Little Luxuries

Hair Ties | Nail Polish | Spoon Rest | Black Tee | Coaster | Blotting Papers

Why not start the week off with pretty little things that can make you smile (especially since they’re all $15 and under!)?

What did you do this weekend? Joe was out of town so I spent the weekend cooking, having a little girl time, doing lots of laundry, and sleeping in. It was nice to have the apartment to myself, but I have to confess: I never sleep well when J is gone. Something about the weight of the bed feels different and it always takes me forever to fall asleep. Does this happen to anyone else? Anyway, last night I was glad to have my honey home!

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  1. 10.15.12

    That’s so sweet, I’m sure he likes hearing that =)

  2. 10.15.12
    Chelsea said:

    I am already thinking about Christmas- so I am thinking these picks would make amazing stocking stuffers. I’ve had to adjust to sleeping without David…but you know that! xo

  3. 10.15.12

    That happens to me, also, when my boyfriend is out of town. Something just feels off and it takes me hours to fall asleep! Hope you got some good rest last night!

  4. 10.15.12

    Me likey the coaster!

  5. 10.15.12
    rita said:

    i just stay up super late and sleep in even later when matt is gone! clearly he is a good influence on my sleeping habits and everything gets messed up when he is gone!

  6. 10.15.12

    It may sound dumb but i have been looking for a spoon rest since I moved into my new pad 4 weeks ago! lol Love this one!!!

  7. 10.15.12
    Chedva said:

    I never ever heard about spoon rests but I have been saying I need one for ages – and this one is so pretty.

  8. 10.15.12
    Alyssa said:

    I’ve been trying to find wood coasters like that forever. Such a pretty pick!

    The Glossy Life

  9. 10.15.12
    Alexa said:

    I never sleep well either when Matt is gone. Love those coasters btw.

  10. 10.15.12
    Natasha said:

    It’s so difficult to fall asleep when my boyfriend is away. I stay up way to late so I’ll be exhausted and hopefully fall asleep sooner.

  11. 10.15.12

    I enjoy the odd night when my husband is gone b/c its a great excuse for a girly movie night! But you’re right- its so much harder to go to sleep! I hate it!

  12. 10.15.12

    Cute coasters, love the touch of black on them.
    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}

  13. 10.15.12
    Jessica said:

    with a tan pug that sheds like crazy… I always stock up on chic black tees! love these picks!

  14. 10.15.12
    Kat said:

    oh how I adore those hair ties! need to get another pack somehow I always lose them!!! love these choices :)


  15. 10.16.12

    Do those hair ties really not leave impressions in your hair? I just bought some and they do mine…or at least it seems like they do.

    I worked on some diy projects and just relaxed. Now back at the grind. It always seems like I’m working for the weekend.

    • 10.16.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      I’m probably not a good person to ask as ALL hair ties, headbands,
      clips, bobby pins, etc leave impressions in my hair — my hair
      can hold curl like no other! Anyone else have feedback on this?

  16. 10.20.12
    alyson said:

    adore these little luxuries. that nail color is so perfect.