Top Knot (and a braid)

I saw one of Elizabeth Mayville’s ‘Top Knot’ paintings on a Tumblr the other day and immediately had to find out more about the artist. Based in Michigan, Elizabeth is a professional artist whose work focuses on the home and the little details that make up the beauty in daily life. I am utterly charmed by her series of ladies and their best accessory — their hair. Wouldn’t a gallery of these be so cute in a bathroom?

From her blog, I realized Elizabeth has recently gotten some good press, so a lot of her original paintings are now sold out. However, the braid painting and a couple other top knot works are still up for grabs. Total Christmas list kind of item, don’t you think?

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  1. 10.18.12
    Eleanor said:

    I love these, they’re so beautiful and evocative. I agree, perfect for a bathroom or dressing area!

  2. 10.18.12

    just last week I bought one of these prints for my daughter for Christmas. it’s stunning and I’m thinking I might want it for myself…

  3. 10.18.12
    Ana said:

    Oh my goodness, her art is so incredible! I was looking through her Etsy and found myself wanting so many of her paintings (and imagining where I would display them :P) ….definitely Christmas wishlist item! :)

  4. 10.18.12

    I’m kind of obsessed with these. So adorable!

  5. 10.18.12
    Becca said:

    I love her work – great sense of color! I hadn’t seen these before!

  6. 10.18.12

    Those are so pretty!

  7. 10.18.12
    Allyssa said:

    These are gorgeous! My favorite is the braid one!

  8. 10.18.12
    Giovanna said:

    Such a cute find! Loving the paintings!


  9. 10.18.12
    Julie said:

    I love these. I actually ordered the top print off etsy already :)

  10. 10.18.12
    nuha said:

    I saw these the other day as well and I thought they were genius. Love that the girls look beautiful even if we can’t see their face :-)

  11. 10.18.12

    Such a gorgeous collection! I would love these framing my vanity.

  12. 10.18.12
    Jessica said:

    Her work is fabulous! Would look great in my dressing area, as a top knot is my go to hair style!