6 favorites from the Monique Lhuillier show (which I saw by accident)

So I went to New York to watch the US Open, and instead, found myself in the American Express Skybox watching the Monique Lhuillier show with Champagne. Stranger and more awesome things have happened — NOT.

Here’s the story: The women’s final got rained out on Saturday due to New York City experiencing hurricane like symptoms. But Glam and AmEx weren’t about to not show us a good time, so what better way to spend the evening than an impromptu trip to the AmEx Skybox? The Skybox is like the best way to watch a fashion show, ever. It’s a large, elevated room that has windows on all sides that look down into all the tents at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. So whenever shows are going on, you get an aerial view of the action, of every show that’s happening. With Champagne. And snacks, lots of snacks (with a menu curated by Todd English, natch).

While we were in the box, we got to see the VLOV show (good LORD male models have extraordinary genes), and then, the action shifted over to the Monique show.

It was insane.

In Monique’s own words, “spring 2013 is inspired by water and life of the sea. Birds, brightly colored fish, glowing sunlight on water and luminescence of moonlit waves.” After seeing the show, all us girls wanted to be mermaids. I can’t understate how different some of these dresses looked in person, floating down the runway, than they do on a computer screen. The colors were so, so vibrant (that lace blue dress, look 39, was actually my favorite simply because the color was unlike any blue I’d ever seen on a fabric. Almost like an electric mediterranean blue), and with Monique’s careful design and cuts, the dresses flowed and swirled around the models. Truly beautiful.

Here are a few of my own (far less profesh) shots from the SkyBox. It was very dark. And all I had was my iPhone.

And because I know you love a group shot, here are a bunch of the gals who went together! (Not pictured, the awesome Chris from Off the Cuff DC, our lone gentleman blogger for the day!)

Hallie, Ashley, me, Theodora, and Alison

Fun times! In case you were wondering, I DID make it to the US Open match on Sunday…a recap of that to come!

PS — If you’re not in New York but are curious as to what’s going on at the shows, you can catch a live feed of every show as its happening, here. When no shows are on, you’ll get a nice little summary. Actually… this is probably preferable to braving the crowds (okay, and let’s be real — the pretense) at Lincoln Center. Sit back in your pajamas, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy.


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  1. 9.10.12

    Ah how exciting is that!

  2. 9.10.12
    Alyssa said:

    Wow, the collection is absolutely gorgeous! You’re right–those colors are out-of-this-world pretty!

  3. 9.10.12
    rita said:

    so fun! that show was just out of this world amazing. i can’t wait to see someone wear one of these dresses to an awards show!

  4. 9.10.12
    Bettina said:

    How exciting that you got to experience this birds eye view of the shows!

  5. 9.10.12
    Bess said:

    I wouldn’t mind that consolation prize. :) I think I might check out that live feed … thanks!

  6. 9.10.12
    the NOW said:

    ummmm what? You are so lucky!!! I loved that printed gown and the blue lacy one!!! I can’t get over this sky box…what an awesome way to see everything!!! xox

  7. 9.10.12
    Evann said:

    Absolutely love Look 16. What a lucky girl that you happened upon going to the show!


  8. 9.10.12
    alexa said:

    That is an absolutely insane experience Victoria! Awesome that you got to see! With champagne!

  9. 9.10.12
    julia said:

    wow – amazing!!

    xo julesinflats.com

  10. 9.10.12

    Gorgeous dresses! They look like they were designed for mermaid goddesses.

  11. 9.12.12
    Ranu said:

    That teal scale dress is beyond amazing. Such a fun impromptu experience, NYC always has little surprises in store :) Come back soon!

  12. 9.13.12
    Lisi said:

    That’s really cool, V! I also had my first runway experience in a strange turn of events that led my straight to Rebecca Minkoff! Glad to see you had fun! Also, this is weird, but I just realized I totally sat in back of you at Lucky Fabb. You were there, right? I didn’t even realize until I saw your photo up there…maybe we can meet up another time, I love your site!