I’m Loving…

One // The burgundy trend is everywhere right now, from cords to bags to lip color. Me? I’m partial to a dark burgundy nail color (or, as RGB calls it here, ox blood). True story: in high school the only color of nail polish I’d ever wear on my toe nails was burgundy. I have no idea why. I just liked it and stuck with it. Needless to say, I’m glad this trend is back for fall 2012.

Two // Jay Jeffers, owner of the eponymous Jeffers Design Group here in SF (and along with his partner Michael Purdy), has launched a new retail store front — literally. His new shop Cavalier, which is filled with ridiculously gorgeous and total dream home-only items (read: the price tags are not for the faint of heart), has opened in the large space in front of their unbelievable design offices. I’m obsessing over this chandelier!

Three // Domino has launched another seasonal mag, this one called Best Rooms. Word on the street is that just like the last issue, it’s primarily a re-print of previously published spaces, but I won’t lie — I’m stil intrigued!

Four // Thank goodness iPhone cases were invented. Six months in and mine is already cracked and chipped in multiple places (probably because I drop it more than I care to admit). While my shiny gold case is still much loved, I’ve been eyeing something a little more colorful

Five // Over the weekend I picked up this jacket from J.Crew. It’s the perfect jacket for year round in SF — lightweight, substantial, and with good structure. I love that I’ll be able to throw it on over jeans and a t shirt when I’m running out of the house!

Six // I want to write more about this at some point, but I’ve started to get serious about my pre-wedding skincare routine. Vitamins, more agua, frequent exfoliation, the works. One thing that’s sure to be in my regimen: Tata Harper’s skincare line. The company was kind enough to send me several of her more well-known products to sample, and I have to say: Wow. The Resurfacing Mask is for sure making it into my wedding day beauty kit. It does exactly what it says and gives you an instant glow!

Anything you’re loving on after the long weekend?


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  1. 9.4.12
    brighton said:

    haha I wrote about the burgundy trend yesterday!! Love this little collage V! xoxo

  2. 9.4.12

    I ordered my burgundy nail lacquer on sathurday! I love this color too and I’m glad that is still on trend!
    kisses from Barcelona!


  3. 9.4.12
    Albertina said:

    I’m so glad you tried Tata Harper products!! Aren’t they great?! I did a post on her…an interview…She is the loveliest person….see here http://mimosalaneblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/fabulous-friends-tata-harper.html

  4. 9.4.12

    I’m dying to try Tata Harper. Her farm is in Middlebury, VT… where Stefan went to college!

  5. 9.4.12

    I just picked up that jacket too, perfect for fall!

  6. 9.4.12
    christin said:

    I AM OBSESSED WITH THAT JACKET! too much enthusiasm?

  7. 9.4.12
    Jenine said:

    Well clearly I got distracted because I can’t stop looking at the iPhone cases… Happy Monday, er, Tuesday!

  8. 9.4.12
    Alyssa said:

    iPhone cases from Society6 are my current obsession too! I just treated myself to one and I love it!

    The Glossy Life

  9. 9.4.12

    I flipped through the new Domino mag while at Target this weekend and actually decided not to spend $11 on it because so many of the spaces were either featured in the hardcover book I already have, or are all over the internet. There is a little bit of new content, but the product roundups are comparable to what you see in Lonny and Rue.

    Hopefully Conde Nast is satisfied by the demand for Domino content and considers reviving the magazine!

  10. 9.4.12
    rita said:

    i have that case too and it’s destroyed! i think i actually drop my phone more b/c the case is sort of slippery. i want something more colorful but am waiting for the 5…

    thanks for introducing me to cavalier- the website alone is amazing!

  11. 9.4.12

    dude. i didn’t even know about the newest domino. gotsta check it out!

  12. 9.4.12
    TheNOW said:

    Looove burgundy. Although I’m normally not a “red” person, I can’t wait to wear it for fall. And can Domino just come back already. Rashida Jones’ home is one of my faves so I’ll buy it just bc of that. Loving your new jacket! xoxo

  13. 9.4.12
    TheNOW said:

    oh ps…that light fixture….amazing!!

  14. 9.4.12
    Kirby said:

    I used to only wear burgundy on my toes too!

  15. 9.4.12

    Are the Tata products amazing? I’ve seen a few reviews but have yet to try them myself. I can’t wait to return to SF so I can pop over to Cavalier. That chandelier is gorg.

    • 9.4.12
      vmacandcheese said:

      So far so good! :)

  16. 9.4.12

    I absolutely adore the iPhone cases, they’re really pretty. I’m interested to try the mask, I’m also prepping for my wedding. Though I have sensitive acne prone skin, I wonder if it would break me out..

  17. 9.4.12
    alexa said:

    I am adoring those iPhone colors…so colorful AND you could never lose that in your big bag!

  18. 9.6.12
    Sonya said:

    Burgundy/oxblood, call it what you want but it is my favorite polish for fall, maybe of all time. It is so vampy and chic. Most of my nail polish stash is currently being held hostage in storage (sad) and my fave burgundies are in there! I think this gives me reason to buy one I don’t have, don’t you?
    Those iphone cases are quite pretty as well.