A Palm Springs Girls Getaway

I can’t even believe I can write this, but this coming weekend, I’ll be going to Palm Springs with two close girlfriends for a girls getaway slash semi-bachelorette party thing. Which means that the wedding is only 6 weeks away — yipes!

We’ve rented a house in the desert (complete with a pool and fire pit, obvi), and have nothing planned for the weekend. That is, if you count a spa day at The Parker, a blowout Mexican food dinner, and lots of sitting around the house, swimming and drinking wine as nothing. To say that I’m really excited would be the understatement of the century!

I adore Palm Springs. The first time I went was my freshman year in college, and there’s something about the arid desert air and mid-century modern influence everywhere that can’t help but make you feel both relaxed and super hip at the same time.

The weather forecast for the weekend is going to be in the low 100s (!!!); quite the contrast to the 50s and 60s SF has been experiencing. Time to bust out my bikini and sundresses. Here’s a look at what I’m bringing:

1. I bought this dress from Banana Republic earlier in the summer and haven’t worn it yet. I thought about saving it for the Rehearsal Dinner in SF, then realized I’m gambling as to whether the weather will be nice enough for it later in the fall. In Palm Springs? Guaranteed to be warm enough!

2. I’m flying in to LA first to hitch a ride out to the desert with one of my friends. We’re making a pit stop to stock up on libations for the weekend. A few bottles of French Champagne are sure to make it into our grocery cart.

3. Everlane tees are officially the best tees ever. I now have three of the Ryan tanks, and I have been wearing them 24/7. They’re so comfortable, super flattering, and best of all, roll up into compact little balls, which is perfect when you’re carrying your luggage onto the plane!

4. I love wearing this Jane Iredale combo bronzer year round, but when you’re in a place that’s so hot, it makes for an easy makeup look. Just a sweep of bronzer, a little mascara, and some lip gloss and you’re good to go!

5. Last summer I bought a bathing suit from H&M and it has ended up being one of my favorite bikinis of all time! It’s a twist front bandeau in a burnt orange color, with grey striped bottoms. H&M doesn’t have it anymore, but the Crew is selling something very similar

6. This is my favorite sunscreen. It uses physical sunblockers versus chemical ones! I used it during a trip to the beach last summer, and didn’t get burned once (although, hiding out underneath an umbrella helps).

7. I just picked up this Givenchy mascara. The jury is still out as to whether the tiny, ball-shaped brush actually helps you volumize lashes better, but I’m taking it with me and polling my friends. If nothing else, I really like the packaging!

{Image Credits: Jose Villa}

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  1. 9.20.12

    Yayyy, happy weekend to you! xo

  2. 9.20.12
    Nikki said:

    A weekend away with girlfriends is always to fun!

  3. 9.20.12

    i ONLY use that mascara – i SWEAR by it – best stuff EVER!

  4. 9.20.12
    rita said:

    have so much fun! your party sounds amazing! it will likely be slightly surreal – sort of like, wow, this is all really happening! but that makes it even more amazing!

    i need to try that mascara!

  5. 9.20.12
    viv said:

    That’s beyond exciting! Have so much fun!! xoxo

  6. 9.20.12

    have fun, girl!! ox

  7. 9.20.12
    Alyssa said:

    Palm springs always seems so “hip” to me–I’ve been dying to make a trip. I hope you get to sneak in a spa appointment (or five) while you’re there!

    The Glossy Life

  8. 9.20.12

    How fun and I am loving that dress!!

  9. 9.20.12

    oOoOo have an amazing time!!

  10. 9.20.12

    6 weeks away?! Holy cow…I feel like you were just sharing your engagement with us :) Time certainly flies!
    And Palm Springs is one of my favorite getaway destinations. It’s just such an easy, relaxed place. Perfect for a girls getaway. Have the best time Victoria!!!
    XO – Marion

  11. 9.20.12

    have a wonderful time! I looove Palm Springs as well, but wow it will be so hot. If you have time, you guys should have lunch or dinner or drinks at the Tommy Bahama restaurant. It sounds lame, but I promise it’s soo beautiful (sit on the patio) and it is on El Paseo so lots of shopping. If you go, try the coconut shrimp!

  12. 9.20.12
    Kirby said:

    Have so much fun! xx

  13. 9.20.12

    Oh you are so fortunate!!!! I’d kill for a little sun action. Have fuuuuun =)

  14. 9.20.12
    TheNOW said:

    I am super excited for you!! A. what a fun place to go B. esp for a girls weekend….I need one of those! Take lots of pics!!!!!!! And I am dying that your big day is 6 weeks away! YIPPPEEE!! xoxo

  15. 9.20.12
    Crystalin said:

    Have so much fun lady!!!! The desert + swimming + Mexican food + gfs – doesn’t get better. Enjoy yourself!

  16. 9.20.12

    Sounds like SO much fun!!! What an awesome destination…girls weekends are the BEST!! Can’t wait for your report when you get back!! :)

  17. 9.20.12
    Lulu said:

    What great timing! I’m going there for the first time next month and it’s a surprise bday present for my boyfriend. Please post all the great places to eat, etc. Have fun!

  18. 9.20.12
    Jaclyn said:

    I think a girls getaway has to be one of the best ways to spend a weekend and in Palm Springs it’s even better! SO exciting that the wedding is so close too.

    Stay in the Lines

  19. 9.20.12
    hallie said:

    6 WEEKS! So crazy. Have an amazing time in Palm Springs! xo

  20. 9.21.12
    Lisi said:

    Amazing!! Have so much fun!! And what a lovely time of year to get married!!!! I got married in Dec (6 yrs ago, gasp!)

  21. 10.5.12
    Dani said:

    Glad you had a great time. Is there any way you can share what house you rented (if you would recommend this one)? We are heading to Palm Springs in December and looking for a house to rent. Thanks!