman; Courtney D’Alesio for ElleTales of Endearment}

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  1. 10.23.12
    Kelsey said:

    I love her simple style and you’re right, she definitely has the black and white look nailed down!

    I would so love to know what is on the inside of Anna Wintour’s holiday card..

  2. 10.23.12

    you know what I’m taking away from all of this? I want to decorate my frig with all things fabulous.

    oh and I’m obsessed with that sweater too.

  3. 10.23.12
    christin said:

    I won’t lie, I found her extra annoying on The Hills. I wanted to hit her but now I think we could hang out.

  4. 10.23.12
    Eleanor said:

    Such great style! I love her fridge– is that a personal note from Derek Lam I spy? :)

  5. 10.23.12

    Oh yes I remember her from The Hills! I remember her from the episode where she and Lauren were planning an event together… Hmmm. The girl does have great style!

  6. 10.23.12

    I’m not a loyal ‘Into the Gloss’ reader but I occasionally scan thru it. I totally remember her from The Hills & agree with Christin that she was a bit annoying but I love her style :)

  7. 10.23.12
    Betsy said:

    I’m not a daily reader of her blog, but take a peek every once in a while. I do love her style and admire the success that she’s had.

  8. 10.23.12
    Alyssa said:

    She has such great style–I love that she’s not afraid to take a few chances!

  9. 10.23.12

    She is the perfect example of why it is important to purchase pieces that pack a punch! Serious style made with simple items, my kinda style!

  10. 10.23.12

    Omg. HOW did I not know she was the super intern?!

  11. 10.23.12
    julia said:

    never heard of her, but i like her!


  12. 10.23.12
    Kathy said:

    Love Emily! She’s just too cool for school. Doesn’t hurt that the girl is ridiculously photogenic.

  13. 10.23.12

    I’ve never read ITG, but quickly checked it out and I might start… haha.

    and now I just want to have a Hills marathon. Ah, gone are the days of worrying what was happening in LC’s love life. Take me back…

  14. 10.23.12
    Emily said:

    Love Emily! She is such an inspiration, and so beautiful!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  15. 10.23.12
    Lisi said:

    As you already know, I’m pretty smitten with ITG and think Emily has started an editorial revolution I can only hope gets bigger. She has single handedly changed the way blogs exist. Her style and attitude reflect her personality and I just really admire her. I love, love, love her YouTube videos and hair/makeup tutorials. I’m actually including one of them in my blog post tomorrow. Great post, V!!

  16. 10.23.12

    been a fan of hers ever since the hills (who doesn’t love to hate a know-it-all), and am a loyal reader of her beauty blog, for sure. she has a unique angle and i love, love, love the peeks into the beauty elites beauty arsenal. x

  17. 10.23.12

    I LOVE this woman’s style! Happy to see this feature back in action!!!

Holly Foxen Wells


  18. 10.23.12
    Alexandra said:

    What amazing photographs!! I looove seeing her apartment. And this makes me want to wear black and white ALL THE TIME!

  19. 10.26.12
    LWP said:

    I was in desperate need of some style inspiration!