This week I…

+ saw two design projects go live. First, I finished a blog design for Dana from Caviar Dreams (Dana was a ton of fun to work with!), and second, the logo I designed for Irene (which you saw last week), also went live on a new landing page for her services. Jazzy, huh? (Special thank you to Matt, Irene’s web developer, who put all the pieces together on the site and even designed a few extras!). I also completed a long-standing day-of wedding graphics project for a client — hopefully I can get some good professional shots to share with you at some point. It was a busy week!

+ tried on my wedding dress for the first time. When I say my I mean like the one they built to all the measurements I had taken a few weeks ago. It was purdy.

+ watched this video on Erin’s blog The Sparkle and she mentioned that navy eyeliner looks great with dark brown eyes. I immediately ran out and bought myself this ‘indigo ink’ pencil and WOW. What a difference!

+ was laughing out loud, in public, reading Real Housewives of New York recaps on New York Mag. Are you guys watching this season (or any of the other RH franchies)? What a shit show.

+ am really excited to be going to Palm Springs today. Hide the wine. Actually, don’t.

LINK OF THE WEEK: I loved this post which draws an analogy to how getting perspective in life is like looking at things through different Instagram filters. That Jess is so insightful. Did you hear she’s closing her accessories business? That was a great post too.

Happy weekend everyone! Only two weekends left in September. September! …Wow.

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  1. 9.21.12
    Lisi said:

    I literally watch every RH of any city, except I haven’t gotten into Miami. I don’t know what the women of NYC are on, but they’re making NJ look sane. And that’s truly scary! Glad to see I’m not alone in my embarrassing obsession! Congrats on your new projects and thanks for your help this week!

  2. 9.21.12

    i think ny mag does the BEST recaps. the gossip girl and glee recaps are sometimes better than the shows themselves.

    have a great time in palm springs!

  3. 9.21.12

    so, so glad to hear you love the blue liner trick! thanks for including it in your highlight reel!

    omg – RHNY is the best… hate that i love it… and all the other RH shows! heading over to ny mag now! x

  4. 9.21.12
    Kathy said:

    I’m obsessed with all the NYMag recaps…honestly their recaps are much more entertaining than the shows themselves!

    Congrats on the blog design for Caviar Dreams. Its very clean but striking. I hope mine turns out like that!

  5. 9.21.12

    You had an eventful week! Thanks for the mention =) And enjoy the heck out of Palm Springs!!!

  6. 9.21.12

    Thank you so much for sharing my posts this week, Victoria!! I’m glad you liked them. : )

    Have a great weekend!

  7. 9.21.12
    TheNOW said:

    Thanks for all the links!!! LOVE your new designs!!! I can’t wait to read the RHNY recaps but can they be better than Taylor’s Coffee Talk?? Doubtful :) xox PS Have fun in Palm Springs!!!!

  8. 9.21.12

    Your projects are so well done-absolutely love them! Have a wonderful weekend away! xo

  9. 9.21.12

    Love your dress!

  10. 9.21.12
    Emily said:

    Love love these links! Have a great weekend.

  11. 9.22.12
    Hitha said:

    Enjoy your weekend! PS – small world, the girl in the picture is my good friend Megan. And one of my first Twitter/blog-turned-real-life friends. Just saw her this week!

    Have an amazing time in Palm Springs!

  12. 9.22.12

    My mom & I have to discuss every episode of RHONY- its a mess! And your design project looks amazing!

  13. 9.23.12
    Amy said:

    I’m not sure how you’re juggling it all with preparing for your wedding but you go girl!! Hope you enjoyed your time in Palm Springs :)