Cocktails at The Rosebery

Prepare to have your pants charmed right off. This past weekend while reading Vanity Fair, I discovered The Rosebery, a converted London Routemaster that has a chic cocktail bar downstairs and dining room upstairs. And let’s not forget about the roof that can retract at the touch of a button. Oh, and also, the games cupboard housed underneath the stairs. Stop it! I can’t.

Available as of September 1, The Rosebery (so named because the double decker bus’ last route was up Rosebery Ave in London), is rented out for weddings, parties, anniversaries, you name it. There’s only one major problem: I don’t think she can be transported to the U.S., which is such a bummer, because I would seriously rent this thing out for a dinner party someday!

On The Rosebery site, you can see all kinds of photos from before the (massive and extraordinarily glam) renovation. Check those out after the jump!

She cleans up nicely, doesn’t she?

Want to be even more charmed? Watch this video about The Rosebery project. New dream vacation day: taking a tour of Blenheim or Chatsworth, then lunching on The Rosebery with friends. Can you even imagine???

{Image Credits: The Rosebery website}

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  1. 10.18.12

    I WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 10.18.12
    Alyssa said:

    How cool is this! I totally want to do this, it would be perfect for some sort of wedding event.

    The Glossy Life

  3. 10.18.12
    Erika said:

    Wow, that looks fantastic! You could do something similar in the US I’m sure… great business plan idea!!

  4. 10.18.12

    It’s beautiful!!…. but I am more shocked that they found such a sunny day in London to photograph the bus… hahaha

  5. 10.18.12

    Wow! Beautiful!
    I’ll be in London next month so maybe I’ll go there to see this beauty bus for real :)

  6. 10.18.12


  7. 10.18.12

    This is the cutest thing ever!

  8. 10.18.12

    That’s so cool! I wonder how people go to the restroom though…unless they built one in. haha (I only ask because in Hong Kong people rent trams out for parties all the time, but there are no bathrooms. haha)

  9. 10.18.12
    Kathy said:

    This is TOO CUTE. And the bartender is gorgeous, which doesn’t hurt.

  10. 10.18.12
    Kesha said:

    This is so up my alley! I love unique ways to do things I would do anyway. I would rent this bus in a heartbeat!

  11. 10.18.12

    That is PHENOMENAL!!!! I need to get on that bus

  12. 10.18.12
    Eleanor said:

    This is so adorable/chic/etc, I love it! Here in London you often see old Routemasters which are rented out for transport for events (ie, waiting outside a church to take wedding guests to the reception venue), but this is quite special.

  13. 10.19.12
    JEN RAMOS said: